Lionel Messi – Beyond Humanity [MOVIE] 2016

Catalan artistry or Basque spirit that prevails A cacophony of noise at kick-off time Look at this Kevin it’s a brilliant run from Messi Here’s Messi against two opponents how well he’s dribbled! wonderful self pass How wonderful! King Messi’s in the box Shot! And it’s Messi’s first professional goal and the celebration starts Spain stand still the world is watching It’s a great chance for Messi! It’s 1-1 Blasted in by Messiii It’s Van Nistelrooy 2, Messi 2 Messi takes everybody on MESSI’S GOT IT! Nineteen years of age, he gets a hattrick Messi Oooh, brilliant skill from Lionel Messi Surging forward with real menace here Brilliant from Messi Oooh what a goal that is! Have you seen a better goal than that anywhere, this season? I very much doubt it More than a club Leo Messi Messi goes Look at him Messi cuts in Messi can score! In life we have, always The people who judge us I don’t work in the press I don’t work in television I cannot control that and they love (the journalists, ed.) to do that Ronaldo… BRILLIANT! he’s smashed it into the back of the net it gets even better for Cristiano Ronaldo Too far for ronaldo to think about it ABSOLUTELY SENSATIONAL! In towards Messiii Barcelona’s, golden man has scored a golden goal Who is the best player in the world? is it Messiiii Lionel Messi OOOH BRILLIANT! Messiiii! They try to contain him but it’s an impossible task! this man is just… UNSTOPPABLE It’s his night! it’s Inter’s night it’s Mourinho’s night surely I think I am an ambitioned person Please don’t call me arrogant because what I’m saying is true I think I’m a Special One Sit back, put your feet up, prepare yourself for absolute treat will it be 5?! it will! Piqué holding five fingers out A 5-0 win against Real Madrid Messi! and it’s him again! away from two three four Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful A mere supernatural goal from Lionel Messi OOH MESSI! Out of very little the little man gets a lot! 10 minutes to go In desperate need of a goal they go for the- OOH UNBELIEVABLE It defies description! And Messi the magnificent scores another memorable goal An audacious chip from the magical Lionel Messi It’s Messi! IT’S MAGNIFICENT! I swear you’ll never see anything like this ever again Oooh what a strike! And he’s done it again! Lionel Messi with a second! STUNNING! AND MESSIII The most talented footballer of his generation! Messi! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They don’t call him the world’s greatest player for nothing! He is ridicolously good You are watching possibly the greatest footballer ever at the absolute peak of his powers Pick you poise and it’s Messiiii! Telmo Zarra has some company! Magic! here he is again That’s astonishing it’s absolutely world class! GOOOOL of the best player on the planet Leo Messi! it’s a brilliant run from Messi! can he go all the waaay?! It’s one of the great Copa del Rey final goals! From the magical Mercurial Lionel Messi


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