LOOKING GLASS Official Trailer (2018) Nicolas Cage Movie HD

All feels really good to me ray That one’s business pigs huh? I think we’re gonna be real comfortable here. Yeah, me, too It’s all banned finally went and sold the place you usually run hotels no, I’m an electrician. I just wanted to try something different That’s tens of pitch I’ll take him That’s her isn’t it she was our first guest? The boys over the gas stations have you filled out of your parking lot pretty fast everybody knows everybody around here except you Did you do it ? Did I do what? Did you do it? You’re with that girl the night she died. I saw you at my place. You have watch that it See anybody well, why would I watch your place? You told me ! This is a crime we could lose the motel Did you do it? Did I do Daisy do it? Thank you, what did you see? Did you see something ray You


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