Junior League of Topeka hammers out new skills with Habitat for Humanity

COMMUNITY WITH THEIR SERVICE WORK. BUT THEIR VOLUNTEERING IS ONLY A SIDE AFFECT OF THEIR REAL GOAL. IN THIS WEEK’S COMMUNITY MATTERS, WILLIS SCOTT TELLS US HOW THEY TEACH WOMEN TO BE COMMUNITY LEADERS. NAT: HAMMER THIS GROUP OF WOMEN ARE HAMMERING OUT A NEW SET OF SKILLS. Nicole Thompson: It’s interesting. I haven’t ever put a door together before. So I’m learning. DRILL NAT NICOLE THOMPSON IS MEMBER OF THE JUNIOR LEAGUE OF TOPEKA. ONE OF THE GROUP’S MISSIONS IS TO IMPROVE THE LIVES OF LOCAL CHILDREN. THAT’S WHY THEY’RE VOLUNTEERING WITH TOPEKA’S HABITAT FOR HUMANITY. Nicole Thompson: By helping families secure a home, that’s one less thing they have to work on. So, hopefully then they can help provide for their children, and their children have a safe home to come to. WHILE THEY’RE WORKING AS GENERAL CONTRACTORS FOR THIS PROJECT, THE WOMEN PUT ON DIFFERENT HATS AT OTHER NON-PROFITS ACROSS THE CITY. Erin Aldridge: We’re about 300 strong in Topeka, that are working to develop the potential of each other, empower each other, impact our community through volunteerism and civic service. THE GROUPS PRESIDENT ERIN ALDRIGE SAYS THEIR VOLUNTEERING IS A BYPRODUCT OF THEIR MAIN GOAL– TO TRAIN WOMEN HOW TO BE CIVICALLY INVOLVED. Erin Aldridge: They go out and they serve on boards in our community, they know how to run meetings, they know how to set calendars, they know how to do strategic planning, and to make things function in a well processed manner. NAT PAINTING? WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY NICOLE THOMPSON, DECIDED TO JOIN. Nicole Thompson: I felt like I need to do something outside of the home. JOIN JUNIOR LEAGUE. IF YOU’D LIKE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT JOINING THE ORGANIZATION, GO TO KSNT DOT COM AND CLICK ON THIS STORY.Up next MATT IS TRACKING A FEW STORM CHANCES THROUGH THE REST OF THE WEEK. STAY WITH US… WE’LL BE RIGHT

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