La révélation des Pyramides – Le film en français

Subtitles by I believe that History has to be re-examined, findings from John Anthony West and Robert Schoch on the Sphinx’s age has proved that reinvestigation into the whole human history is long over-due. Make your evaluation at the end of this Documentary, recommend it to friends, talk about it, and keep an open mind. Open your mind to new possibilities Welcome and enjoy new insights Great Pyramid at Giza is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. This magnificent construction Is the only one of the original 7 wonders that still remain standing This is a story of disturbing questions and unbelievable answers. a story that challenges everything we know about the history of our planet Building the Great Pyramid was an astonishing achievement. There are eight major feats of engineering evolved in the building first the Builders leveled the ground and cut a 6,000 hectare bedrock to fit many strangely shaped labs each one as heavy as a car Second, they carried 130 granite blocks, over 500 miles Each block weighed between 12 and 70 tons The blocks were hauled up 210 feet an achievement which even today would be a challenge. Third: the Great Pyramid has three chambers inside it With breathtaking precision, the builders cut a passage through the solid rock 300 feet long by 3 feet wide to reach the lowest chamber. Pier Luigi Copat an architect who helped create the berlin Potsdamer Platz seems surprised. the Descending passage was narrow, so the working conditions would have been terrible. Keeping the tunnel at exactly the same angel would need special tools. You would need precision tools throughout the whole building process Fourth: the builders worked with more that 2 million pieces of stone, all of different shapes and sizes. (Heterogeneous) this makes accurate building much harder In spite of this, the upper chamber is perfectly horizontal and vertical. the Builders got it right to within a 50th of and inch this is a feat any modern structural engineer would envy To build things so accurately, such a long time ago. is, is frankly amazing. And even now, I think most people would say, it would be too difficult for, you know, for most builders to get anything like that accurate And it worked! the Great Pyramid stayed intact through earthquakes that flattened everything around it Everything was in its proper place, nothing had moved inside. Fifth: the position of the Great Pyramid is absolutely precise It points north within five hundredths of a degree. We only learned to do this recently, in the seventeenth century, thousands of years after the pyramid was built they couldn’t come close to that degree of precision Sixth: The Great Pyramid actually has eight sides. Building an eight sided pyramid is even more complicated, than building a four-sided one To keep this eight sided base on the four sides of the edifice during the build with an accuracy down to a centimeter, even down to a millimeter. this would have been extremely difficult. If we want to build a structure like this today even using all modern measuring devices and building techniques at our disposal we’d still be in real trouble Seventh: they worked at speed Egyptologists think the pyramid only took 20 years to build There are over two million stone blocks in the pyramid. If they worked 12-hour shifts, 365 days a year they’d have to quarry, carve, lift and fit one block every two and a half minutes. And, finally, since the ancient Egyptians didn’t have wheels, iron or steel the seventh wonder of the world was built with copper chisels, stone mallets, and hemp ropes. So, 4,700 years years ago (Supposedly) when the rest of the planet was still wandered about in animal skins, the ancient Egyptians, flattened a limestone hill et paved an area the size of six football pitches pilled up two million blocks of stone, the height of a 42 story building drove a narrow 300 foot long passage, utterly straight through the rock fitted the stone in the inner chamber with complete precision, built the outside of the pyramid with eight-sides instead of four and made it earthquakes proof lined it up precisely with magnetic north and got the whole job done in 20 years, using only these The construction of this pyramid in such a short space of time with such limited tools is so amazing, so astonishing that we have to wonder Was it even possible? To answer this we have to go back the history books and find out what we really know about the ancient Egyptians. We can be certain about dates from 680 BC because thats when we can begin to cross check Egyptian archives with the Roman and Greek ones Before that, it’s guess work and the Differences could be give or take 200 years You may think the Egyptologists is overwhelmed by written evidence. this is True, for some periods but for others, like the ancient empire we know very little. and thats why, finally, your questions are ours. When it comes to the building of the pyramids, we have a lot of theories, but no written account. the Pyramid is thought to be the tomb of Pharaoh Cheops, Although we have little historical information about it. As with all the Egyptian pharaohs, we don’t have any proper historical records There is evidence in papyrus and carved into the rock but no one can agreed on what it means There is no agreement among Egyptologists. They look at the evidence on the ground and sometimes conclude one thing and sometimes another. So if historians and Egyptologists cant tell us how the Great Pyramid was built, Maybe we should ask geologists, stone cutters and engineers, men with technical know-how the people who do these kind of big projects in our own time In the 1960s, engineers raised the Abu Simbel temple to keep if from being flooded by the Aswan Dams water in spite of cranes and trucks, It took five years to quarry and rebuild this temple made of 2,200 blocks some weighing 30 tons. It was a huge achievement but nothing compared with building the Great Pyramid. This clay quarry in France is roughly the size of the Great Pyramid. It took 12 years to fill it and all they were doing was dumping rubble they didn’t have to build a thing Jean Pierre Martin, headed one Frances biggest construction projects What dose he make of the great pyramid either you believe in God and aliens and you imagine all sorts of things, or, like me, you like to keep it down to earth believing only in man and asking yourself how he did it. I have no clue I couldn’t do it, thats for sure The Building of the Teotihuacan Pyramid in Mexico, which is only half as tall as the Great Pyramid, took 150 years, but Egyptologists insist that the pyramid at Giza took only 20 years to built It must have been built that quickly, they say, because it was built to be Cheops tomb for a long time there was some talk, not from Egyptologists I like to stress there was some talk that the pyramids could have had another function that is unthinkable But if we decide, it was impossible to build the Great Pyramid in 20 years then maybe its time to think the unthinkable maybe the great pyramid isn’t a tomb maybe is was built for something else There are other sites in Egypt, where blocks of even shape and sizes, are used for building but nobody knows why. For me, this remains a complete mystery. Without cement, those are rough stones laid side by side this is breathtaking these are tremendous achievements! A razor blade couldn’t fit between two blocks there so precisely laid It cant have been easy! any blocks like that, hadn’t been put back in place recently Eric Gonthier, a geologist, has an explanation. I think they were saving material, because it had to be transported from a great distance They did that because they were trying to save on materials That makes sense, especially since that quarry was 500 miles away. So how would we do this today? We would start with a plan, in order to define each piece precisely. Then we would produce each piece and afterwards reshape them, to make sure they fit together So is this how they did it, thousands of years ago? Here the blocks are irregularly shaped but there a perfect match with the blocks on the other side of the corridor A mirror image! So they cant have been set as they came using whatever irregularities shapes came from the quarry they must have been carved into these shapes on purpose. there must be a reason for it could it be an ingenious solution to an age old problem If you want monument to stand strong It needs to be heterogeneous This will keep the wall from collapsing, in case of stress like in an earthquake. Since there are no modular blocks, there are no crack lines. The blocks fit into one another, which makes it a strong wall So the builders of the Great Pyramid, over 4,000 years ago, knew how to make their work, earthquake proof Eric Gonthier sums it up Objectively from my own observations on the ground each time I checked a pyramid systematically Everything had to be reconsidered maybe there is also a reason the Great Pyramid was built with eight sides, even though building with four sides is much easier. back in pre-war Cairo, A professor of mathematics thought he found the answer. He found a photograph of the pyramid, taken one night, during the equinox, by the Royal Air Force It Shows the south side split in two by the shadows. This only happens for a few seconds, twice a year, at the equinox. The rest of the time, the way the sides of the pyramid is split into eight, not four, is invisible to the naked eye. you dont have to be at the pyramids, at equinox, to verify this. Here, the Great Pyramid, its shape, its dimensions, and and its exact location are modeled, by modern computer program. it confirms André Prochan findings Some experts believe the bend in the sides of the Great Pyramid were not planed at all It just turned out that way, after the outer casing fell off So for some, this is simply chance It wasn’t made on purpose it was a very minor accident, due to the monuments structure But other experts disagree. Its inconceivable to me that it would break its back, in one direction and also in another direction at right angles. To break its self into four, now thats not a natural behavior you Can you imagine it breaking into two, but not in four. If that was the case, the building structure would have been all messed up There would be cracks everywhere. its certainly intentional! It was definitely the architect choice There are some blocks on the north side of the pyramid, that are not bent these blocks are not laying in their original place, So they don’t prove anything. these experts all believe that the bends in the pyramid sides, could not have been an accident If the bends in the pyramid that gave it eight sides, not four, were intentional maybe it was built like this, in order to signal the equinox. It’s an amazing achievement, considering the primitive tools, the ancient Egyptians had to build with close to the Great Pyramid, there is a black bedrock. Today is ignored ,or used by tourists as a picnic table. But take a closer look, at these groves, and cuts Compare this to rocks cut by modern machine tools. The similarity is staggering on the other Egyptian sites, there are unexplained holes. These match the sort of thing we do today, by machine no one today could do this kind of thing, by hand These museum pieces are perfect, even when their made with stones that are harder than steel. and their not rare 40,000 of them were found beneath one pyramid. Its very hard to believe, these were all made by hand and some of the experts, just don’t seem that interested If your asking about the analysis of the inside of the vases we only dealt with the contents we haven’t worked on the techniques used to make the vases. But the technical perfection of these vases, is astonishing considering there were made in such primitive times. 500 miles away from the Great Pyramid, Is the quarry where the red granite to build it, came from This is an unfinished obelisk, left in the quarry Is 126 feet tall, and it weighs 1,300 tons. It’s hard to imagine how this could have ever been transported from this site the Tools used in this quarry is supposed to be simple stones. Simple stones, used to make holes like these The work involved would be incredible. The Colossi of Memnon, here in Egypt, Are the heaviest statues on the planet. Is it possible they were erected, using ropes and wood? I would say yes, the proof is here. So indeed, we can do. This says it all, its right here, you just have to look So it must be possible to make them with simple tools, because that is all we had at the time they were built. It is circular argument and circular arguments get us nowhere. There are no records of how these amazing structures were built, but Egyptologists say they are absolutely curtain that weren’t built by machines The next impossible thing, Egyptologists propose is that the Great Pyramid was built in only 20 years. In 1991, an American TV show tried to duplicate the Great Pyramid, using the building techniques of the time. Professor Joseph Davidovits was there The facade was made with modern manual tools. they were made with butt joints, 1 cm joints to haul a stone 5 feet, took them about 10 hours they told me: “What you see at the beginning!” It took some time, but when they get experienced, they worked much faster. this was a fiasco and this fiasco has become a touchstone in the books of Egyptology the Experts can’t agree about how the great pyramid was built. We need to look further. These are the most uncanny hieroglyphics ever seen This picture is genuine, and hasn’t been retouched. You might believe these hieroglyphics prove the existence of sophisticated technology in ancient Egypt. Mystics might see them as a sign from God. But in fact, there a startling coincidence. These were two overlaid pharaohs names Seti and his son Ramses II. As time when by, and the plaster came off These pictures were created by accident. There’s no technology here. you have to be careful, of what you believe Whenever they come across a strange artifact The archaeologists say it must be religious. So here, apparently, are some sacrificial basins a religious alter and a lotus flower vase This ones in the Cairo museum Its a lotus flower vase you don’t remember? – No! No, I don’t Many experts would argue theres nothing extraordinary here they might think of something as a sculpture or religious totem, where as an engineers or scientists would recognizes it as piece of a machine I just beg the archaeologists: Please let engineers, let scientists, come in and help you analyze, what the functions of these devices are Christopher Dunn is an engineer, who makes high-precision machines. He studied huge statues at Luxor. the Ramses statues at Luxor are incredible in their design their incredible in their execution. These are very very complex shapes, and so we going to look at, just how complex are they Chris Dunn analyzed the statue of Ramses the 2nds face and found it was completely symmetrical. What we see is that this jaw line, and this jaw line are identical. In fact that is, unbelievable To create the condition where one side matches the other they had to of had, some system of measure to be able to make sure that they were cutting the material properly and that they were achieving the geometry that they desired This is not, the result of somebody going at a piece of granite, with a chisel and chiseling a face out, and saying: Ok, that looks like a human face! this kind of conditions dose not happen by accident As we see, we can describe a circle But actually conforms to the outline of the face But now you’ve got to remember, that the circle, is in 2D but the jaw line is coming forward in 3D So it’s a very complex geometry, and the same on the other side. And now, we’ll start to look at the other features of the face: the eyebrows, lower eyelids, upper eyelids, the lips and … the proximate curve to the mouth. We can use circles again to describe, those features. And all the circles that they used here, are the same diameter. Other heads also, have the same geometric shape Even with modern tools, this would be incredibly difficult. What was guiding this tool Because the human hand is not that precise, so it had to of had assistance and today we have mechanical assistance, to guide tools to cut complex shapes, and contours and what I present in, telling you about the precision of the objects is is to present the facts, as engineer, what i measured in terms of who did it, why they did it, and when it was done arr, another specialist need to answer those questions. When people visit Egypt when they discover and look very carefully at the relief, the sculptures and the hieroglyphics, they go “Wow” .how did they do that, when they didn’t have our machines? But We know the instruments they did use. (Bullshit) They used abrasive tools, working very slowly, but surely the harder the material was to work, like granite, for example, the more the stone cutter, the chiseler, the carver, the sculptor perfected his craft this was part of the relationship, between the realm of man, and the realm of the gods. Its impossible to believe, that however careful the craftsman work. however slowly they work that they could achieved such astonishing results, without complex tools. It’s hard to see how they were built by hand using only chisels, and lumps of rock. Nobody yet, can determine, what tools were used. We can theorize, but essentially when theorizing. we have to show, we have to be able to demonstrate Egyptologists still insist all the statues, temples, and pyramids were built with chisels, ropes and stones. Egypt isn’t the only place in the world, where irregular stones were used in ancient buildings. There are 9 other ancient sites around the planet, where we see this technique, has been used To solve this mystery, we must travel thousands of miles, across the world to Easter Island. Easter Island, is only 15 miles long. It is one of the most isolated and beautiful places in the world. These statues, called moai, are carved in volcanic rock. Experts believe they were carved by descendants of a group of Polynesians, who settled here, after a 2500 mile ocean crossing, in tiny canoes. I can date it geologically I will find some granite, and put it in geological context from there I will say it took as many millions and even in this case, billion years to get this granite. My job as a geologist, ends there! So we can date the age of the rock but we can not tell, when it was carved. This is crucial here’s the oldest wall in the island. Originally it was a pedestal, carrying the statues. the irregularly shaped building blocks, are just like the blocks, in ancient Egypt. This is the biggest moai. Its unfinished, it weighs 250 tons. There are similarities between this quarry, and the one in Egypt. No one can explain, how these immensely heavy statues were quarried and transported across the island. the central Moai weighs over 60 tons and sits 9 miles away from the quarry. Experts say they were rolled across the island on tree trunks. but thats very hard to believe. No on has ever been able to duplicate it. All the Moai face inland, except these ones they gaze out to sea, facing due west The seven pairs of eyes, are watches the horizon of the sunset, at the equinox. There is, mysterious writing on the rocks at Easter Island writing no one can read. Its strikingly similar to writing found in the ancient site, of Mohenjo Daro in Pakistan. could there possibly be a connection Mohenjo Daro is 12,500 miles away. Archaeologists argue, that the building styles are same because the builders were solving the same problems. after all, even though they don’t talk to each other all the beavers in the world, build the same dams But the mysteries of Easter Island, remain unsolved. Why did the Polynesians built these extraordinary statues ? These faces don’t look Polynesian. They have aquiline noses, thin lips, high forehead, beards and extraordinary hands. Easter Island statues, look similar to figures you might find in Peru. In those two sites, the stone work developed amazingly and Sacsayhuaman, as well as Vinapu, contain some of the greatest examples. But theres is no way I can say who influenced who or whether we’ve been swayed by the Inca people Our quest is about to take us, hundreds of miles across the ocean, To the magnificent coast of Peru. This extraordinary Peruvian carving, is 549 feet long and is precisely oriented, north to south. But who carved it, when it was carved, or why? No one knows! the Nazca Plateau, in the interior of Peru, was discovered in 1926. Archaeologists believe these geoglife or drawings on the ground were made by the Nazca civilization, between 500 BC and 750 AD 100 m length 123 m length 50 m length 57 m length The longest of these perfectly straight lines stretches 13 miles Those tiny trucks, on the Pan-American highway, give you a sense of scale From The ground, no drawings are visible, not even from the neighboring hills. they Can only be seen from the sky. So what are they for? they were probably trails, or they were used as processions As archaeologists say, those lines were drawn to walk on. Surely theres more going on here than that? Not far from Nazca a pyramid has been discovered There may be 40 or more of them but the site hasn’t been properly excavated yet, due to lack of funds. And thats not the only thing Peru shares with Egypt There are mummies here, and misshapen skulls similar to the skull of Akhenaten, the Egyptian pharaoh. In Cuzco, theres is a giant wall, built by the Incas, irregular blocks with the same observed in Egypt. We see the same thing again at the Sacsayhuaman site: the irregular construction technique, that makes these buildings withstand earthquakes. We shouldn’t underestimate how much effort is involved, in preparing the surfaces of each of the blocks despite the fact that Peru is a place where earthquakes are, very very common, many many structures, built far later, with modern technology vanish into dust, and these stones are still standing. If you plot them on the map, this site with Cuzco and another sacred site, Qenqo, form a perfect triangle. I can not explain with certainty, Why these distances, and hectometers or kilometers, match up with other sites in the world. But the proof is there, so there might be a reason. throughout Peru, ancient sites like these, are filled with spectacular constructions just lifting these rocks up a slope like this was a real challenge. Now days we lift stones of ten tons, to a reach of maybe 50 meters, and to a height of 100 meters with very large cranes, buts I mean thats a, huge piece of contemporary technological What’s amazing about is, that we couldn’t do it now And this was 500 years ago! If you Imagine the Egyptians! When you visit Machu Picchu, we get a sense of how sophisticated the Andean civilization was. Most of the population, the Cuzco valleys inhabitants didn’t know what Machu Picchu was about These beautiful crafted walls, in Machu Picchu, are striking like the buildings that surround the Great Pyramid in Giza. here too we see the symmetry in the building style. This is got to be more than a coincidence. In all these ancient sites, we find the same building techniques, same huge scale of building and the same precise orientation, with the compass Just look! this is where the comparison with beavers, falls through because even if they built the same dams, they don’t line them up, over thousands of miles If you were Charles Darwin and you were thinking about the history of evolution you would look at these examples, of stone work and masonry and you would say, either its one evolutionary stream the same stream in which case these people all knew about each others work even though they were separated by thousands of years, or you would say, there are 4 parallel streams of evolution going on Since homo sapiens are the same all over the world, obviously when we face the same problems, we will come up, with the same answers. To get the same answer, in four parallel streams, to me, seems very unlikely. It’s hard to imagine, that the Incas went anywhere near Egypt. I find that a bit hard to believe! Even if these ancient people did communicate It wouldn’t explain why the site’s are on the same straight line and why that line, is at an angel exactly 30 degrees to the equator. And the mystery doesn’t end there! In Mexico, just like in Giza, There are three main pyramids. They are the Sun Pyramid, The Moon Pyramid and the Pyramid of the feathered Snake And just like in Giza, The main pyramid is precisely aligned What’s amazing, is that the sun Pyramid, like many other constructions like it were built to indicate precisely, the phenomenon that we call the equinox. Even in China there are ancient pyramids. These pyramids are made of clay and dirt We see them in these aerial photographs, but its impossible to get to visit them because the Chinese authorities keep them under wraps 155 meters 160 meters 230 meters 340 meters There are hundreds of these Chinese pyramids, but very few Westerners, have ever seen them We are very fortunate that this footage exists. Its one of our only chances, to take a look at the Chinese pyramids. I think I’m the only one to have been granted the right to shoot take pictures and climb on those pyramids, by the Chinese government. That’s why I felt it was my duty, to document there existence for the whole world. Again, the mystery deepens! Its senseless to try to look for ties or cultural exchange between different times and different places of civilizations Egypt developed way before Mexico! There was no relationship whats-so-ever between North Africa, and this part of America. It is odd, that Egypt, who’s writing is hieroglyphics, China, whose characters are close to hieroglyphics and even more complex or the Mayan culture, which also has a hieroglyphics kind of writing, built that kind of, “signal monument” but it doesn’t work for Mesopotamia. So it’s just a coincidence! After all most writings start with an expression of reality. However much the experts deny it The similarities between all these ancient sites, are striking. Hieroglyphic writing mummified bodies great astrological skills earthquake proof construction techniques. If all these sites were built in different times, they can’t have been built by the same people. But monuments can’t be dated, only the organic remains found nearby. So did the Incas really built Machu Picchu? Did the Egyptians really built the pyramids? It is entirely possible These smooth sided Pyramids, were second-hand monuments that were re-used by the Egyptians. I’m a scientist, so its very difficult for me to say that The Chinese are planting trees on their pyramids. When these disappear under Forrest no one will ever be able to solve their mystery. We need to look harder at these questions if were ever going to find the real answers. Any material that mankind hasn’t managed to invent is a single material which lasts as well, as this stuff It’s amazing, but we haven’t done it yet! These ancient sites are full of questions and mysteries that conventional archeology, can not answer. And anyone who steps away from the usual explanations is dismissed as a crank But the question remain Because rock carving, can not be accurately dated there are no definitive answers. If we want to solve these mysteries, we need to keep an open mind the Great Pyramid at Giza, is in the center of all these ancient sites. maybe Egypt holds the answers. Its time to go back to the pyramids, remembering what Sherlock Holmes taught us “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable “MUST BE THE TRUTH” In Egypt, a researcher who wished to remain anonymous gave us a trail to follow It all started in Egypt, not far from Giza, at the foot of Red Pyramid, ascribed to Sneferu, Cheops father This is “The pyramidion” the Red Pyramids cap It was discovered by the German Egyptologist Rainer Stadelmann in 1993. These shots were taken in 2005, when “The pyramidion” measure exactly one meter in hight we assembled it and its dimensions were precisely one meter, by 1.57 meters. and surprising, it was also precisely one meter in high. the Egyptians knew many things, that we have inherited, but not the metric system of course We can think that the estimate was roughly two cubits that was enough for the stone cutter Was this shear chance? it seems a remarkable coincidence. But in 2008, when we returned to the pyramids, The “Pyramidion” had changed. We are intrigued, because here we have, lets be honest. a perversion of the real form and function of this object. There were no grounds for this object to take this shape Of course they invented it! Why? We have absolutely no idea. This matters because the dimensions of the original “pyramidion” provide a crucial clue to understand, the mystery of the pyramids. Much has been written over the centuries about the Great Pyramid. The Ancient Roman, Pliny the Elder, Tells of arguments about who built the Great Pyramid But of all the accounts that Pliny writes about, only one has survived. Herodotus’s account, is the only one we have left that tells us about the building of the Great Pyramid. it shows, how little we really know In 1859, an Englishman, John Taylor, discovered if you divide this dimension, by this one , you got Pi, the mathematical formula. This caused controversy at the time. Some people thought it was an accident, others saw the hand of god at work. could it be coincidence, that these particular dimensions give us Pi, one of the building blocks of mathematics, science and Engineering? I ask my anonymous Egyptian researcher if he could explain why these dimensions were significant. because the half perimeter is the biggest horizontal visible dimension and its height, is the biggest vertical invisible dimension Pi is not the only significant number in the Great Pyramid. If we look at the dimensions of the various parts of the pyramid each part can be multiplied by a hole number to give the total height. the surface of the four sides, divided by surface of the base equals the famous golden number, one of the key principles of aesthetics and design. the golden number is unique. These equations work with the golden number and only the golden number. The golden number occurs, all over the natural world in the shapes of plants, in astrology, the proportions of the human form In the proportions of great art The golden number appears to be a constant in the universe. by Dividing the half perimeter by the total height we get the golden number squared. and the golden number occurs again and again, in the Great Pyramid. Official dimensions of the Great Pyramid are 440 by 280 cubits, A cubit is an Egyptian unit of measurement. There are very few ancient Egyptian measuring tools left and vary in length, So experts deduced how long the cubit was from the dimensions of the Great Pyramid In 1925, the archaeologists agreed to call a cubit, 52 centimeters, 3 millimeters, and 6 tenths of a millimeter it Seems ridiculously precise, like measuring the content of a swimming pool with a jug But that measurement become standard for all the experts. In Cheops, we can tell, from the size rooms, that the cubit is 52.35 cm Today things have changed! We found a great number of cubits, which was the measurement tool itself but their values range rather loosely between 52 and 53 cm. To use those changing values, to draw conclusions on irrational numbers Sounds to me, very risky. why don’t experts today, want to give a precise measure to the cubit anymore? maybe because they feel uncomfortable admitting that the pyramids were built, with such precision. in these primitive times. Ancient builders were working with a precision that modern architects would envy. Their achievements have never been bettered These are tools that are necessary to determine the precision on the artifacts. These are modern tools, these tools do not exist in the archaeological record. The builders of the Pyramid, were working with a precision that they didn’t have the tools to check Its just like the statue at Luxor, which has a perfect symmetry, only modern methods can measure How on earth did the ancient Egyptians do it? If we draw a circle with a diameter of one then this circles circumference equals PI or 3.1416 Divide this length by 6 and we get 0.5236, A number surprising close to the cubits length. This could be how the pyramid builders chose their cubit If you draw a square, you can imagine all sorts of different heights of pyramids on it Now draw a circle with the same length as the square, measured the radius of that circle, this is the height of the Great Pyramid. Thats why the Great Pyramid contains both Pi, and the golden number This length divided by the visible height the visible surface divided by the invisible surface this length divided by this one that was enough! All this can’t be chance because, wherever you look in the pyramid, you come across Pi and the golden number. Its found in the visible pyramid, and is there in the upper chamber. Any detail that we see, was intentional, on the part of the designer, and on the part of the builders and there was nothing, left to chance. This is a controversial position and many of the archaeological establishment, would strongly disagree What we get in the plan of the Great Pyramid flaw what we get in its curt, in its volume we expect to find, in the shape and volume of the funeral chambers. It’s not surprising there the same, since they used the same methods. We make such amazing discoveries, with a kitchen stool If its well proportioned and well designed, we might very likely come up, with very interesting proportions, but does put any secret purpose or interpretation in these arithmetic and geometric values. and here’s another problem! From our calculations, from what we can tell seems extremely unlikely that Egyptians knew the value of Pi. The golden number was also a relative unit, Featured in pyramids and their temples but never occurs in Egyptian calculations So this knowledge of the golden number is very surprising. Many Egyptologists say the ancient Egyptians, had no great mathematical skills and all this number stuff is just coincidence. But here’s a mathematician opinion We meet it so often, that probability of it being due to chance, is “Nil” Is infinitesimal to me! Frankly its like zero. It stands to reason, even for a mathematician, Meaning someone who can access probability that the volume of that pyramid, was picked because of its numerous possibilities, to reveal through it, the golden number I think the ancient Egyptians, were aware of the golden number But they Couldn’t have come across the resolution each time especially the perfect one they had to possess that knowledge! Its not in their culture to divulge it, they kept it secret and the best way to keep a secret it is not to convey it anywhere. It’s no secret, its simple closed Geometry is an sensitive part of mathematics and just like mathematics, is a language. The golden number or golden ratio, often occurs in classical architecture. we can see it in great buildings, like the Parthenon and many of our medieval cathedrals. Like the Great Pyramid, this cathedral, shows the equinox. The circle indicates precisely the position of the sun, on the horizon, during the equinox. Even more extraordinarily the shape of the Great Pyramid, is hidden, in the facade, in the Strasbourg cathedral even though, when the cathedral was built, The Great Pyramid, was still partly covered in sand. we shouldn’t be surprised by these coincidences. These geometric and arithmetic features have been brought back to be used in cathedrals, and mid evil times since the Crusades. But the cathedral was built 4,000 years after the pyramids. its hard to see how this secret knowledge, could possibly be passed from one to the other In our own times the glass pyramid at the Louvre, shares its proportions with the great Pyramid of Giza We asked the architect about these similarities. I do not know why you keep referring this pyramid, to the Giza. their entirely different! It is something that, comes naturally but yes, that is the right proportions thats the right height, relative to base. I never used mathematics any more Eventually Ieoh Pei, conceded that the two pyramids have something in common. The proportion of the glass pyramid and the proportion of Giza, are very close. Why? The golden section or golden Triangle, that they had investigated then Is still, to me, valid today. I tried many shape, many height but eventually, I come back to, the golden proportion, of the Egyptian And thats wonderful to learn, you know? Im Sorry, I have to watch the strippers down the pub the golden Number, the golden ratio is as key for the great architects of today as it was for our ancestors. But the Great Pyramid, had still more secrets to reveal. the pyramids length, minus its height is 314.16 meters that is 100 times Pi. The two sides added together, in meters, equals 100 times the golden number squared If the Great Pyramid was only 50 cm bigger or smaller non of this would be true The same is true of the upper chamber This length, in meters, is 10 times Pi. minus this one, its 10 times the golden number squared Maybe the answer to the mystery at the heart of the Great Pyramid, lay in these numbers. But these astonishing numbers, only work in meters. The length of the meter depends on a precise calculation of the circumference of the Earth and that was only defined in 1793. Unless the meter wasn’t invented in 1793. Maybe the meter had been around, much, much earlier and had been secretly passed on, over the centuries. This takes us to the shadowy world of occult knowledge, and secret brotherhoods. its an uncomfortable and uncertain journey Maybe a step too far time to take another look at the “pyramidion”. Its exactly one meter high If we add the length of the two sides together It gives us 3.14 or Pi, in meters. But theres something simpler, and more interesting about the pyramidion its exact scale model of the Great Pyramid at Giza, something even its discoverer hadn’t noticed The Giza Pyramid, is missing its apex Its possible that “pyramidion” is missing top, of the Great Pyramid. In a circle, if the diameter is one meter then a sixth of the circumference is 0.5236 of a meter which is exactly the length of the cubit, used to build the Great Pyramid This means that builders of the Great Pyramid certainly knew what a meter was They used it with PI and the golden number to determine the length of the Cubit But the mystery don’t end here! The Anonymous researcher we spoke to earlier, Had been plotting the ancient sites, on a world map. This strip that stretches from Easter Island to Giza, Is actually part of a 25,000 mile circle In reality of course, there are no long distance connections across light years. Theres no possible connection, over such a stretch of time would link Easter Island and Egyptian pyramids. This 100 km wide circle goes through many significant ancient sites, across in the globe In Peru, in passes through the Paracas drawing, the Nazca tracks Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Sacsayhuaman and the Paratoari pyramids In Africa, it cross’s Mali and the mysterious Dogon lands where they knew the stars, Sirius B and C before any astronomers Algeria and Tassili n’Ajjer, With its painted Martian god. In Egypt, it goes through the Siwa oasis and Zeus Amun temple and to the Great Pyramid at Giza. Next, it cross’s Petra … Ur, where Abraham was born, Persepolis in Iran Mohenjo Daro in Pakistan, where the unreadable writing was found, that is so close to the writing on Easter Island. Then it cross’s sites thats always been known, as the homes of the gods. Khajuraho in India, Pyay in Burmese Sukhothai in Thailand, Angkor Wat and Preah Vihear in Cambodia and ends with the most isolated and mysterious place on Earth, Easter Island. There is an astounding accuracy to this alignment. Although many of these sites date from different times, most were built on the ruins of more ancient sacred sites. At some remote point in the past someone had built a series of sacred sites on this line, circling the globe. The circle was as long as the equator, but the mystery doesn’t end there. If we take this circle as the equator, then its North Pole would be located here and the triangle formed by this point, Nazca and Giza, exactly matches the shape, of the Great Pyramid. The distance between the Nazca and Giza equals the distance between Teotihuacán and Giza. the same as two of the distance between Angkor Wat and Nazca and between Mohenjo Daro and Easter Island. The distance between Easter Island and Giza is 10,000 times the golden number The distance between Angkor and Giza, multiplied by the golden number equals the distance between Giza and Nazca. and the Giza-Nazca distance multiplied by the golden number equals the Nazca, Angkor distance As surprising as this seems It ties in with some early discoveries about the pyramids. In the twentieth century, an astronomer and priest, Moreux, showed the meridian passing through the Great Pyramid Divided the land of the Earth, into two equal surfaces Making Giza the central point on the planet. Twenty centuries beforehand Agatharchides argued that the Great Pyramid was geographical reflection of the Earth. and the length of the two sides of the Great Pyramid was also the average distance a point on the equator moves through space, in one second. This is a given in physics, indicating the speed of rotation, of our planet, on its axis. Every aspect of the Great Pyramid is stuffed with significant numbers, That connect to the world. But many people find this hard to believe. You can take any kind of object, From a toothbrush to a steam locomotive and you can generate all the figures you need, to find all sorts of things. Skeptics argue that this could all be a just chance but the number of amazing facts that have to be explained, Just keep growing Once Again we have to return to the pyramid, for further investigation. Let’s take another look at the inner chamber Each building block here weighed as much as 40 cars Each block had been fitted precisely There Perfect, vertically and horizontally even thou the builders didn’t have the tools, to check their exact measurements Why did the Egyptians built with such precision? All efforts and intelligence of Egyptian craftsman were aiming at a geometric perfection, with their building because their monument, was meant to connect, with the realm of the gods. From the first pyramid to the last statue there is a desire for cosmic balance. And being a part of this cosmic balance, was the duty, and wish of every Egyptian. But if we abandon the conventional beliefs of archaeologists, There is an alternative explanation, that may get us closer to the truth There is a reason to bring huge granite blocks, 500 miles, to Giza. Granite has one unique property: It doesn’t change over time, its dimensions remain the same. This means the great pyramids secrets could be transmitted through the ages. My Anonymous friend, drew two circles, one outside, one inside the base of the pyramid he subtracted the length of the inside circle, from the length of the outer circle. take this Figures to a physicist! Thats odd Thats the speed of light, no doubt about it This is the speed of light, In millions of meters per second! This is the number from the pyramid! I have nothing else to say Scientists may find these truths unpalatable but they are hard to deny. Are they embarrassed by these revelations? If we look at the Great Pyramid, without prejudice, with a fresh eye and when your a physicist You measure, and you noticed many things like that coincidences, I suppose but so many coincidences, with such a big object Its very disturbing. Many experts would argue that there is nothing extraordinary here They say the Great Pyramid really was Cheops tomb Even though no one can explain, how it could have been built in 20 years. They say if the Great Pyramid really is signaling the equinoxes. If it really contains Pi and the golden number and has a cubit value that relates to these and empress’s these values ​​in meters its all just chance. They say the striking similarities between the ancient site’s thousands of miles across the world, Is just another coincidence. If these sites line up, in one line across the world that’s a coincidence too And if interesting numbers continue to crop up In the distances between the places and if the Great Pyramid contains the number for the speed of light, Its just chance? How many coincidences have to happen, before you look for another explanation? This is starting to look less like chance and more like the hand of God. Or maybe there is a rational explanation for these mysteries. Maybe its not chance? Maybe once we look beyond the conventional histories, theres a new truth to be discovered. If none of this is coincidence, then who is responsible? Is it possible that it was the ancient Egyptians? They were not aware of the possibility of measuring the Earth. they would first of had to known, that was a sphere, which was beyond their imagination. could it be a more ancient civilization that has since disappeared I find the alien option much more appealing because we can at least say, that there is in egypt, in the pyramids. An incentive for the imagination. Not everyone is so dismissive Given the possible natural disasters, that could occur on Earth, for example, continental drift volcanoes or major meteorite impacts there’s nothing to keep us from saying. that more advanced civilizations might have lived on our planet. So its possible a more advanced civilization, once lived on our planet. This is a bold and radical conclusion. and of course it raises more questions. Why are there no traces left of these people? If, for some reason, our civilization were to disappear, many things would withstand centuries, but not a millenia. Only a few big monuments would last monuments, I would say, like the big pyramids in Egypt. what then is left, of this advanced civilization? We know they measured the earth, They built a scale model based on it, in the shape of the pyramid Full of numerical significance. They built a series of artifacts, along a line that circumnavigated the world. There must be a reason for all this! Everything we have discovered about the Great Pyramid, must have been put there, for a specific purpose. We are very close to discovering the truth. When the Americans launched the second space probe. Pioneer 10, They put this strange little drawing on board Its designed to tell any alien species that finds it about human kind This drawing tells them were a sexual species It shows where the Earth is, in the solar system and if we analyze the geometry of the drawing, It also includes much more complex information. Thousands of years earlier, The builders of the Great Pyramid did exactly the same thing as the Americans did they too sent a coded message out into the Universe except this message, wasn’t designed to cross vastness of space, but the vastness of time. The message Hidden in the Great Pyramid at Giza was addressed to a future civilization, here on Earth. It is a message in a bottle and is addressed, to us! Now we have to work out, what that message means. Since they went to such incredible lengths to speak to us across time It must contain information, of utmost importance. The Builders have precisely signaled the equinoxes, again and again there pointing us to critical astronomical cycle of our planet. Each star moves one degree every 72 years. It takes 26,000 years, for a star to complete a full orbit of the planet. the constellations of the Zodiac, locate the Earth in the Universe. The “Pyramidion” has a parameter, precisely 12 cubits long the presence of Pi, points us to a circle Together, that refers to a 12 zone circle The Zodiac. The four angles of the pyramid refer to the four signs of the zodiac: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. In the ancient world, Scorpio was represented by an eagle and Aquarius by an angel. These signs are carved in stone, on the front of this cathedral. Four stars belong to these four signs. They use to be called the four guardians of heaven. They are Aldebaran, in the Taurus constellation Regulus in Leo Antares in Scorpio and Fomalhaut, on top of Piscis today but previously in Aquarius. These stars keep the same position and relation to each other they Can be used as steady points of reference through time This is Taurus-Scorpio axis formally known as Taurus-Eagle axis, shown by the Babylonians as a winged bull. This is the Leu-Angel axis . Its symbol is in front of our noses, here on the Giza plateau The Sphinx, a mans head, on a lion’s body. Archaeologists believe that the Sphinx was built long after the Great Pyramid, but they maybe wrong. Look at this This triangle is the same shape as the Great Pyramid. One side runs through the sphinx’s head If we outline the base of the Great Pyramid and shift it sideways, and extend the right side, It hits the Sphinx’s head. And if we trace a circle like this once again we hit the Sphinx’s head in exactly the same spot This could be the answer were looking for Giza is an astronomical clock, whose dial was the four stars. In Addition, the clocks hand, the Sphinx’s gaze Turns around itself, every 26,000 years and lets us point precisely to the Earths position, in this big cycle. But how do we know when the cycle begins? There is a mysterious bump on the Sphinx’s chest that Arabs call “the lions heart”. “The Lions heart” is also the Arabic name for the brightest star in the Leo constellation, “Regulus”. The Sphinx has always been the symbol for enigma she speaks to mankind, with the famous riddle. who starts his day on four legs, continuously on two legs and finishes on three legs? Remember the answer “man and his destiny” When the Sphinx’s eyes line up with the star Regulus, The lions heart, then a new cycle of the equinoxes begins This huge clock, our planets clock Makes a full circle every 26,000 years. Everything we have looked at, points to this So what was so important, to draw attention to this 26,000 year cycle? We know that the glacier and heat cycles are in sync with Earth’s orbital parameters. So maybe the cycle of the equinoxes, affects our climate? In many ancient texts There is evidence for the idea, that theres a cycle of destruction, and rebirth by water, or by fire, For example, in the ancient sacred texts of the Hindus. Several Greek authors, write about cyclical cataclysms, Plato was among them. Aristotle also talks about cyclical revolutions of the earth, and sky, wiping out life, on the planet. The Maya too, have a similar legend, saying we live in the era of the fifth sun. Rain and floods destroyed this humanity and this creation, something very similar to the bibles flood. The fifth sun, is the sun of movement a sun of earth, the air, the fire, The water, the movement of life. But it’s a sun which will end, and this end will happen in terrible cataclysms, when the gods decrepit. The Destruction isn’t linked, to human behavior. Todays Science makes us look again at these legends. There are other case’s, like tsunami. A Tsunami is a phenomenon, where natural Dam breaks and the water is released, causing huge floods across the Earth with very significant volumes of water. It is very likely that many ancient people witnessed this phenomenon and then tell stories about it, and called it “the flood” The Last major climate catastrophe, happened 10 to 12 thousand years ago. The climates across the globe, changed radically. This climate catastrophe wiped-out entire species, like the woolly mammoth and saber-tooth tiger and possibly, many more. There are many species that probably disappeared. but since they were not kept frozen We puzzle over their death. We can’t answer the question, “how many” because the research, the studies haven’t been done We’ll answer that question, when we get the human, and financial means to answer it So species disappeared, and forests were turned into deserts. Could the Giza Clock refer to this catastrophe in some way If the line that straddles the globe, through all the ancient site’s was an equator, its north pole would be here. This point is precisely located at the Earth’s magnetic pole, which is different from our North Pole. Magnetic pole, isn’t a steady point, on the surface of our planet. It moves about 25 miles a year Today, thanks to modern technology, we know that this oscillation is increasing. this is very disturbing! Could the Line of the ancient site be positioned To draw attention, to the magnetic pole? The Magnetic pole is not stable. Its reversed itself many times. We recorded about 100 pole reversals. No one knows why, but scientists think it maybe linked to the sun. The consequences, of the magnetic pole, I think that today, we would need tens of hundreds of researches to gather around, and brainstorm about this kind of research. We Try to understand, the direct and indirect consequences, of this magnetic pole inversions . Our climate is changing, the movement of our magnetic pole is accelerating. We can not know what the consequences could be? The magnetic field creates the atmosphere around the earth, which protect us, against the radiation from space If it disappeared, our planet would be burned. Destruction by fire, as the ancients told us. Modern science and ancient prophecies, were matching up At the beginning of our civilization, Much was kept secret by the priests. Maybe they were the guardians of some ancient knowledge? in a world recovering from a climate catastrophe. Maybe they had been trusted to pass the message on to future generations. maybe these astonishing building were constructed, to warn us? against a terrible cycle of destruction, an event that eradicated their own civilization, So now, we know nothing about them. many thousands of years ago, a sophisticated civilization, lived on our planet. A civilization so generous that encoded messages across the earth to warn us, in the far, far future, of a potential threat. This is a message from the past, that we should surely take seriously. The Climate change that scientists see in our world today could be the first signs of the catastrophe our ancient ancestors, were warning us about our time maybe running out The answers to these ancient mysteries are strange and difficult to fathom Many scientists and archaeologists will dismiss them, out of hand But if we decide to ignore them, then our planet may pay, a terrible price. The great Pyramid of Giza, has a message, for us all Human origins are older, than whats taught 😉 “Seek and ye shall find” , (you can only see it, if you seek it) please visit

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