Lisa Nandy slams Piers Morgan over Meghan racism row: ‘How on earth would you know?’

This is not shown the British media
in its best light I would take issue with that. including local papers,
that are really decent. I know you will Piers. I thought that letter was ridiculous. I thought it didn’t bear any relation
to the reality, which is Meghan Markle has had exactly on the same
level of treatment as someone like Kate Middleton, for example,
good and bad in equal measures. If you are member of the royal family,
you get acres of press coverage. I would say 70 percent of the magazine
coverage has been positive, 30 percent has been negative. And she just doesn’t like the negative stuff. It’s got nothing to do with her skin colour. Nothing to do with her gender. It’s just they’ve done stuff that the
British public, and the media reflect British public
opinion most of the time, just thought was wrong. Well, if you don’t mind me saying,
how on earth would you know, as somebody who’s never had to
deal with ingrained prejudice, you’re not in a position to understand
people who have.


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