Major Pharmacy Removes Cigarettes From Stores – Marketing Or Morality?

CBS’s banning all tobacco products from
its stores they are set to lose about $2 billion dollars annually as a result of
this but they want to do it because they want to be known as a an establishment that helps people stay
healthy so let me read you with the CEO had to say about this Larry Merlo says we have about 26,000
pharmacist the nurse practitioners helping patients manage chronic problems
like high cholesterol high blood pressure and heart disease
all which are linked to smoking we came to this decision or the decision
that cigarettes are providing health care just don’t go together in the same
setting so he’s basically saying like look it’s
a little bit love up hypocrisy I’d have to say that
we want people to stay healthy but at the same time we’re selling unhealthy
products like cigarettes but at the same time it’s important to
keep in mind that CBS all all sorts of things that are good for your health
including cookies in and ice cream in wow how do you decide
you know what you will and won’t sell password
civilized people and we make a decision that the one product we sell that is the
unhealthiest by far in a landslide our sector all yen
here at a reasonable decision so there’s no redeeming quality too
isn’t already in class 7a yet rated me know where the cookies delicious yes yet to correctly I’ll so perhaps I have
strong opinions on the streusel did will literally not doing it at a
goodness they’re hard this no doing is like clinics inside the
pharmacies a booming business and partly because the
portable Care Act ganic several other market forces they already have 800 have these minute
clinics inside CBS 2 leading in that category for pharmacies
across country for everybody actually cross country and he there at seven hundred more so
this is basically a marketing move saying CBS is that healthy place come to our
many clinics were making a lot more money than we were aunts selling cigarettes right that doesn’t
mean it’s a bad thing still bless their hearts are aching
their turnout about they say about two billion dollars
in business two million two billion now okay what
now so no no no so what is in cigarette sales which by
the way it yeah I know in New York is the high
taxes it actually is a predict for the guys running to grocery
stores a little guys actually make it kinda money of
cigarettes they love it when people come see that’s why they put cigarettes up
front but that’s the first thing you’ll see New York and the grocery store associate so let’s
not get significant business that they’re giving up plus the guys going to buy cigarettes
ready by seven by augmenting islands and now he’s got a good he gots and a
and then he’s getting now they got a good those guys go to
their competitor so it’s still a ballsy decision write it up you know the one saying that
you’re going to get sick yaa so I commend him for it both for moral
reasons but also for loose recent business reasons yeah it’s
a their thinking ahead they think we’re gonna
make a lot more money oh these clinics that we’re at us on this one product
even though it sells well an although and they’d be there is also
declining sales in tobacco to yeah I was thinking ahead said and on
the issue of the cookies and stuff I say get off their ass I mean like Goku
12 on Sunday mother teresa real no I’m not advocating that they ban
cookies and ice cream and all that other stuff I just think that you have to let Americans make decisions
for themselves right so who are you to decide that tobacco is
the one thing that’s really unhealthy your and I get it to back oh is I mean
cigarettes are extremely windy did it is the one thing I get I get but it me people are addicted to
really fatty unhealthy foods sugar is really really bad for your health as
well so what are you gonna do you miss all
the sudden like 10 years as I like we’re not gonna sell cookies like they sell
out they sell tequila base after all that’s another thing they
saw on cbs2 thank you for bringing that up alcohol
related to a number a health issue witnesses I mean I hear you but this to
be ends up being the did the example that all used all the
day I die you going to a liquor store you going to a 7-Eleven and you think I’m gonna be devious as I
used to do occasion arms dealer newspaper agree by other stuff you’re
such a bad boy died I’ll send you won’t be a little bit more a little okay that he went from one
percent to 1.1 percent but from last man standing to again they can be two guys left at one
of them was you know what for pomp and media by that that’s a crime right and going into that same 7-Eleven
and pistol whipping the clerk and stealing the cash register as
your you’ve committed robbery talks right right but we distinguish we know
the difference one is horrible one of them is K
seriously stop doing that and to be protected right and cigarettes are as to what the
clock like we know that they kill people and they
kill people quickly and their addictive instantly unlike unlike people nobody comes in yeah I get it there’s
like 50 girls in the world who go out whenever whiskey like to have a
cigarette you know but are cosmopolitan like to have a cigarette butt basically people buy cigarettes keep buying
cigarettes because they’re addicted to them and they just destroy your life in a way that for
example the issue we talked all about yesterday marijuana just simply does not II gotta
give you some amazing stuff yet can I can I to us that person go
over my promised that I would allow the standoff
good my favorite artistic from the story only about 18 percent of Americans smoke that down from 42 percent in 1960 by Wow bananas that’s why you don’t ban
things you don’t do a prohibition we do is you educate people about how
unhealthy something is and then they stop do he can
realistically we get to the point if it goes from 42 percent done realistically
they can’t do this because there too many people they don’t want
cigarettes and woke up another store to buy the other stuff they want you to buy
at CVS to get their prescriptions filled ago the place that lorette now it’s down eighteen percent
you know what we don’t have to sell everything and
that’s only one in five people were prepared to lose that this but
don’t you think do you think that we would have got that number down to
eighty percent if we can lock up a lot of people for smoking I got a lot of people up be happy to
send the wrong message if you say it’s okay to smoke cigarettes more kids are
gonna smoke cigar that we would never got that number down
without serve the warrants that without the war on the waco and locking people
up especially black kids yeah okay its oath I those reminded members that he and I
will determine who’s that is more press well it’s hard
to be that one and i was going to leave without one but they are okay but maybe two things lol by that’s
that alright by fast favor is that of course the drop which is so dramatic and
so great but also that he teen percent of
americans still smoke totally isn’t that amazing you know I there was a member of my life I don’t
know anyone still smokes I know maybe one person was close right no no I’m wrong about that
actually know three or four people this was maybe eighty percent no bed know but and
of course I live in a different subculture that than other parts too but Cal 8.2 percent
is really a high school some surprised by that and this feature
which the standard others that I wasn’t give his about 480 80,000 people still die each year because of
smoking-related illness same half a million people die every year has
a smoking that is such a huge fight yeah I think we’re gonna make a
surprising decision will check Jan fathoms rasberry violate me is this course is that we’ve
ever had lol yes it never got it could go either way deferred a heads up the
ball he both played well whatever your you don’t agree got her


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