Quick Lampyridae! You need to go
inside the robot to deprogram it Right now Black Badness! Charlie hockey sticks, I thought there
would be more cranks and screws and transistors and less SIM cards and
iPhones and things I can’t operate What’s happening in there shouldn t have
turned this robot off by now hello who is this it’s me big bang I
need your help what what do you want I’m looking for the shutdown system in the
robot but I have no clue where I can find this oh my god what are you seeing
in front of you what do you mean I see the screen okay now open the browser
browser Lord click on the blue circle with the rainbow around it now there’s a
screen thing I have to update my flash player so do it if I knew how to do that
I wouldn’t be calling you why don’t you just read what it says
there it says to press download so press download now what I can’t believe this
aren’t you supposed to be a science genius not all science uses windows or
computers have you already access to system no I got a message here let’s get
update my bank info what no don’t type in your password if I don’t know my bank
info how am I gonna pay the fee to keep my whatsapp from being blocked it won’t
be it’s a scheme blimp paradise focus on turning off the giant robot what do we
have to do I don’t know go to settings oh my god this is taking
forever I can see the system now what what does it say on the screen is there
any button that says turn off robot there’s some small screens on the left
side and a big screen on the right side with a smiling paperclip guy talking to
me are you on fucking PowerPoint I’m doing exactly what you tell me to do you
know what just break everything you see in there and have no clue what it is
why didn’t just say that before am I the only one worried that Lempira
died reinstalled the aquarium oxygen system for that fish mermaid something
boy man yeah I’ve actually been calling him for the last three minutes and it’s
going straight to voicemail


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