Islamic Morality | Beware from Prejudice (To Be Suspicious) #4

what a beautiful night this is the most
peaceful forest I ever saw in my life my most beautiful day I ever lived is today
I think I’m sure it is after all you get it to me welcome brother bear it was
polite to say hello first I didn’t come to say hello I came to talk talk yes it
is a beautiful night for talking how is this a beautiful night fresh air oh it’s
a summer perfume in the air stars in the sky this is beautiful tell me the truth
why did you implicate me what implication brother bed don’t make a
joke out of me you knocked over the Beehive and then everyone said that bear
did it isn’t it very shameful actually you are doing a very shameful thing
without asking how can you think such a bad thing of me what should I ask how
are you implicating me look brother I heard what happened to you we don’t have
a good relationship it is true but I am sorry I have no connection with anything
I don’t believe these jokes I’ll hit you unless you speak truthfully now you have
to go and take a little rest you are tired you can’t understand things well
in case I can’t tell you anything I am busy enjoying this much in the morning
you’ll make fun of me again you think you can escape from me you’re wrong I
will not discuss what was never Skeets from one vet if you don’t tell me
the truth you might become a dead wolf and you will not escape from that you
broke my heart enough good evening for now the badness
in the morning is better than the goodness in the evening go now and have
a rest we will talk in the morning let it be this way we’ll talk in the morning
now wish you good night sorry i disturb you
bye a love

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