Islamic Morality | Beware from Prejudice (To Be Suspicious) #1

my mission is to collect honey I love my
mission because a lot gave me this mission we owe everything to all ahem
what he commands we love to do that’s always good food to survive also I’m
very useful for producing honey ah this is the houses East sister what happened
oh allah i should find her and tell her thanks to allah today i collected much
honey i get tired but it counts I have so much honey in my beehive now I’m very
satisfied so I can rest bee sister B sister I’m here B sister B
sister where are you hey I’m here he’s calling me it’s maybe sister is it you
butterfly yes it’s me what are you doing as usual I’m collecting honey thanks to
Allah there’s nothing disturbing I am also
working hard today yes I’m very tired but I’m happy because
I collected a lot of honey I am sure about that what has happened has
something happened it’s I saw while I was on my way
something happened to the Beehive nothing important just the Beehive is
turned over what surely the bear stole my honey just a moment don’t get angry
so fast how would you know their bear did it maybe the wind or someone else no
there’s no one’s feeling honey except for the bear it did it before the wind
has never turned over the Beehive by itself I think it is better to have a
look you mustn’t be suspicious about anyone don’t be in a hurry to accuse the
bear we don’t have any proof that the bear is guilty let’s go have a look but
I’m sure the bear did it you’ll see of course you know better what can I say
let’s go are you not ashamed of what you did you
did the same before what did I do that’s no more to do you stole the honey
and turned over the beehives how can you be so unjust as me what honey I didn’t
touch any honey since that day you have to trust me sister be to believe you a
liar and a thief you broke my heart heart if I had heart that you possessed
you would never steal the honey I’m working for it day and night and then
you come in trying to turn over the Beehive don’t you have any conscience
elsewhere I didn’t do that thing be quiet don’t swear so who did it I don’t
know who did it can’t you see you don’t know it means
you did it you’re insulting me look you’ll be sorry I’ll tell everyone what
you did surely you’ll be very sorry in the future
forget about stealing my honey you’ll never come into the forest again I don’t
understand and I don’t know what’s happened to the honey you will know soon
what’s happened I’ll tell everyone what you did then you’ll see

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