Love & Brotherhood : Ramadan Lesson Islamic Cartoon for Kids Ep # 13

Ramadan Lessons # 13
Love & Brotherhood In Islam love and brotherhood with each other is very
important. All Muslims should be united together as one. So that means that our hearts should be connected
with one another so that we can stay together as one. (pray scene). In Islam we are all brothers and sisters,
which is why we should love each other, as well as look out and care for each other. And doing so that is the only way we can stay
united at all times. If any Muslim is hungry, it is our job to
give them food. If there is any Muslim who doesn’t have
a place to live, then we should give them a place to live. If there is any Muslim brother or sister who
is facing any problems, then it is our job to help them and pray for them. If you see 2nd part of our prophet Musa (pbuh)
story, you will see how prophet Musa and Harun (pbut) showed their love and brotherhood to
the Bani Israel. When the Bani Israel forgot Allah (swt) and
made a golden cow as their god, Musa (pbuh) was very angry and broke and burned the golden
cow into pieces, which afterwards, he then threw them into the river. Worshiping any idol is a horrible crime. So to get pardon from Allah (swt) for their
crime, he chose 70 leaders from Bani Israel and took them to Mount Sinai. Those leaders requested Prophet Musa (pbuh)
to hear Allah (swt)’s voice. Allah accepted their request. Then a big cloud came and covered them. And when Allah (swt) talked prophet Musa (pbuh),
they heard Allah (swt)’s voice. When the clouds were gone some of the leaders
demanded to see Allah (swt). They said that if they did not see Allah (swt)
they would not believe in him. Their arrogant demand made Allah (swt) very
angry. Suddenly a thunder came and the electricity
from that thunder killed them instantly. Prophet Musa (pbuh) was helpless. He did not know what to do. His love for the brotherhood of Bani Israel,
he requested Allah (swt) not to kill them because they were good people among Bani Israel. Allah (swt) accepted his request. So all of the 70 leaders got their life back. After being brought back to life, they all
asked forgiveness from Allah (swt) for their sins. Because they were very ungrateful, Allah (swt)
revealed a very hard law for the Bani Israel. Prophet Musa came to his people and told them
to kill each other. To get Allah (swt)’s pardon everyone had to
follow his order. That was a horrible moment for Bani Israel. So, they started to kill their own people. When prophet Musa and Harun (pbut) saw that
horrible moment, their love for their brotherhood rose for the bad poeple and they started to
request Allah (swt) to forgive the Bani Israel; otherwise, the nation of Bani Israel would
be destroyed. Allah (swt) accepted their prayer. To stop the killing, suddenly everything became
dark. Prophet Musa (pbuh) announced good news to
his people, that Allah (swt)’s had forgiven everyone’s sins. Same as prophet Musa and Harun (pbut) we always
should pray for each other and help each other with by loving our brothers and sisters.. In the house of Islam we have brothers and
sisters. We have to feel like we are all connected
as one. In Ramadan we have the best chance to make
our brotherhood stronger. InshaAllah Allah will help us. For more information we can see surah: Al-‘Anfal:63
Al-Hujurat:13 Al-Baqarah: 43, 238, 183, 198
Al `Imran: 103, 105


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