Legislate Morality w/ The Bible – O’Donnell

christine o’donnell is famous for her anti
masturbation quotes and lost in your heart she needs to be involved in the sex act otherwise
selfish masturbation that’s at its best route but you shouldn’t
do it uh… you know point note on this as very interesting you know she’s not alone in thinking that we should legislate morality and so you know
her stands on it she said quote the reality of esteem is if you don’t legislate one morality
that your legislating somebody else’s morality so you can’t get around legislating morality actually agree with ron uh… you might be surprised by that uh… let me explain every decision we make in in a law that we
create is to some degree can be characterized as a moral decision for example we have all
decided together that murders illegal is the wrong way to go should be punished and fairly severely because we feel that it is wrong that yun
call wrong call it a legal equality moral but i i think it comes at the same result in that case right the question is a way to legislate morality
imeem i think all the laws or to some degree legislating what we agree upon or morals or standards the question is which morale how do you decide that that’s the most important
part of because if you say as or christine o’donnell uh… i’ve got my religious tax and i have my interpretation of my religious taxed and are believed that is what morality should
be and that we should then take that and make
it our laws well the tiger disagree one hundred percent because for example as she’s famously known
for her interpretation of her religious text is that if you have lost in your heart dot is angry and doesn’t like that and you cannot do masturbation without lust in your heart which is also a famously said hands masturbation
is wrong and no we should do it here’s where she’s not alone for example their justice antonin scalia also believes we can legislate morality including masturbation but for example on that very edit important things for us the faxes uh… the supreme court said that we you cannot make and homosexual act a legal we can get into
people’s private lives into their bedrooms and tell
them what they can and can’t do sexually now scalia dissented in that case and said well that’s wrong eliminated i think one from that because it
was much brought his or even was much broader he said state laws against big indeed same sex marriage adult incest prostitution masturbation adultery fornication
bestiality and obscenity are likewise sustainable old bull only a light
of the powers validation of laws based on moral choices powers of the case they were overturning at
that point that was the one that said you can’t make homosexual acts illegal scalia saying no if we uh… say that we can’t uh… outlaw gay acts whether we can outlaw all these other things
which requires me doubt law like masturbation and one giant piece of this hypocrisy conservatives corporate panned that they’re concerned about the government
getting between you and anybody else out of the between me and my doctor uh… i don’t want government bureaucrats
you’re there what pancho lawyers what they want the government in your bedroom
don’t do that you have maybe this no no you can’t do that on the legislate that anyway there’s an estimation differently than
what the governor get between you and your head that spot let’s say what the government in
your private lot and that’s crazy and here’s a second critical part of its right what we’re fine he was if you would have to
use the bible six billion o’donnell one forward i think there’s this sharia law with everybody in america really want what
that means it the by but deep down order by michel ads so what are we going i say we use logic human reason pilots crazy right that that
makes right wingers related aren’t don’t threaten human rights we have to look about the starr is fake what
does the skype god wont it’s a book which is not really the sky got
talking it’s their leaders from both students in this mess for our own advent right now i said look we all figure out logically
what has and by the way that’s exactly what we do in
our democracy and i think the critical part of that is and you can count me in the libertarian on
this front which is that if i’m doing something to somebody else and they do not like that well then that isn’t issue all moreali that
we can legislate i had the right to swing freely my arms unless your nose at the end of one of those
swings in which case it’s not just my morality anymore is not just
my personal choice anymore bbechstein other people now when it comes to things that only effect
myself whether it’s you know smokin weed that they don’t do but i think should be perfectly legal and i have done the paso here i am not judges but no question about that whether it’s in this case different kinds of sex acts you loving comment on that i can’t believe even conservatives believe
that but as they obviously don’t they’re very serious
about it they think this you know some members of the supreme court believe that
the government should be legislating that on a regular basis basically it’s something that only affects me for the
love of god ironically and logic date that the government out of it they have no business whatsoever in that if it affects other people well that’s the
whole point of government this legislation that kind of morality you can swing arms but the government can tell you you can swing
your arm it’d been somewhat makes perfect sense

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