Lilith & Inarius: The Birth of Rathma & Humanity – Diablo Lore: Part 1

Hey folks This is rhykker With a Diablo lore video now this will be part 1 in a series in which we explore the major players in the story of Diablo from the Nephalem to Tyrael to Deckard Cain to Diablo himself And we’ll give a crash course on what exactly Is going on in this game series story wise because there’s a lot of really cool or really? Interesting characters and just playing through the games doesn’t quite give you the full story Be sure to have subscription notifications turned on so that you can be alerted when a new episode comes out now We’re gonna start this series from the beginning no not Diablo 1 the beginning beginning. The very first being in Creation you see in the beginning there was only Anu aka the one aka the diamond warrior And I mean there was only Anu there was no universe there was nothing there was just Anu so one day presumably after an intense session with his life coach Anu decided to better himself by casting out all the Evil all the bad parts within him and become a being of pure good And there must have been quite a bit of evil within him because all the evil parts came together to form another being called Tathamet the first prime evil and we’ll talk more about Tathamet in a bit So now literally the only two things to exist are Anu and Tathamet and since video games haven’t been invented yet And there’s nothing better to do these two decide to fight each other for several thousands of years Before they conveniently both die at the same time in a massive explosion tantamount to the Big Bang No not you and this resulted in the creation of the universe now while Anu was dead and gone chunks of him were still floating Around the universe the eye of Anu also known as the world stone Which we see at the end of Diablo 2 remained at the center of the universe in a realm that came to be known as Pandemonium which we visit slightly in Diablo 2 and prominently in Diablo 3 Anu’s spine was blasted far out into the universe and eventually became the crystal arch around which the high heavens formed we see the crystal arch in diablo 3 It’s where we fight Diablo and this arch gives birth to angels. We’ll talk more about angels in a bit now This is pretty much where Anu’s story ends which is to be expected since he’s pretty well dead But there is a brief mention of him in Diablo 3 if you look at the item Rogar’s huge stone and read the lore Bit it seems that this stone may have been fashioned from Crystallized blood of Anu so now with Anu’s story over let’s turn our attention to the second being in creation Tathamet also known as the dragon also known as the Beast also known as the prime evil Tathamet was a seven headed dragon And was the sum of all evil Now when Anu and Tathamet destroyed each other Tathamets body also got blasted across the universe to spawn various interesting people and places The bulk of his bloated corpse formed the Burning Hells Within which can be found the mysterious black abyss from which demons are born And yes as you may guess we’ll talk more about demons later now remember How we said that Tathamet had seven heads before he exploded well each of those heads spawned one of the great Evils the most powerful demons in Hell the three most powerful heads gave birth to the three brothers the Prime Evils including Diablo himself while the for lesser heads gave birth to the lesser evils And I’m sure there totally won’t be any jealousy and ensuing infighting from that now There’s a little more to Tathamet story, but not for a long long time We’ll revisit Tathamet when we talk about Diablo But for now let’s talk about angels and demons so the Angels aka the Seraphim live in the high heavens They are living Manifestations of light and sound and they are dedicated to the ideals of order as we said previously They are birthed from the crystal arch and the process through which they are birthed is called the light song Basically since angels are beings of light and sound they emit a certain resonance Which they tuned to the crystal arch and during the rare times? when there is perfect harmony in the high heavens a new angel can be born from the arch now remember the crystal arch was a Part of Anu and when an angel is born from the arch they’re actually embodying a part of Anu’s power and this power is finite that means that there is a Finite number of angels that can exist so basically you say that angels are small anews Now while a news power is finite Whenever an angel is slain the power returns to the crystal arch and a new angel can then be born So let’s say that in total There’s enough Anu power units to produce 1 million angels And there are currently only half a million angels that means that the arch can produce over time another half a million angels Once we reach 1 million angels no further angels can be produced We’re at maximum angel capacity all of Anu’s power has been distributed out But then let’s say that a hundred thousand angels died in battle vs demons then that frees up a bunch of Anu power units and over time another 100 thousand angels can be produced now as we said angels tune of their resonance to the crystal arch And it’s from this connection that they draw their power their very life force This is why when Diablo entered the high heavens in act 4 in Diablo 3 he was able to incapacitate all the angels by Futzing with the antenna on the arch now oddly enough despite the unusual way in which angels are born. They can also breed For some reason and moreover they’re able to interbreed with demons this seems like too much information But trust me it’ll be relevant later as it turns out not all angels are born equal Some are Archangels angels with greater power and status. They’re like super angels or angel celebrities like Criss Angel five of these Archangels form the Angiris Council who rule the high heavens? We’ve met every member of the council in Diablo 3 but before we dive any deeper into that let’s talk about Demons so demons aka hell spawn aka minions of Darkness are the evil natives of the Burning Hells They are the antithesis of Angels, so while angels are beings of light and order demons are beings of Shadow and chaos unlike angels who are all very similar in appearance Demons come in all manner of shapes and sizes many of the enemies that we fight in Diablo are demons though We should clarify that Undead are not demons but demons often use undead in their armies unlike angels demons are physical beings But if slain their souls are reborn in hell as we mentioned demons are spawned from the black abyss from some even more mysterious process than the Crystal arch that doesn’t seem to involve any kind of singing now all angels are peacefully ruled by the Angirs Council and Live in harmony demons are far more selfish and chaotic and ultimately uncooperative but they still generally follow a hierarchy in the same way that a Wolf Pack follows a Hierarchy where the Alpha is only in charge until someone takes some out to become the new Alpha so at the top of this hierarchy Are the three brothers the three Prime Evils? Diablo Baal and Mephisto We fight and kill all three of these in Diablo 2 beneath these three are the four lesser evils Duriel and Andariel who we kill in Diablo 2 and Azmodan and Belial who we kill in Diablo 3 Collectively the prime and the lesser evils are known as the great evils and each of the seven rules over its own domain Within the center of the Burning Hells But roaming the outer reaches of the Burning Hells are the mallet Lords who we fight in Diablo 3 they rule over the demons that are far from the Domains of the great evils and they’ve always refused to join any of the armies of the lesser evils now another notch down on the Hierarchy our Balrogs aka mega demons and when they aren’t busy fighting gandalf. They’re overseeing lesser demons now There’s a bit more nuance to this system There’s servants and lieutenants But that’s the gist of things and the biggest takeaway is that it’s pretty rare for Big important demons to work together since basically all demons want power for themselves and they don’t believe in harnessing the power of Cooperation, but if there’s one thing that demons like more than fighting each other it’s Fighting angels and that leads us to the eternal conflict As its name suggests the eternal conflict refers to the unending war between angels and demons That has gone on since both species were created But angels and demons don’t just fight to destroy each other remember both angels and demons are reborn once They’re slain So that would be a pretty futile war know what they’re fighting for is Control of the world stone remember the eye of Anu that is located at the center of the universe well whoever Controls the world stone has the ability to shape reality create worlds and create life throughout the eternal conflict control of the world stone passed from Angels to demons and back and forth and back and forth and when the angels controlled that they Would build worlds of perfect order and when demons control it? They basically created horror movie sets However all the worlds created by either side would end up dying because of the ongoing war so at some point the pandemonium fortress Was created to defend the world stone, and it apparently made zero difference because over time possession of the pandemonium fortress passed again from Angel to demon angel to demon and it’s physical appearance reflects this we visit the pandemonium fortress in Diablo 2 it’s the act four town and in Diablo 3 we visit it in a much greater capacity as its featured prominently in act 5 Now from here in order to keep telling our story we need to talk about one particular angel and one particular demon Inarius and Lilith Inarius aka the Prophet was an archangel and yes the necromancer set in diablo 3 Grace of Inarius is named after him in arias served as an advisor on the endurance council and was under the direct command of everyone’s favorite angel Tyrael but after fighting demons for thousands of years he starts to realize that the whole thing is basically Pointless I mean think about how long it takes you to get bored of killing demons in Diablo now imagine playing Diablo non-stop For thousands and thousands of years, I mean at some point you want to do something else So while Inarius has had these feelings within him he still participated in the eternal conflict until one day when he was incapacitated in battle and Captured he woke up in chains a prisoner to demons and he wasn’t a very polite prisoner because he spent most of his time Complaining loudly about how? Stupid the eternal conflict is and how he just wanted to be away from it all fortunately for him his demon captor Shared his feelings and set him free the name of that demon Albert IDEs Lilith Lilith was the demon and in perhaps universe’s first case of Stockholm Syndrome Inarius became instantly infatuated with Lilith and I mean you know You can’t really blame him, so let’s talk a bit about Lilith here aka the queen of the succubi She is the daughter of Mephisto and Mephisto is the lord of hatred so you can imagine he wasn’t nurturing father and like any rebellious teenage daughter Lilith was sick of his crap she didn’t have much of a better opinion of Uncle Baal and uncle Diablo either so when she met Ann arias She saw an opportunity to make them all upset just instead of rebelling by bringing an angel home to her racist family for Thanksgiving dinner she sowed the seeds of insurrection and worked with Ann arias to assemble a team of rogue angels and demons to Follow them to freedom her plan Steal the world stone and so the greatest heist in history was afoot it’s not clear How they managed to steal the gigantic world stone from the massively fortified pandemonium fortress? But I think that would make the most awesome Ocean’s eleven movie ever Starring George Clooney as Inarius and Julia Roberts as Lilith, but what whatever once they had access to the world stone They altered its dimensional frequency because now we’re in an episode of Star Trek And they used the power of the world stone to conceal it and then hide it in a pocket dimension And it was in this pocket dimension that Inarius Lilith and their followers Used the world stones power to create a world around it a refuge. That would come to be known as Sanctuary Sanctuary is the name of the world and Diablo where The game the game takes place now the very first part of sanctuary to be created was Mount Arreat Forming a protective shell around the world stone Mount Arreat was featured prominently in Diablo 2 act 5 all the way from its exterior to the final fight with Baal in the world stone chamber in diablo 3 act 3 we revisit much of the surrounding areas after the events of diablo 2 now spoilers so now we have this new secret world for Lilith and Inarius and all the other renegade angels and demons now everybody in this world is Accustomed to doing little else other than fighting each other forever so with a bunch of time on their hands now and Us still being millenia away from video games being invented they found other stuff to do like Yeah, remember how we said that angels and demons can interbreed somehow well Lilith and and Inarius made the beast with four wings and I Don’t know the biology or the mechanics of how that even works How does a being of light and sound even procreate with a physical creature I sang you a song You’re pregnant now and so Lilith and Inarius bore a son named Linarian though one day He would change his name to Rathma Rathma was the first Nephalem a new powerful race born from the interbreeding of angels and demons and as other angels and demons did the hokey-pokey More Nephalem were born forming the first Generation of Nephilim known as the ancients now eventually after generations the power of the Nephilim was diluted down Until eventually they were a new weaker race called humans, but how did the Nephilim lose their power who were the other ancients? Why did Rathma change his name did sanctuaries favorite power couple Lilarius? Stay together or split up all these questions and more will be answered in our next video in this lore series stay tuned Thanks for watching special Thanks to my twitch and patreon supporters for making these videos Possible with another wave of the YouTube ad pocalypse Descending upon us if you’d like to support my videos on patreon and make me a little bit less dependent on YouTube ad revenue That’s immensely appreciated And we’ve got a bunch of patreon rewards like behind-the-scenes stuff monthly hangouts q and A’s and more if you enjoy this video Please share it check out these other videos and subscribe to join rikers raiders for more diablo content


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