Kryon – a Message that Should not Be Missed – History of Mankind – Part 45

This is Jack. Okay, just to give you a perspective – because
I’ve just finished the Akashic records – in terms of saying, really, that human beings
have never actually been in control of their lives at all. There has never been the power
of themselves in this world at all. You have been governed by those in ‘high status and
stature’ in this world, the elite – and then you were governed by the dimensional
existence, where a handful had power and control. Actually, basically, those that govern this world, which is called the
elite, would be the reflection of the current status
in the dimensional existence. Now, this is Anu’s kingdom, this is Anu’s
creation, this is Anu’s Anu, you know, without it, he wouldn’t be Anu – and that’s why,
if any being fucked with his creation, they would be… What do I mean by ‘fucked with
his creation’? That would be when – as I’ve said in the previous interview of Akashic
records – that they would try and find any form of solutions or ‘way out’ or realise
something to be done to make a change or a difference in this world. And then, in the
next life, when they die of the life in which they tried to do something which is defined
as ‘good’ or make a huge massive change – in their next life they will be placed as
either a bum or a dog or… a fish – something as which they’re not able to make any difference,
or even speak. So, they’re placed at the bottom of the
food chain, literally – and so they will continue there, because if they compromise this creation
of Anu one time, it’s done – you don’t get any other chances to try and make a difference.
So, that’s why we’re saying [that] we’re doing this [in] this one life, changing the
world. Okay, Kryon and the magnetic gridlines. You know, I am certain there are many beings
in this world who are aware of Kryon. Now, Kryon, yes, he did come from a specific planet,
though his services to the Annunaki were quite exponential. The reason for that is: because
Kryon was of the magnetic service. What do I mean by ‘magnetic service’?
In other words, in terms of the gridline placements – I’m sure Veno has also spoken about it
before, in one of his structural resonace interviews – in term of the gridline placements,
that’s what Kryon placed-in. Kryon was responsible for the gridline placement in which human
beings are ‘locked into a specific allocation point’ in this world, at a cross point – and
it was all over the world, within the world, in human beings etc. So, you’ve got a specific allocation cross
point, according to that you walk your life and that gridline placement – because you’re
in a gridline placement, right, you’re within an entire gridline placement – and within
the gridline placement you walk your life, because the gridline placement already holds
your ‘preprogrammed’/’pre-ordained’ life manifestation that’s already here,
that integrated and infused within the world the moment you were born, in the moment you’d
get out of your mother’s womb. And thus, you walk your life, [which is] already preprogrammed.
So, you just kind of walk into and within that which was already placed – it’s fascinating. And Kryon was responsible for that placement
and he was responsible for the connection between the unconscious mind and this entire
gridline structure. Why the unconscious mind? Firstly, the unconscious
mind held mostly – had like two layers within it. The one layer was kind of compacted, like
this [puts palms of his hands against each other], but in your mind. The one layer held
your connection to what was referred to as the entire ‘consciousness unified field’,
which locks you into this world in the becoming of a consciousness system – guaranteed. Then,
the other one was where all your preprogrammed life experiences were placed-in, [and that]
was locked into your unconscious mind. So, that unconscious mind part of you [where
all your preprogrammed life experiences were placed-in] and the unconscious mind part of
you that’s supposed to lock into this entire consciousness unified field within the world
as all human beings, connects to the gridline structure – and that was through the magnetism,
and that was of Kryon. So, everything basically that ‘kept’ the gridline structure and
the information of your preprogrammed life together, was the magnetism of Kryon. Kryon was also responsible for the manifestation,
creation, the holding, the programming, putting everything together of the mind consciousness
systems of the world. Oh, just to get back, you’re probably asking
‘how is my preprogrammed/pre-ordained life placed into the gridline structure of this
world?’ Well, see, before you’re born, your mind consciousness system, which is your
conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind system, is already infused within your physical
human body when you’re in the mother’s womb, so you’re birthed with it, as it.
And the moment when you’re within this world in the gridline structure, it activates. In
other words, the moment that connection of your unconscious mind is made with the gridline
structure of the world, that moment, your entire preprogrammed life is spread out into
the gridline structure. And then you just walk your life and that’s basically it. So, Kryon, usually, when he came through the
channel, he basically checked the mind consciousness systems, he checked the gridline structures
of the world, he’d have a look at beings, etc. Oh, because, usually, what of course
would happen is: beings’ life experiences would ‘clash’. That usually happens when
car crashes, bus accidents, plane accidents, etc. occur. It’s basically when all too
many beings come together at one point and their life experiences are going ‘kchhhhhhhhh’,
like a fricion – and then what happens, sometimes it is so extensive [that] it would cause an
‘electronic malfunction’, which is usually what happens within airplanes or wherever.
So, any such clashes like accidents that occur, is because of that: too many beings’ – or
even two beings’ – lives coming together, causing friction and that friction has to
be released and with that release is usually through a great impact. What else? So, that’s what Kryon did, that’s
why he channeled. Now, in terms of his channelings, preprogrammed,
of course; that was also pre-written for him. Though, he focused on the word ‘love’
extensively. But there is a very fascinating document in terms of Kryon and the word ‘love’
and the usage thereof (*).


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