Islamic Morality | Beware from Prejudice (To Be Suspicious) #3

what is it to be suspicious my son do
you think something bad about someone to be suspicious about someone or to
suppose that someone is guilty when there’s no proof about his guilt or to
tell wrong about the deeds of someone well briefly suspiciousness is to think
badly about an innocent person that he or she is guilty and then to act
accordingly suspiciousness is a big sin and Allah doesn’t forgive it there are
no wrong actions unforgivable by Allah except ignoring the unity of Allah
thinking there is another God other than Allah yes Father
the right of the third person suspiciousness is also the right of the
third person if the person doesn’t forgive also Allah will not forgive so
we must ask forgiveness from that person for the sin that we did Bravo my son he
learns all the things we read can you give an example about suspiciousness yes
mother for example one friend crossed us without saying hello
we must not be suspicious about him maybe he didn’t see us maybe he was in a
hurry or maybe he was sick we must think good and not take the sin of someone and
not to break someone’s heart let me give an example to see if I can clearly
explain what it is to be suspicious let’s say we saw one of your friends
sitting near some people drinking alcohol this does not necessarily mean
he was drinking too maybe he is sitting near them to explain to them the harmful
effects of drinking alcohol we have to think good thoughts about people and to
give a good meaning to what we see actually I have to give an example
sometimes I’m angry with Ahmed but this does not mean I don’t love him I want
the best for him when he is doing something and he can’t judge the reality
of it I am angry I want him to understand me and understand the
important fact okay mom will you be angry with me if I don’t understand it
is important to be careful of what you do I’ve met you
should take seriously what your mother and father says okay okay dad okay mom
dad did you read all of these yes my son I read you read all the books father
Muslims must read a lot we have to read and learn and live the religion first of
all we have to teach our children yes Father
come on let’s pick up the table I’ll help you mother come on hey brother bear
how are you where are you going is that you brother crocodile how should
I be we were in trouble I heard what happened how fast is the news spread
it’s a small world back fighting spreads fast it’s very bad nothing complicated
you apologize to the bee and that’s it but I didn’t do it
come on you are not an unknown person are you planning to hide from us
everybody knows how much you love honey I swear I didn’t do it did you swear are
you serious you didn’t do it Oh in the end someone has to believe me
wait I didn’t believe it yet but you swear who did it
I don’t know as soon as possible I have to find out who did it otherwise no one
will trust me and they’ll want me to leave the forest
wait wait we’ll find a solution we have to find one otherwise it’s very bad for
me where should I live in except in the forest I’m a bear right is there someone
who hates you I have to think about it I didn’t harm anyone actually I did hit
someone wants but that’s small thing we’re friends now think twice I remember
there’s the wolf we don’t have anything to dispute what is the problem with the
wolf what can it be I’m a bear and it’s a wolf
since a long time ago we know each other as enemies
my father was an enemy with his father my grandfather was an enemy with his
grandfather and so it’s still continuing can the wolf be the one who did it
but the wolf doesn’t love the honey who loves honey the most bears the ones like
me love it the most so who hates the bear the wolf so why did the wolf do it
but why because he knows all the blame will be on you the wolf will damage the
beehive and say that you are the guilty one they will send you from the forests
of the territory will be all to the wool yes so I guess the wolf did it I’m gonna
go see that wolf be careful speak nicely try to learn
what the story is I have my methods usually they work I’ll hit that wolf and
he’ll be sorry for what he did please be polite try to compromise if
you hit him then they will say you’re a hooligan okay okay I understand I’ll

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