Letting The People In Front of Us Decide What We Eat | Guess That Generation

– What kid likes Diet Coke? – Okay, I’m happy about
this one. Two?! – Teen, college kid,
adult, like, who knows? ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) There’s a viral trend
right now on the internet where people go through the drive-thru
and then they order and eat whatever the person
in front of them got. – Yes, I’ve seen that. – Huh. They have no imagination
whatsoever. – (FBE) It’s been made popular
by a lot of YouTubers, including Derek Gerard,
Ryland Adams, Miranda Sings, Jeffree Star,
and Steph Pappas, just to name a few.
– Right. I’ve seen a few of those videos. – (FBE) Have you
ever tried this trend? – No, I haven’t, but I like
that it’s a wholesome trend. It’s not anything
that’s a crazy challenge that’s someone’s gonna get hurt. It’s like, oh, we’re gonna share a meal
with a complete stranger, you know, but we don’t really know
we’re sharing a meal. – (FBE) We just followed people
from four different generations to the fast food restaurants
of their choice. We ordered you exactly
what they ordered. – Oh! (laughing) – (FBE) It’ll be up to you to guess
which generation the person who ordered this item belongs to.
– Okay. That’s interesting. – (FBE) Do you think
that’s gonna be easy or hard? – I don’t know. Everybody
has different taste buds but I’m gonna assume elders
are gonna watch their cholesterol. – Teen, college kid, adult, who knows? – I guess we’re here to order. – (cashier greeting)
– Hello, how are you? – Hi, yes, what did the guy
in front of me just order? – Thank you. – (cashier) Hello, how are you?
– Hi, good, how are you? – Thank you! – They are not fazed by this. – Hi! Um… – Thank you so much.
Have a good day. – Oh, these smell good! – This is Taco Bell?
Bitttttch. I [bleep] love Taco Bell. – (FBE) This is a five layer
beef burrito with no sour cream, a bean and cheese burrito
with no onions, and an unsweet tea. – Wow, that’s a lot of food. – Okay, it’s only two,
so I’m thinking it’s probably
a little skinny person’s. – See, when I was a kid,
I used to be like, “No onions!” But I don’t feel like a kid
would order an iced tea. – I’m kinda leaning towards elder. Do old people eat burritos?
Is that offensive? – The no sour cream,
that almost tells me it’s a young person already. And this is what kind of tea?
– (FBE) Unsweet. – Unsweet tea? Wait a minute, that throws me off. – Sour cream
is the best part but okay. Okay. So it should be called
a “four layer burrito,” right? – This feels like a very my metabolism
is still going fast meal, so I’m gonna stay with teen. – Well, I’m going with a guy
who’s an adult now because it’s unsweetened tea. – First, the unsweetened sweet tea,
there’s no flavor, and then sour cream, I’m assuming–
I don’t know. Maybe this person
just doesn’t like sour cream. – (FBE) So your second meal
is two spicy chicken sandwiches, chili cheese fries,
and a chocolate frosty. – Okay, I’m happy
about this one. Two?! – That’s a man meal. (laughing) Let’s see. Mm-hmm. [Inaudible]. – Look at this! Like…
that’s not going anywhere. – This more like a teenage guy,
or even a kid, but a kid, I don’t think
a kid orders two chicken sandwiches, so it’s gotta be a teenager. – I feel like a teen
won’t eat– maybe they do. Teens eat a lot.
I don’t know where it goes. – This might be a college kid,
specifically a boy. I don’t feel like a sensible adult
would get this. – This is definitely something
a college kid would get though. Some chili fries.
Not one, but two sandwiches. Dang, it’s kind of throwing me. I thought the other one
was what I think this one is now. – Crap, this might be the teen. I don’t know!
This is hard. (laughing) – Wait, more Taco Bell?! – (FBE) So for your third meal,
we have a plain bean burrito with extra sour cream
and mild sauce and a Diet Coke. – Okay, that’s a senior.
That’s a senior. Diet Coke, that would be me,
and a plain burrito but they like the sour cream.
That’s a senior. And it’s only one?
That’s a senior. Hands down. – This person has taste,
let me tell you, these are my faves right here. – And just one, okay. Oh, it’s a diet soda? Oh. – Can I pick elders twice?
Or is this just one? Oh, man, I messed up, huh? Oh, god. Okay.
What kid likes Diet Coke? – Yeah, and it’s safe.
It’s very safe. This is a senior. – There’s a smaller portion,
so it might be an elder because elders drink diet soda, too. – It’s because it’s a small portion,
but then the Diet Coke gets me, but also
the extra sour cream makes me want to lean towards teens
because they have no self control over how much sour cream
they want in their food. – (FBE) This is two cheeseburgers
with only ketchup, a large French fry
and an apple pie. – How do these people do this?! – Damn, these people are getting two? I don’t know if
I’m just a small eater, but I guess at McDonald’s,
you could eat a lot. – This seems like
a very kid meal to me. And what kid doesn’t love McDonald’s? – The cheeseburger
looks really skinny. Like, where’s the beef,
where’s the lettuce and tomato? None.
It’s cheese in a burger. That’s it.
That’s a kid. – Everybody’s taste buds
are all over the place. – This is such
a little kid order, too, so these are all throwing me off. – And apple pie? Oh, my god.
This is overkill. This is a diabetic’s delight. This is heart attack country,
but they have lots of time before that ever happens. – Oh, my gosh.
This is throwing me. And I am gonna bite this apple pie.
I don’t even care. I still miss the old apple pie.
They used to deep fry them. (groaning) That was bomb.
This healthy stuff? Whatever. It’s apple pie. I’m not eating it for my health! – I’m only seeing teens
because teens have sweet tooths. But at the same time,
an adult could order this. I’m so conflicted. – This might be a college kid, too. Crap. I feel like
everyone’s a college kid. – They can afford it.
It’s cheap. It’s fast. Easy enough. Nothing too crazy or out of the box. If you have a few bucks
left over from your allowance, you can go to McDonald’s
and get something. – I’m gonna say teens.
Oh, my god. This is a hard challenge. I did not expect to be thinking
this much today. – (FBE) Okay, so you’ve
tasted all four meals. You’ve made some preliminary guesses. It’s time to lock in
your final answers. Which generation ordered which meal?
– Okay. – (FBE) So just as a reminder,
you’ve had four meals. They came from
four different generations. There was a teen, a college kid,
an adult, and an elder. – Oh, gosh. – I feel pretty confident
that two is a teen because it was just so– I can eat
whatever the hell I want. My metabolism is still going
and I have all these cravings. – The second one was Wendy’s.
Definitely a college kid. A college kid who has to go
to the bathroom later. – That was a kid. Uh, this was the senior
with the double sour cream. – Okay, I think I got it. – (FBE) So meal one, you’re correct.
It was ordered by an elder. So Gary, our elder, ordered that. – Yeah, it’s the no sugar thing. – I ordered a five layer beef burrito
with no sour cream and a bean and cheese burrito
with no onions and an iced tea. The reason why no sour cream,
I don’t do well with milk product. – Okay, I guess so.
Okay, I get it. Yeah, I get it.
The unsweetened iced tea. That’s a lot to eat. – I should have known!
The sweet tea! – Really? I was really banking
that I got the elder one right. Gary… (laughing) why
are you eating so much food? – (FBE) Number two, unfortunately,
you were incorrect. That was actually
ordered by a teenager. One of our teens, Carson, got it–
– Carson, are you okay?! Like, do you need help?
Do you go to the doctor’s? Holy! – So I got myself
a spicy chicken sandwich, another spicy chicken sandwich,
because I’m hungry, and some chili cheese fries,
and the classic frosty, which is a necessity
when it comes to Wendy’s. My prediction is they’re either guess
probably teen because of the chili cheese fries–
stereotypical, I think, personally. – Okay, that does feel very Carson-y. That’s Carson. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was definitely a male teen.
Right. Yeah. – That makes sense, I suppose. College would be,
like, the Twitter thing, like that super popular–
at least it was– what do I know? – (FBE) Meal three
was ordered by Erinn, an adult. – Okay. – I ordered a plain bean burrito
with extra sour cream. You have to have the mild sauce,
and then Diet Coke. I think if anybody of my generation,
who maybe were partiers in their youth, so to speak,
would probably be like, yeah, this is something
after a night of drinking you would definitely hit up Taco Bell
and get a bean burrito for sure. – I really thought that was an elder.
That one makes me mad. – Oh, it was the Diet Coke
for sure. Yeah. – Oh, okay. Well, I was close. Adults and seniors, they’re
bumping up against each other. – (FBE) And meal four
was ordered by Eric, a college kid. – Wow, I was so off. (laughing) – So I got a baked apple pie,
a large French fry and two cheeseburgers
with just ketchup on them, which is the same thing
I’ve ordered since I was eight. You know, it feels simple. I’m super picky,
so I generally don’t like a lot of things on my burger.
French fries are a classic. Apple pie is a good palate
cleanser dessert. – Okay, that does feel like
also a very Eric meal. – There you go. Nostalgia. And I feel like
when you’re in college, you might not have that much
spending cash, so McDonald’s always in a pinch. – Oh, yeah. And he could eat a couple of them.
No problem! – (FBE) So you guessed a total
of two generations correctly out of four.
– Okay, that’s half. – The whole McDonald’s thing
threw me because I remember getting it all the time as a kid.
That was a treat. But it makes sense that,
as you’re older, you’re gonna go back to
what you like. – It was the drinks that got me. The adult would have the Diet Coke. I’m thinking more like
the senior would have done that, but it was switched. – The ketchup threw me
off a little bit but, nah, I’m not surprised. I think it would be a teen
because when I was a teenager, I loved sweet stuff,
and now as I’m older, my taste buds are like,
I feel like I’m gonna get cavities. – It was harder because
just so many people had different kinds of tastes,
so– and then also I know all the reactors come from
so many different walks of life. You don’t know what they’re into. – Thanks for watching us
do the fast food challenge on the React channel. – If you liked this episode,
hit that Like button. – Bye! – Hey, fam, React producer Mary here,
thanks for watching us eat what the people
in front of us ordered. Be sure to follow @FBE on Twitter
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get to know us better. Thanks for watching, you guys. Bye!


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