Maitreya Rael: The months after the 1st Encounter (71-01-01)

The months after the 1st encounter It’s very important to to realise that we are connected to Elohim not only through my eyes but also through your eyes you are the eyes of Elohim on Earth the hand of Elohim on Earth the voice of Elohim on Earth each of you not only me when you spread the Message when you spread love which is also a part of our mission when you listen to people and alleviate the suffering of people on Earth you are Elohim messengers not only me I was the first and I found you and… thousand and thousand of others I was alone now, everywhere in the world, thousands of raelian and the more raelian we have the less I’m useful At the beginning, I was alone I was very important-to! because if I disappear, finish. So for the first, the few months after the encounter I was very… thinking about it and very, at the same time afraid, and confident. You know after the… I never told you that, but wow after the Message, Message was in December 1973, OK? Everybody know that. but I started I was still racing car driver and I had a contract, with Audi to drive in 1974. So, for all 1974 until October I was racing and every time I was starting a race I was thinking: “wow!” “What a responsibility!” “If I crash and I die” “I betray Elohim” and then I think : “Ah, if they need me” “they will protect me!” “I can go as fast as I was, they need me” “If they need me, better keep me alive” because they told me: “stop racing and spread the Message!” But I was a bad boy not really a bad boy, I had the contract before I sign the contract with Audi in end of 73, before the Elohim. So I had to respect it Sorry, I have a contract! So, I race and, after, I think it was May 74 in May I’m invited to a french television There was no movement yet nothing. I sent a manuscript to a big publishing company in Paris and, this big company, the Elohim guided me I send only one manuscript and I had no copy the original. And the manager of this company was a friend of the number one talk show television man in France and, when he received my manuscript, he was reading a little bit in the office was the man from television so he says: “wow, this maybe you like it!” and he gave it to the television man his name was Jacques Chancel, very famous french television man for talk show and he read the Message, and invited me to the number one talk show in France. So, May, I go, and I explain the Message. No raelian! I was alone. For the first time, I speak publicly and I though, nobody will help me this is such a revolutionary message, nobody will help me, but, OK, I listen to you, I said. I can say, I was a little bit, secretly happy, if nobody come so, I can continue to race, OK, I think, I explain and, 3 days latter, special truck from post office thousands of letters! Raelian, new raelian, “we want to help you! We want to help you!” from everywhere. And I reply, myself, to everybody one by one tired! And then, what is funny, I had to race in June, July, August, September, October so, next race after the television, I go racing, and all the driver come to me and say: “Ah, we understand!” “That’s why you are so fast and protected by them!” Because, the race, before the television, you know, sometime you turn and there is a little pump inside the curve, and… and you touch it, the car go on 2 wheels 2 wheels, not 4 and if too much, you go on the roof and I was in a south of France, a track which is very famous: the circuit Paul Ricard and I go too fast. And the car go to 3 wheels, 2 wheels, 1 wheel! And I…. and I come back. I was front of the pack and all the drivers come after, they say: “wow, you were close like that to go on the roof!” but after television, Message, they come and say: “ah, we understand why!” “You were protected!” Because it almost never happen, 1 wheel. 2 yes, but 1 wheel, nobody saw that before so Elohim protected me because I had to find you that’s one of the funniest memory and then end of October, no more race, and I start to travel in the world, to find you! I think I gave the Elohim a hard time beginning naughty boy, we have to protect him and after, no more. And, from, very important, I was very important alone with the Messages, alone, imagine yourself only you have the Message and all the planet is waiting for you it was a terrible pressure. And then, now, more and more raelian, I’m not important anymore. The more raelian, the more I feel useless I can disappear and you will be, the new Maitreyas you will spread Message of Elohim because you are here. Thanks to you I can relax no more pressure so thank you everybody Mishio says yes! My eyes are important but your eyes are more important and your mouth and your hand to spread the beautiful Message. And you are very lucky as you are not alone, and that beautiful family we have enjoy this feeling of not being alone hold each other, yes, we are one family give the hands, yes, and feel this fantastic family team works to spread the Message. Not only hand, look at the eyes of the raelian around you they are more important than my eyes because it’s “we are one.” In your eyes I see Elohim. In your eyes, I see my eyes in your eyes I see the light of the Message do you know how much this Message change your life? And for some of you, save your life. So many raelian told me: “before Message I wanted to kill myself” but you are alive and with me. Thank you Elohim.

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