LEGO The Age of Ultron in 2 Minutes

Got Strucker. And I got the prize. Huh, all my friends are dead. Wanna make Skynet? Sure! You are all unworthy, I’ll say, UGH! He’s hacked the internet! At least we’ve got a paper trail! I’m out. Vibranium costs an arm and a leg! Okay. Hey Junior. Wanna make an omelet? – Is this a Code Green?
– It is now. ♪Rockabye Hulk, with the Hulkbuster.♪ Hey honey, my friends are in danger. So they’re gonna stay here for a bit. That OK? – Daddy!
– Of course! I don’t mind endangering the children. I’m leaving on a side quest. Try not to start a civil war while I’m gone. – That could be fun!
– Oh, GROW UP STARK! I have NO idea what is happening. ONLY TRUE FANS DO! After I make one perfect human, I will obliterate the rest. You know we can hear you, right? Time to go! – What, did we steal your science project?
– Yeah, kind of. Oopsie daisy. – Wanna do that same stupid thing we did earlier?
– TONY! Don’t you DARE! Too late. Chill fellows, I’m on your side. Even the hammer trusts me. Come to watch me kill everyone? Not exactly. Face hug! – In hindsight, I have to-
– Puny Ultron! That’s a bummer. – Hulk, Tony, and Thor have all taken off.
– You know what this means. B Team, ASSEMBLE! [Horn plays to the tune of “La Cucaracha”]


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