R-men, I want you to welcome our newest
member, his name is Jack Oh come on professor, not again! Can you maybe try bringing a mutant to this mansion that’s not a shirtless bad-boy biker that looks like a gigolo? Last time it was that French thief who took the TV from the living room and half of your jewelry And he literally said he was a thief. It wasn’t even a surprise to anyone This time it’s different. Jack is a very powerful mutant I’m sure soon enough you’ll be able to see what I see in him What I see is that he’s a little old for this young and gifted thing, right? How old are you exactly? As far as I know, around 70 Right, but he is a mix of mutants recovery power with an egg-based diet and a complex steroid juice that makes his abs as tight as an 18 year olds Oh yes? And what other
abilities does he have? Well, I also have horrible nightmares at night and wake up to get my claws into whoever’s by my side Right, that doesn’t sound very good…
I’ve had my share of strange people sleeping in my room Is there anything else special about you? I drink a lot…like a lot. Okay professor, I’m sure my mother will agree, this time you went a little too far Yeah, we have a student code of conduct that certainly doesn’t allow a half-naked 80 year old drunken
guy, slashing students during a middle-of-the-night panic attack Yes, well, but he isn’t…he’s not a student Did I say he was a student? Welcome your new teacher, professor Jack! Oh, the rules really are different for teachers in here. He’s got us now


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