Hello, everybody Elias is here. (where’s pewds?) Welcome to a brand new segment of this channel called Cringe of the Week so this week’s c-cringe of the week is gonna be on Lil Pump Thank you Elias for that intro *Stealing Content* You may have heard of young famous rapper Lil Pump before *dingaling* Lil Pump which of course is famous for his intricate lyrics (absolutely brilliant) Lil pump ooh Lil Pump ya Lil pump ooh Lil Pump ya Lil pump ooh Lil Pump ya Lil pump ooh Lil Pump yah. (lik if u cri evrytiem) OR Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang, Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang, Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang *insert musical masterpiece* Gucci gang x(the amount of all my insecurities) But Lil Pump is not just famous for his rap genius. Okay? He’s also famous for his overall genius. His BEYOND Rick and Morty level of genius. Hey, what’d you say? Wha- What is the difference between America and the United States? Bruh, the United States is more- is more souffff den America bro, America is in the north down here *switch your hands bonzo* United States is more south MORESOUF And America is down here even if he what he’s saying is making any sense. It’s double not making any sense (What am I doing with my life) He must be, he must be trolling. There’s no way someone is this stupid (poppin’) but you don’t understand Lil Pump like I do, okay He’s a genius. (US National Anthem begins playing) When he’s saying north and goes down He’s talking about how polarizing our current climate is and how the world just seems like it’s turned upside down (you just turned my whole world view upside down) north for you might be south for Lil Pump and America for you might be USA for another person It’s like completely different things Lil Pump is living in two different time line at once (holy shitheels) Open your eyes sheep-le (Sheep People), and if you criticize Lil Pump, then you don’t understand his genius I think his haters need to ESkETIIIT (i literally googled the word just for the subtiltes) People love Lil Pump, okay ask anyone He’s not really saying anything, I mean he said OOH about like ten times and there was really no substance to that song (savage cabbage) I’m not really feeling it. This woman doesn’t know what she’s talking about, don’t listen to her, okay? She doesn’t understand (nobody understands) She doesn’t understand the true fire and the true meaning with Lil Pump, okay, what else? What else does she have to say I mean it just sounds very generic It sounds like everything that’s kind of out right now, but kind of like on a lower level (shots fired) ETERNALRAGE ESKEEETIIIIIIIIIITTT EsKETIIIIT (again) so misunderstood squad *autisitic bird noises* Lil Pump what do you think about motorcycles? Esketit (most insightful answer my ears have had the pleasure of hearing) I agree Lil Pump has transcended our language, okay? Our simple words are not enough to describe what he means (esketit) Does anyone even know what eskere means? (It means “Lets get it”, but in a way only a god can say) now some people have tried, okay, some people have tried to deconstruct Lil Pump’s lyrics (and they will remain unsuccessful) has tried their very best Gucci Gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang Spend three racks on a new chain I fuck a bitch, I forgot her name by saying I fuck a bitch I forgot her name Lil Pump is addressing to his listeners that one-night stand relationships CONSTANTLY occur within his life He shows this by saying “I forgot her name” meaning that the “””””””relationships””””””” that he forgets the girl’s name recurrently This line also shows Lil Pump’s listeners that Lil Pump sleeps with girls on the regular (Lil Pimp) *whisper* It’s deep, it’s deep (like your mom xd ;0) *quiet rage* ESKETIT it’s deep, it’s deep dammit that shit touches you, it touches yo soul yo heart You’re going 70 miles per hour How long will it take you to drive 70 miles 70 nigga oh, why why 70 explain to the camera- cuz 1 time 70’s 70 1 X 70 is 70. said anything about one. Where did one come from you’re going 70 miles PER HOUR Oh 1 hour UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH cuz 1 times 70 is 70 You don’t get it do you? one time seventy is seventy Open your eyes open them ESKETIT Now Lil Pump is no stranger to FLEXING you know he’s come very far, and he’s he’s not shy about it at all here we are in first class, bitch. Esketit Here he is in first class FLEXING his chain (he is a waste of valuable oxygen) AT THE PARTY ON A LIL PUMP (little penor) AIRPLANE (save the poor people that paid for a ticket just for this guy to ruin their flight) You know that first class, that’s like 60 extra bucks on an airplane like this, okay. Know when to flex pump, come on everything Gucci First-class, baby It’s a regular airline! 100 on my wrist
80 on my wrist (lyrics from D Rose) Come on baby, Pewds: Say it, say it ESKETITTT (I’m done, someone help) There it is. Esketit. You know, I, uh, I have been defending Lil Pump for a very long time now And I think I’ve been wrong Lil pump isn’t just a genius, He is God. Okay, when you die, this is what you’re going to hear *earrape* Now that’s music. Now that’s music to my ears. play that again, please *why are we still here, just to suffer? Every night i can feel my leg, and my arm* *orgasms* that’s good Okay, alright, okay, alright, so for real though, I think some of these songs are good they’re good to listen to. I don’t think everything has to be- have deeper meaning or extra thought It would just be boring if everything everything was trying to have a deeper meaning so you know take it for what it is. I know he gets a lot of shit, but You know it’s still so good get some good songs there I’M TRYING REALLY HARD HERE one like equals one ESKETIT ESKEEETIIIIIIIIIITTT

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