Islamic Morality | Beware from Prejudice (To Be Suspicious) #6

hey dear brother you’re not seeing us
anymore hello frog forgive me I am a little upset hell are you also what
happened it’s something wrong very bad too what happened tell me quickly I’m
Korean I was running into the forest and what about it you are always running I
was not thinking you swam please don’t make joke I am already disturbed no dear
I’m not just were just saying I think it’s only because I’ve been outside for
such a long time I’m coming now oh look to this one he does not care what should
I do now to whom will I tell my problems no one listens to me I hope I didn’t
make you wait long you didn’t go i was thinking what do you suppose i want
without listening to you yes forgive me if someone is telling you a story you
have to listen as i was actually something of you you have to answer they
teach us to be polite like this you are right frog I thought wrong about you
what can I do I am very upset tell me now what’s happened I’m listening to you
be fast otherwise again my tell will be dry and I have to go wet it in the lake
I was running with my friends we heard something we were afraid in the meantime
I didn’t see the bee hive of bees sister then what happened the beehive turned
over fell into the grass oh poor beast sister was running to make honey all day
it’s such a pity yes such a pity how I explained to be so don’t tell let’s
blame it on the win it’s impossible the beam must forgive me when this cools
down then till after that asks forgive but is it possible to do that way of
course of course you say you did it by mistake and you were afraid that’s why
you hid all that happens but that way I will tell lie a lie is a big sin no you
will not stay alive only hide the D then you will tell
this is not a lie but what if something happens what can happen the B will be a
little sad we’ll search who did it and will not find anything then it’s
finished after that it becomes cold after some time we tell them all the
story together thank you very much sister frog not at all it is our duty we
the frogs we like to have okay so I have to go now my tail is feeling dry I need
to get away see you see you in sha Allah go in peace did I choose the right thing
what should I say but the Frog is right I’ll tell after let some time pass they
will forget this matter and i will ask forgiveness there should be no blame on
me because i did it by mistake i understand that the matter is all mixed
up so what will we do now let all your friends come to the blue lake and i’m
going to inform my mother and then i’m coming we are going now okay see you
soon so long I’ve met so long I’ve met

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