Leading with Compassion and Courage | 2016 P&G Diversity & Inclusion Awards

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’ve been out of the
closet for 15 years, and I would go to Pride in St.
Louis, which is a huge event, and I would see all these Fortune
500 companies, but I wouldn’t see us. And I was like, well, you
know, we’re very diverse. They support me. They give me benefits. They support my life. Why aren’t we involved? That was my initial thing,
along with culture change. I was like, we really need
to be part of this event, because I believed in my heart that P&G
was a wonderful company to work for, and people should know that. People should want to support
us, especially the community, because any business that supports
somebody’s life, no matter what their life is, that’s a wonderful
asset to the community, especially the LGBT community. When we first launched, there
were some opportunities. Obviously, you get the same questions. You know, why do we need this group? And you know, why do you
guys want to be singled out? And all this. After time, other Affinity Teams
have opened up to technicians. We just had our first women’s
technician group meeting last week. They’ve opened up groups for
allies, which is awesome. And people have kind of said,
you know, thank you, GABLE, because all these doors have opened. It’s been roughly nine
months since we’ve launched. I will say that I started
with nine people on my team. We are now up to 44 members. I can definitely see a culture change. I’ve had several of the
LGBT employees come to me and say they feel safer coming to work. They feel supported. When before, they didn’t feel that way. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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