Location Video With Google earth studio (part01)

[Music] [Music] welcome back friends this is techniques so today I am going to tell you how to create location service video using Google Earth studio so in this case the Redmond browser is matter right so I will try on Phi of Phi box so just search google studio [Music] the first thing you have is the google so when you go to this link we will have this kind of window and click on try a piece for you as I said I’m using this time Firefox so this message will be given by Google’s de studio because of the browser so you have the latest version of Chrome browser so just click on here and download so I already download a form and I am going try this too so in this case when you go here there when you go this link you won’t get this page because you have the regular that is 2d so I already registered the simple you register and click blank project so you a name for the project I am giving [Music] a zero one so here you can change the duration range in this case I am using 30 framework duration dimension here I’m using default settings and I am going to stop so this kind of will get like video editing software like a know Premiere Pro you leave that kind of so here you can search the location and here in there and you can play and the general option is here so here longitude latitude altitude so camera we change using this camera rotation and these location so you have also here different kind of aura G created camera shows so I will try in new commercials so I’m searching Paris yeah I have that it’s so Angeline who make sure to available clearly Sydney set europe’s first frame and click on this then you have the stock play and this thing I am [Music] going here and then type him here my frame should be there so I located here again I’m change time again so like that you can change the location and camera you know with the type so just check our camera so my start friend here and I’d say [Music] candy so I can stay here latitude/longitude also help you when you navigate fear you can smooth the edges with camera so moving right again click Delta 2 and again click that you can display so you can change this by dragging [Music] so it’s simple radio next I’m going to show you already created path we can get already created so I’ll show you this experiment I don’t want to say don’t fail so I’ll do a one point where I use your eyes [Music] a photo of fairies Fox [Music] so I said my friend and next [Music] you can change this stop various stock in mr. angle is the same I’ll give this truck a little tent you can change this so you can see here path this is the path camera movie so I’m you can also change this path so I don’t want to change and I have the next so this is my short right I can change the time from here after finish your satan go put like this one so i have this short if you use him as up after sex for more digging so you need preparation so that please gather in point and right click on that and check track point I will rename it [Music] right so this is the prep for in my metric point and after finish all these things reframe them so I’m changing Friday name [Music] it’s beautiful up [Music] so make sure to select updated if you’re using updated so you can change the quality of the video from here and gear is stuck so it still takes time and those close to window this means those should be there otherwise the process will be canceled either don’t open any tabs or anything just wait for angle so I’ll prove how to edit this image sequence from after effect next video so thank you for watching and subscribe share this video with others


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