Join the Humanist Society (Singapore)!

An atheist, a freethinker, an agnostic or
a sceptic? Are you fond of the scientific method and reasoning? Have you ever wished to know like­-minded
people in Singapore to share thoughts with, or to work together for good cause? Well, you are not alone. Back in 2010, a handful
of Singaporeans founded the Humanist Society (Singapore). We are a community of people who pursue ethical
and fulfilling lives guided by reason, informed by evidence and driven by compassion. I’m
Paul, the founding President. The Society organises public talks, social
networking events, community service efforts and field trips. When necessary, we provide a rational voice
to the public sphere through our letters and announcements. We have also sent representatives to local
interfaith dialogues and overseas conferences. Are you someone who follows the latest debates
on news and social media? Our public talks aim to raise awareness about topics that matter to humanists. These include philosophy, morality, science, religion, law and many more topics that you might have in your mind as well. Some of our most popular lectures include those on theory of evolution, the state of secularism in Singapore, science and alternative medicine LGBT rights and the legal boundaries of discussing religion. Are you looking for like-minded new friends? We provide many opportunities for networking. For example, our annual BBQ and year-end dinners are among some of our most loved events. In addition, we hold monthly gatherings called
Humanist Cafe after working hours in town. Our membership is very cosmopolitan and you
will get to meet people from various nationalities and walks of life. Do you love reading and following up on public
intellectuals? Do stay tuned with us because sometimes we
invite prominent humanist or atheist public speakers to Singapore. Over the past 5 years, we have been visited
by intellectuals such as A.C Grayling and Paul Bloom. This year, we organised our first international
humanist forum, the Asian Humanist Conference. At the conference, we hosted humanist activists and personalities from several countries across Asia. More than 100 people attended our conference
talks and workshops. Are you keen to help other fellow human beings? Then you might consider joining our community
service programmes. We have taken part in fundraising activities
for secular organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Oogachaga and Red Cross. We also do our part to protect the environment,
organising our first beach cleanup at Pulau Ubin this year. Over the years, the Humanist Society has grown.
As I speak, we are approaching our 100th event. We have were also featured in the media through
our letters and interviews with journalists. All this will not be possible without a dedicated
pool of volunteers who keep the Society alive and vibrant. I invite you to join the Humanist Society,
a community guided by reason, informed by evidence and driven by compassion.


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