La Terre est truffée de Portes des étoiles

The Earth is full of Stargates… Different researchers have studied these legends that tell us about portals to another world. Their exciting studies have led to the understanding that the earth is filled with star gates, like so many teleportation stations. Most of these studies were completed in Egypt. Obviously, there is information that is hidden from us, which is perfectly known to a certain elite, and to which we have no access. The current period, which began in 1950 and will end in 2050, is totally linked to this network of teleportation wormholes that we are going to talk about. And as Patrick Lambert reveals, it is in this period that everything will be revealed. For the researchers, the site of Giza seemed to be the most important of these vortex complexes, and they finally discovered that it would be a kind of observatory for the network of gates installed on this planet. The pyramid would be a harmonic resonance chamber that would allow the opening of a vortex connecting other worlds or parallel realities. Under the Sphinx, there would exist several portals that lead to the Great Pyramid, then to the vortex leading to the heart of the Earth, in 2nd Density, where the Amenti Sphere is located. For the Egyptians, the chamber of Amenti was the sphere of Life and Death, bathed in the fire of the Infinite Whole. It rests in the deep heart of the earth, far below the sunken continent of Atlantis. The secret Egyptian rituals required a long journey, to prepare the DNA to assimilate the high frequencies of the superior dimensions. It is during these initiations that the future Pharaohs learned how to pass into another world. The different Stargates on Earth Let’s look at the 12 Earth Gates first. The first is at the South Pole, at Halley. It connects to the “Parallel Earth”. The second is in Sarasota, Florida. It connects to the “Inner Earth”. Then the third is in Bermuda. It is connected to Alpha Centauri. The fourth is located under the Pyramid of Giza. It is connected to the planet Mars. The fifth is located on Machu Picchu in Peru. It is connected to the Asteroid Belt, the ancient Maldek, and to Alcyone in the constellation of Pleiades. The sixth is located next to Moscow. It is connected to Sirius B. The seventh is located near Lake Titicaca in Peru. It is connected to Saturn. The eighth is in Xian, China. It is connected to Uranus, and Orion-Mintaka. The ninth is located at Bam Tso Heiho in Tibet. It connects Neptune, and Andromeda Mirach. The tenth is in Abadan, Iran, and connects Pluto and Vega de la Lyra. The eleventh is in Pewsey, England. It connects Nibiru. The twelfth is located in Montségur in France, the Mecca of the Cathars. It is connected to Aramatena de la Lyre, the future land in its crystalline form. Then we also have very powerful wormholes on Earth. The 1st is located in Sedona, Arizona; the 2nd in Jesuralem, Israel; the 3rd in the Himalayas; the 4th in Giza, the Great Pyramid; the 5th in Machu Picchu, Peru; the 6th in the Caucasus, Russia; the 7th in the Andes. The Har Ha Baït, the Gateway to the Upper Worlds The Stargate located in Jerusalem, and about which little is said, except to talk about war, is the Temple Mount Gate. And we know that it is the site of many conflicts. For the time being, it is strictly forbidden for Jews to go and pray on the Temple Mount. Do you really think this is just a diplomatic issue ? The power of the Psalms of David recited in Hebrew is unknown. All it takes is a group of 10 men gathered in prayer to impact the invisible dimensions. For the moment, no one is willing to hear this secret… However, the prayer in lashon hakodesh is the only one that opens certain doors. It is a question of vibrations… Hebrew is a sacred language that the Angels understand. It was on this Mount Moryah that Adam, the first man, was created. King David bought this place from Aravna, the Jebusite, and his son Solomon built the First Temple here. The Temple Mount conceals in its entrails a dimensional interface that would be a bridge between the field of physical matter and that of the superior kingdoms of the Angels. According to Islamic tradition, al-Aqsa Mosque is the place from which Mohammed made the night journey (al-isra) … Isra from the same root as yashar which means ‘direct’ … A direct connection that would encompass all the others … It is also the translation of the Name Israel which would mean yashar El or ‘direct to God’ … There is no chance here … Mohammed’s dream brought him to this place known to the ancients as a portal to the higher dimensions. The many tunnels that run through the basement of the Temple Mount, have not yet been able to reveal all their secrets. When the Great Portal opens, by 2040 at the latest, we will see the promise of the Golden Age come true. The myth of the Anunnaki Stargate in Iraq… What we have talked about today may seem difficult to imagine. Yet Dr. Michael Salla believes that the dubious dossier Bush and Blair used as a pretext to invade Iraq was a cover for their real motivation – to find and activate a “Stargate” probably hidden beneath the Dark Ziggurat of Enzu, once the lair of the Sumerian sorcerer king ishbi, whose daughter was a priestess of AN. Dr. Michael Salla, describes a Stargate as an artifact that allows instantaneous space-time travel, to teleport from one place to another. He claims there is evidence of long-term extraterrestrial involvement i n Iraq, dating back to ancient Sumer. Historian Zecharia Sitchin has identified a group of about 200 foreigners, known as the ‘Nephilim’, who rebelled against their superiors in the Iraq/Iran region. He also refers to the ‘Elohim’ who interacted with them, and perhaps even created a primitive civilization on Earth. These beings, collectively called the ‘Anunnaki’, come from the most mysterious planet in our solar system, Nibiru. According to Dr. Michael Salla, American officials feared that with the Stargate, Saddam Hussein could travel to Nibiru, and obtain advanced alien weapons, and possible Anunnaki allies. They concocted false evidence to invade Iraq to avoid an interplanetary war and prevent Saddam Hussein from revealing this information. About the Anunakis, Manetho writes that in the beginning, only the gods were the Anunakis. Then appeared the demigods and finally, around 3100 B.C., the Pharaonic dynasties. The reign of the gods began ten thousand years before the Flood, and continued for thousands of years after it. Later, Berossus wrote a three-volume history of gods and men, which begins with the coming of gods to Earth 432,000 years before the Flood. He lists the first ten chiefs, giving their names and the length of their reign. He reports that the first leader, dressed as a fish, walked out of the sea. It was he who brought civilization to mankind. His name, transcribed into Greek, was Oannes. Not thousands, but tens of thousands of ancient clay tablets were discovered in the ruins of the Near East. They still tell us the same story. The story of those who came from Nibiru, and worked so hard in the gold mines, that they organized a mutiny. The revolt of the Anunnaki led to the genetic creation of primitive workers, from whom we are descended today. ANU was the leader of Nibiru… His first son, Ea/Enki, was well acquainted with the past of his planet and its people. An accomplished scientist, he transmitted the most important aspects of the advanced knowledge of the Anunnaki to his two sons, Marduk and Ningishzidda, gods who were known to the Egyptians as Ra and Thoth. He also played a leading role in sharing aspects of this advanced knowledge with humanity by teaching “the secrets of the gods” to selected individuals. The initiation of selected individuals into the “secrets of the gods” marked the advent of the clergy. Lines of mediators between the gods and the people were thus created. They were those who transmitted the divine Word to the mortal earthlings. They all knew the location of the secret vortexes leading to Nibiru and the other planets in the galaxy. All this may seem like a fable to you, yet many researchers have validated the existence of Stargates on Earth. It seems, according to some, that these portals are known to the elite, and that all this will be revealed before 2050. We have only 30 years to wait, before the skeptics are definitively confused…

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