Lets play cards against humanity, again

Neldo: What would grandma find disturbing, yet oddly charming? John: Daddy Issues, John: stranger danger, Skelator Neldo: Mecha Hitler Neldo: Oh man I could have played Hulk Hogan John: Between stranger danger and… Nic: BLANK AND BLANK John: …In a Denny’s parking lot Neldo: oh man that’s great. John: What of my parents
hiding from me? John: The three-fifths compermise Nic: haha John: ‘weird ass laughing’ Nic: Oh man Neldo: What the fuck is the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy? John: I have no idea. Neldo: WHAT THE FUCK John: That I should’ve been aborted was, so much better Nic: I don’t know Neldo: Yeah dude you pick shitty ass cards John: yeah I’m here I don’t know where Nic…
Nic: WHAT! flying sex snakes is, so much better John: In the new Disney channel original Hannah Montana struggles with blank for the first time? John: oh I had a perfect card for this John: I could’ve put daddy issues Neldo: Ah man Neldo: Mines not as good Nic: Incest? John: Struggles with incest… John: Max! Hey where’s max when we need him Nic: I have horrible cards. What’s the next
happy meal toy? Neldo: HULK HOGAN John: Free samples John: The three-fifths compromise Neldo: What the fuck Nic Nic: That’s so much better… Neldo: You pick shitty ass cards. Nic: You’re a shitty ass card Neldo: Do you even know what the three-fifths compromise is? Nic: Yeah it’s like the thing with slavery
and shit John: Oh, make a haiku, ah damn it. Nic: OH BOY, HAIKU John: Oh boy 3am Neldo: Okay, so how does a haiku work? Nic: Idk John: Pick three Nic: I’ll just pick three John: Daddy issues John: Barack Obama as Skeletor Nic: Skeletor *Flashbacks* John: What is that even from? Nic: He-man John: That’s what I thought Nic: Yeah Nic: i’m trying to find that one picture of that… Nic: There it is. John: White people praying the gay away Nic: What? Nic: Praying the gay away, parting the red sea Nic: It would be funny if it was Jewish people Nic: He doesn’t like what? John: He doesn’t like brickleberry, because the first episode… John: Uhh John: which is the one he watched, there’s like a clown going around and kidnapping children shit and it turns out to be the catholic priest Nic: That’s funny Neldo: I swear to god, if one of you guys plays holocaust, I’m gonna hands down pick that Nic: BET YOU CAN’T JUST HAVE ONE John: *high pitched laughing* Nic: Oh, I had a blank card, I should’ve done holocaust Nic: MECHA HITLER Everyone: *weird annoying laughing* Nic: Oh man it was either that one or… Nic: It was either that one or nipple blades John: Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s? Nic: MAYBELLINE John: I’m going to pretend I’m Abe Lincoln John: John Wilkes Booth, that’s how I want to die Nic: JOHN WILKES BOOTH Nic: Omg Neldo: Oh, ah, oh, GOD DAMN IT John: Mecha Hitler Neldo: Damn it Neldo: I wasted both of them John: The holocaust Neldo: Ah man, I don’t have anything John: That’s a shitty black card anyways Nic: I should’ve put Zyklon B Neldo: Auschwitz John: Auschwitz, Ja Neldo: Next thing you know, this entire game is gonna become a game about how the holocaust happened John: The coming of the second holocaust Nic: Sean Penn Neldo: I’m not sure which on I want to go with John: read them out loud Neldo: After the earthquake, Sean Penn brought Scientology to the people of Haiti Neldo: After the earthquake Sean Penn brought Sean Penn to the people of Haiti Neldo: Sean Penn it’s down what I am sharing needles – but when I was tripping on acid right
now all turned into black people are or what longer taking expect are expecting
a perfect for meeting of Hurricane Katrina’s sense it does with my auntie
drug just like school well you got one ball kid wow we do not you don’t have a black card about our
the Oregon Trail game they do where they do you know do you know if they do ok have a car dying of dysentery did
Sean died of dysentery yeah all costs always wins yeah sure just a
still six million Jews game this card wins the game Oh No yeah man oh you thought about our I win
I win I win all dude he is very funny it was like they had a card it’s like uh
no one in Cobain’s final moments but with his head a hundred twenty grains of buckshot yeah
let’s do it good morning good morning good morning that shows fucking bitch I’m a child I’m a master and just bill
bill bill bill bill bill bill bill what’s the next superhero / like 200 got
the right one already are you gonna clean with this was better
what I have to blink our tickets in this are you this is funny condel area ok oh my god i don’t know it all on really yeah only two good cars John those perfect well you fucked up you already had the KKK and being on
fire dance what’s next perfect superhero sidekick do o Muhammad
praise be unto Him it and so did you first damn it tells us about a hard choice it was William sure they’re just looking
like for an American need regimes when I pull its should i remember we’re playing
this with Sean oh fuck i also have a day they’re gonna
play that negative shit what really killed at any store aids the
bug haha come on choose somebody just like
my bad bro you are a good card to this well I don’t have anything i have i have
good cards for this ah I’m anything UAV air strength we have no idea who that is what’s up bro oh that was nick that was going up again
so it’s like I thought you should get good cards wait hold on hold on I have ok oh we share no I look Toni Morrison holy fuck look her up who is it one church plus the gays equal publically cools it’s just a few of the critical plus the
gays equal to church this work I want to play a game called flightless
bird simulator that sounds about right even if they’re not talking about does anybody have a blinkered is it just
me just not having like with my auntie drug
was like what happened was wrong why Dion just use a young scientist – 90
laptop coated chef on your heels they were learning about you will be
fucked you

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