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*Back ground music playing* Jonah was a wise old man
who lived in Israel…. long long ago. He was loved and
respected by the people. Everybody came to him to
solve their problems, and he gave them wise advice. God loved him because
he was a good man and he helped his
fellow beings. Jonah loved God. He followed his teachings and prayed to God
all the time. Nineveh was a neighboring
country of Israel. The people in this country were known to be very evil. They did not follow
God. They did bad things. They were cruel, greedy and were always
fighting with other people. Because of this God was angry with the people of Nineveh. One day, God spoke to Jonah and
called for his service. Jonah, I have something to
tell you. My Lord…. I am lucky to be of your service. Tell me…. I am listening to you my
God. There is a placed called
Nineveh not very far from here. The people living in
this place are evil. They steal from
each other, kill their own brothers, and do a lot of
other evil things. Their king is lazy
and selfish. He eats, drinks and enjoys himself while his people are starving. He does not care
about his people. Their actions anger me and I have decided
to destroy them. I understand my God. I am well aware
of their actions. They are a wretched
group of people. They are also our
sworn enemies. In 40 days, I will destroy the
land of Nineveh and everyone living there. This is my decision. So be it my Lord. You have told me
all of this. But I still do not
understand how I can be of
service to you. Tell me my Lord, what should I do to make your wish
come true? You are a good and
righteous man Jonah. You have always
obeyed me and followed my teachings. I trust you and
your abilities. This is why you must go
to Nineveh immediately and talk to the people
about me. They do not know me. You must speak about
my love You must tell them to change their ways and become good people. Only you can do this. But God, how will I do this? They are evil. They will not
listen to me. Also, they are our
sworn enemies. The people of Nineveh are constantly attacking us and waging war against us. They try to steal from us and harm our women. That is all true. But still, you must go and
talk to them. They will have a second
chance through you. If they fail, they
will be destroyed. You are their only
hope for survival now. Only you can convince them to change their ways, and turn to me, the one and only
living God. I have complete
faith in you. God, you have decided
to destroy them anyway after 40 days. Then why I should I go
there and risk my life? My countrymen will
be more than happy to hear that Nineveh is
going to be destroyed. They will abandon me if they hear that I
tried to stop that from happening! This my will. You must do this
Jonah. You must leave for
Nineveh immediately! Very well my Lord… as you wish. Jonah was very
troubled by what God had
asked of him. He was happy that God had decided to destroy
the people of Nineveh. They were the enemies of Israel. He did not believe that he could change
their ways. But then, how could he disobey God? Jonah finally decided he would not go to Nineveh. He got scared and decided to
escape from Nineveh and hide from God. Jonah travelled far from
Nineveh over the deserts
and barren lands. Finally, he reached
the sea shore where he saw a ship heading to another
city across the sea. He asked the captain whether he could
get on the ship. The captain was not
happy at first, but finally agreed. The sailors did not know about the one true God that Jonah served
and believed in. They worshipped stone
and wooden idols. They had a god for the sun, another god for the moon, another for the ocean, and so on. Jonah saw this, but he did not
speak anything. He went and slept in the lower part of the ship. Jonah was fast asleep in the lower part of the ship. Once the ship had travelled
a short distance, ship got caught in
a great storm!. They where tossed around in the water like a paper boat Everybody on the
ship was very scared and began to cry out
loud to their gods. The men on the ship
were surprised to see Jonah sleeping
peacefully while the a great storm
was raging outside. Hey Jonah, wake up…. Wake up! How can you sleep like this?? There is a storm outside and the ship is going
to be torn apart! Wake up and pray to your God!! We have been praying
to our Gods for some time now, but the storm is
continuing to rock the boat. No, t his is the work of my God, the one and only true God who made the whole world. Did you do anything to make him angry? How can we stop this storm? I tried to hide away
from him. He gave me a task, but I refused to do it. that’s why he is
angry at me. Now what should
we do?? There is nothing else to do. You have no other
option but to throw me off the
ship…. And then the storm will
go away. My God will leave you alone. No, we cannot do that. You are a good man. We don’t want to harm you. Let us try to throw
some of the cargo out and see if we can
keep the ship afloat. The sailors started
throwing out the packages loaded
on the ship one by one, but the storm did not go
away. There is no use in doing
this. Throw me into the water! Save yourself! I hope your God keeps you safe. When the sailors realized that they had no other option, they threw Jonah off the ship into the sea. and like a miracle, the storms subsided. The sea was calm all of a sudden. Just at that moment, a big whale came up and swallowed Jonah. Jonah was scared
like never before. He was in the dark…. And cold. There was a horrible
smell around him. Also, it was slimy and all kinds of things
were floating around him. It was then that He realized that He was inside a whale!! Jonah could not believe this was happening to him, but realized that God
was doing all of this. Jonah spent three days and three nights in the belly of the whale. He prayed the whole time to
God. He was asking for forgiveness and promised that he
would never try to hide away from God. Jonah would lose hope from time to time and thought he would never
see daylight again. He thought about the foolish things he had done. How could he believe that he could disobey God and hide from him? This was so stupid of him! Alone in the cold dark insides of the whale, Jonah became very sad, but he called out to God and it gave him strength. He believed that God would keep him safe. On the fourth day, the whale opened its mouth and spit Jonah on to the beach. Jonah was relieved to see the light of day, he had been inside the dark belly of a whale for three days! Then . God spoke to him. Jonah, you cannot hide from me. Whatever you do, I am with you all the time. I am so sorry my Lord. I realize now how
foolish I have been. Tell me what I can do to make up for this? Do as I told you. You must go to Nineveh and complete the task I gave you. They are evil because they do not know me. They have not heard
of my teachings. They deserve a chance to change their ways
and become good. I will do whatever you ask of me my Lord. I shall go to and speak to the people of Niveneh about your undying love! This time, Jonah went to Nineveh as promised. He talked to the people
about God and his kingdom. He talked about what
had happened to him and how God had
rescued him from the raging storm
by sending a whale. He showed them why
it was important to do good things and be kind to people. He taught them God’s
teachings and how God was
protecting them and taking care of
them at all times. He also warned them about God’s punishment To his surprise, the people of Nineveh
listened to him! The king heard of Jonah and called him to the
palace. Jonah talked to the king about how God was
merciful but that if he didn’t
change himself, then the city of Nineveh would be destroyed in
40 days. The king asked for
forgiveness for all the bad and
horrible things he had done and promised that he
would pray to the one and only
true God from now on. He also announced throughout the land that everybody should pray to the almighty God that Jonah served. Jonah spent many days with the people of Nineveh. God saw that indeed the people of Nineveh
had changed. So, God decided not to punish the
city of Nineveh. *back ground music playing* Later, Jonah realized his
work was finished and he started on his
journey back to Israel. However, he was still hoping that the Nineveh
would be destroyed as he did not completely believe that their people could
actually become good. So when God decided not
to destroy the city, Jonah was not happy. God realized what he was thinking and spoke to Jonah. Jonah, why are you unhappy? You had said that
you would destroy the land of Nineveh. These people are
enemies of Israel! Why didn’t you destroy them? Jonah, you don’t understand the good you have done. These people are no
longer your enemies. They believe in
the one true God, just like you do! I believe that everybody
needs a second chance to
correct their mistakes. I do not want to
punish my people. I love them, I created them! So, if they make use
of the opportunity to become good, then why should I destroy them? All of this has been possible through your work Jonah! Go home now, return in peace. You have completed God’s work! Very well my God. I understand now. Thank you for this chance to serve you my Lord! Thank you for saving me so many times! Jonah then made the journey back to Israel and continued to speak
about God and the love for his people. He told everybody the story of how he was
trapped inside a whale for 3 days and how God saved him. The people loved and respected him and the old prophet lived for a very long time! *Back ground music playing*

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