Kimberley Motley, International Lawyer – Building a Global Human Rights Economy – Clip

>>Kimberley Motley: I realized the similarities
between people not being represented from businesses to human rights clients.
And so I decided to — and I sort of developed a purpose. And my purpose was what I call
my justness. And what this means to me is using laws in the ways that they’re meant
to be used to protect people. And so it was — became my legal truth. And
I found that the best way for me to receive my justness for myself, as well as my clients,
was by working the system from the inside out. And so, therefore, I became a global
investor in human rights. Ultimately, rule of law, if you build a system,
it improves the economic and social development of any emerging market, especially in Afghanistan.
There’s some economic benefits to supporting human rights. Basically, it’s the best way
to combat corruption. And Afghanistan is the number one most corrupt country in the world.
An investment in rule of law improvements the transparency. It makes people accountable
to a legal system. And there are consequences to people that abuse their power. And I choose
to do this by working the system from the inside out, which I think is very important.
And by improving people’s lives, you’re not only improving their lives as individuals,
but you’re improving the wider community’s lives.

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