Lea Michele & Darren Criss Have a Big Announcement

Welcome back. OK, so we haven’t done
this for a little while, but we have a very
talented audience. I found out that there’s always
somebody with a lot of talent. So if there’s anyone
in the audience today with a special
talent, stand up. Like if you’re a big
time Broadway, or a TV star, Broadway star, TV star. I guess– Oh there’s. [CROWD CHEERING] I can? Oh my god. [MUSIC PLAYING] And there you are! I didn’t know oit was you. No, I didn’t know you were here. I knew our big break
would come one day. That’s so weird. I mean, I just was like, I know
we have talent in the audience. And the fact that Lea Michele
and Darren Criss, that’s crazy. It’s just, you know, this
is a huge moment for us. We’ve been coming every single
day for years, just hoping. Just waiting. Today’s the day. Today’s the day. That was a coincidence. That’s so great. What are you all doing here? What’s happened? First of all, you
were here recently. How great was he on
American Crime Stories? So good, right? [CROWD CHEERING] Except a lot of tush. A lot of Darren Criss nakedness. Yeah, my tush had its– there it is. Oh, my god! I don’t want to see that! Well some other– There are a lot of
people that do, yeah. –Some people do. I mean, that’s a
nice, high hard tush. Are we just going
to leave that there? What’s going on? All right, so you’ve gone
back to Glee to 2010. So you’ve known each
other eight years. Wow. Yeah, that’s when
Darren came on the show. I literally remember
the day I met him. I remember, too. I came up, I was
like, hey, are you so excited to be on the show? He’s like, yeah. He’s like, oh wow. He just looked at me
and he went, you know, man, I’m just riding the wave. Just riding the wave, man. I was like, OK. He doesn’t know
what he’s in for. I had no idea. And you were also–
you have to understand, Lea Michele is a big deal. I mean, I had gone to see you
in Spring Awakening on Broadway. Like, I came to this set. And Glee was a big deal. It was, like, second season. You guys were superstars. You were everywhere. I was like, hi, Lea Michele. So you sang– You played it cool. –Yeah. Oh, which is a total, like,
I was putting on a character. Trying to keep
this whole facade. Yeah. Well, you all were both
fantastic on that show. And now, you’re here
to announce something. But I think that because
you’re both singers, you should sing
the announcement. Oh, man. OK. (SINGING) We’re here to say that
we’re going on tour together. Together. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Was that good? Yeah. We won’t sing that song, but
the information is correct. But maybe they’ll
write one now, called we’re going on tour together. Yeah, I have to get on it. I have to write another song. We’re going on tour together. You’re going on
tour on together. We’re so excited. That is so great. Yeah. Know, what will people– what should they expect
when they go see you? It’s a whole lot of stuff. I mean, it’s obviously some
Glee stuff, some Broadway stuff, some of her stuff, some
of my original stuff, sort of a mixture of everything. But Lea and I have had a lot
of fun in the past few years, whether they be at some
events for our bosses, or I have a festival in New
York City called Elsiefest that she sang at. So we’ve always
played music together. And every time we do, we
go we should do this more and take this to more cities. Good. All right, we’re
going to play a game. That’s why this button is here. This has got nothing to do
with nuclear situations. OK, good. Thank god. That was my first assumption. I’m just glad that
there’s a button there, which means no one can
pop out of that thing. That doesn’t mean
that, necessarily. No, I’m scared! But nobody’s popping up. No, we’re going to play a game. It’s called Harmonize Surprise. I’m going to press
the button and it powers our song generator,
which we always have ready. And whatever song
it lands on, you have to sing and
harmonize a duet. It’s Harmonize Surprise. OK, ready? [DING] All right. (SINGING) If I could
turn back time. If I could find a way. Wow, you’re really kind of high. I’m awful. (SINGING) I’d take back all
the words that had hurt you– I’m just embarrassing
myself, now. –and you’ll stay. See, I know Cher, all right? Yes, she can do it. I can’t. Well, he knows Cher, too, but
he was going way too high. [APPLAUSE] [VOCALIZING] All my musician friends
are just going, Darren. Why? No, you went, like,
Bee Gees high just now. Yeah, yeah. Exactly. [VOCALIZING] This is my secret
ambition of wanting to do a version of that. Give us a classic one. All right. Oh. Oh, no. That’s– why don’t you choose
one so we don’t surprise you? Yeah, yeah. Why don’t you do– No, we can do this! We can do this, you guys. All right. OK. You can do it! Do you know it? (SINGING) Everybody. OK. So start again. Everybody, yeah. Rock your body. Yeah. All right, there we go! We did it! [AUDIENCE CHEERING] All right. I’m always going higher. That’s it. Again, Bee Gee high. Bee Gee highness. That’s it. We’re giving away a pair
of front row ticket seats for every date on tour. Go to our website
for more information.


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