Lizzy Found Faith on a Kindle—While Running on a Treadmill

[DOOR SQUEAKING] [LIGHTS BUZZING] [MUSIC PLAYING] How would I describe Lizzy? Lizzy is one of a kind. You don’t run across someone
like Lizzy very often. She’s feminine and sweet,
and yet she gets on that mat, and she’s honestly like a tiger. That’s a turn. She’s dedicated. She is tough. She lives life in such
a fun, energetic way that it’s contagious. [PAD THUDDING] All right. So I’m Lizzy, and
about 18 months ago, I started the process
for my divorce. It was a very bleak
time in my life, so the gym became my release. One day, when I was
running on the treadmill, the Kindle suggested
the Book of Mormon. It was free, so I
thought, “Hey, why not?” I was reading it
just kind of for fun, but it just made me start
thinking like, “Well, what if? What if this is true?” So at that point,
I decided, “I’m going to pray and
ask if it’s true.” And I ended up having
an overwhelming feeling of calm and comfort. At jujitsu, one of my
coaches goes to the Church, and I started
asking him questions about the Book of Mormon. “What’s this about? Or what’s that about?” He said he’d get me in touch
with some missionaries. I picked up the phone. I was like, “Hello,
this is Elder Johnson. How can I help you?” And I heard a really giddy
voice on the other line say, “This is Lizzy. I’d like to be baptized.” It was crazy. So when we asked Lizzy
to come to church, she was very excited to go. I felt like I had never felt
at any other point in my life. I instantly felt accepted,
cared for, and loved. I met Brian and Amber
Christiansen and Greg Sperry, who’s our bishop,
and his wife, Shawna, and Ted and Elaine Newstick. Everybody was
introducing themselves and making me feel so
welcome that it didn’t just feel like I was walking
into, like, a random place. It felt like I was walking
into a house with a family. Lizzy, we love you. Our family loves you. The people here at
church love you. You taught us more than we
ever could have taught you. Lizzy, welcome. Welcome. Lizzy, welcome. Welcome. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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