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Welcome back viewers to the Preaching Humanist with David Oliverio that is I. Where no God
is required for a life of love joy peace fulfillment meaning and purpose in life
and the good life is one guided by reason and noted at about La I want my
friends comment the other day that said David why do you move your hand so much
why do you move so much why are you still refuses well many reasons why it
could be genetic battalion last names on the various a
month the other one is among coffee right now and all my friends know that I
don’t drink coffee every day but when I do these YouTube videos are likely
caffeinated I’m flying high another reason I’m so few cities I’m a
former Pentecostal charismatic Full Gospel fundamentalist evangelical
evangelist and preacher so there you have it that’s why my body language is
the way it is Tony’s topic is God willing and able this is taken up my premise today my
dear magical believing friends will be a quote from Epicurious a great
philosopher back about three or four hundred B ze before common air recorded
by David Hume back in the eighteenth century the quote is and by the way be
prepared to think they prepare to be challenged in your thinking my dear
religious friends the quote is is God willing to prevent evil and what i mean
evil I’m not just talking about evil as you think about it in the biblical sense
but it’s God willing to prevent human suffering calamity and disaster so is God willing to
prevent evil but I’m able then he is impotent is gone able but not willing to prevent human
calamity human suffering human disaster but not willing to then he is malevolent
is he both able and willing to prevent human suffering catastrophe and all
calamities that happen in life unfortunately if he’s not willing or
able then he is evil a very tough question for those of you
that continue to believe in deities and gods so let’s leave out all
of the Free Will stuff when I’m good discussion very well today so let’s
leave that out and let’s discuss just natural catastrophes let’s discuss tornadoes storms tsunamis volcanoes
earthquakes lightning storms landslides floods all these natural disasters that
happen they happen often they’ve happened world-wide they’ve happened for
thousands of years and they probably will continue as long as we the human
species continue to survive on this earth is gone and let’s go over this is
God willing to prevent these things so before we get into expository teaching
and preaching on this premise let’s draw a little scenario show we let’s take a
35 year old mother of three children a loving wife and let’s say they people
that loving family live in small-town Oklahoma right in the heart of Tornado
Alley now what you draw the scenario in your mind Christian that what you think
here you have a very very very strong Christian family she the house why she’s just like the Bible shares she
doesn’t speak back seat under the authority of the husband she’s barefoot
pregnant home and cooking cleaning her three children off to school that day her loving husband who was a deacon in
the local church is at work she teaches Sunday school yet raised her children to
be devout believing Christians and serving the Lord Jesus Christ she’s done
her duty to infect enterprising washes children with her belief system that you
teach them to use critical thinking highly doubt that but here we have a
scenario of a very strong Christian family this thirty five-year-old mother
of three is at home all alone it’s in the summertime tornado I don’t know
almost nowhere comes devastate her small town there in oklahoma now these things
happened and they do happen to Christians as well knowing that 70% of
Americans believe in the Christian God keep this in my idea Christian friends a
tornado hit her town sadly it hits their home she is at home thousands of pounds of break thousands
of pounds of steel thousands of pounds of tile and all the
other materials used to build homes overwhelm her are on top of her around
her she is under tonnage of debris she is suffering she is dying a slow
horrific death taught me to say this but this is human suffering this happens to
people her internal organs or crush is bleeding to death outside in an internal
organs are shutting slowly down season immense pain and suffering now like most
Christians would do they would call upon the Lord in the name of Jesus God help
me where are you from the scenario in your mind my dear Christian friends now is God willing to prevent this contact does he have the love and does he have
the power is an omnipotent God you say all power in heaven and earth is given
unto Jesus the Bible says that God that He has called upon to save her in your
time of need where is he is he willing but not able
to danny is what powerless and week maybe he needs some viagra maybe need
some testosterone builder nothing happens it happens all the time then
what about this is he able but not willie think he has all his power to
help to intervene to stop this tornado from touching down upon his child this
woman is a born again believer she has trusted her life with the Lord Jesus
Christ a submissive Christian housewife and mother of three is this God willing
and able to have stopped that tornado you say this god is love you my dear
friends say this guy is able he can do all things for nothing is impossible
with God you say I hear this preached all the time when I continue to listen
to Christian radio stations I do this because it fires me up and yeah I do
yelled the radio I’m screaming at the radio know where is this God now this
quote should make you think this woman is a dearly beloved from the Heavenly
Father who is perfect love true love as I’ve said before moving into action true love would have done something
analogy you christiane parents out there if your child was in China little cave
exploring and that case fell upon that child there was a disaster in your child like
you would do anything took pro prevent if you have the power
and the willingness to do so you would have done anything to prevent that for
people that you love expressly your children you are called the children of
God you’ve been adopted into the family of God through faith in Jesus Christ I’m
using your book The Bible urs children this card be saved this is supposed to
be perfectly his omnipotence all-powerful mighty and he’s willing not
willing that any should perish your Bible says in New Testament but rather
we I and others like me who are thinkers we would say where is this guide you
believe it if he has all power and willingness and love and compassion for
you a child of God why would he not have prevented the tornado at least come down
and have his guardian angel do some work and pick up the rock and the debris and
shade as well because the human beings are the lines trying to help and shade
is 10 she’s dying a slow death calling upon the Lord if God is unable and
unwilling to help this child of God a born again Christian woman if he’s
unable and unwilling then that makes him evil now I think you’re gonna see why
don’t you believe in your God but if he were to exist which you can’t prove but
if you prove to me that he has it and he showed up and walked up to me check my
what are reading the Bible my settlement of this deity is a God malevolence is a
God that doesn’t care because if he really did he has all power all
love he could have prevented that there are catastrophes and human suffering
going on always have and always will you don’t
see that prevention you don’t see the willingness of this God to prevent this
evil and human life and human suffering anybody watching the show myself
included my fellow a pious Hindus Buddhists Muslims and especially
questions any one of us at least 98% of us would do something if we weren’t get
a seat in heaven as you claim and you have perfect love and all power you were
able to just magically remove human suffered no free will hear i’m talking
about catastrophes natural catastrophes I would do something if this catastrophe
happened to one of my children I wanted to be a medially to stop it or at least
show by power and glory like Jesus allegedly did to Lazarus lazarus died
and you just want to raise it from the dead allegedly but you trust in Jesus
already knew that Lazarus was sick and dying he could have gone in prevented it
could have gone helium the bottle says he waited a few days why insurance human
suffering through suffering and death God gets the glory to Jesus k ploy to
God to raise this made from the dead but he could have prevented the human
suffering and death of a man colossus this guide you say it with love and
power and might folded arms in heaven not willing or able to do anything to
relieve human suffering it doesn’t matter for Christians and non-christians
anybody move anybody that allegedly is filled with this love in power would do
something the way I see it is this do you take a few exist which I don’t
believe it does would be sitting there with arms folded in different human
suffering both of us would have moved we would
have done something with our compassion and love it’s hard to see other people
suffer in fact I haven’t experienced that as a personal trader should be a
little harder on my clients I just don’t like to see them too much discomfort
I’ve been known as a sentimental personal trainer I guess cuz I’m getting
old I’m getting softer my heart and more sentimental I don’t like to see people
hurt like to see children crying after being punished and spanked in hit by an
adult which is called be spanking Bible proverbs 22:24 get off track here for a
moment I can’t help but say this but lift into preacher on the radio the
other night hardcore fundamental preacher from
Scotland he said you must my dear christians he said you must break your
children at each thing God ways and one way to do that is to hit them expect any
news the road and correction the wrong instruction harvard’s 22 how do you
drive only upper much I’ll get beaten with a stick how do you drive them and keep them from
chill haiti’s or he’ll get beaten with a stick wow I don’t even like to think of a
child in pain I don’t like to see anybody in pain or suffering and most of
you out there as humans do not like to see fellow humans in pain and suffering
and if we were able and we had all the supernatural power that you say your God
has we would do something about it but nothing is done we don’t see miracles
you don’t see debris and rocks and rubble just flying up in the air off of
these poor people that have been covered in debris after a tornado after a
hurricane and so forth human suffering you don’t see it you don’t see God move
by that well avalanche that will make your God
malevolent malevolent is a desiring a wish to see people under suffering to
see people hurt you like to see that well let me tell you give me couple
scriptures numbers chapter 25 keep in mind that this deity is supposed to be
loving Heavenly Father none of us as human parents would never want to do
this for children let’s see what God the Father did to his children numbers chapter 25 God the Father you
could just tell me all the Heavenly Father God had his own people hung to
death he got pissed off and under chapter 25 read your self and God had
many of the Israelites to children because you’re hung to death cuz he got
angry at him would you do that your children my dear christian altars I
don’t think you would for Samuel Chapter six god kills thousands of his own
people for looking into the Ark of the Covenant inquisitive mind that we humans
have big brain bipedal primate species we have a big brain we want to do things
they looked into the ark the Bible says God guide off he killed fifty thousand
of my lovely baby so first Chronicle chapter 21 God shamed pestilence and
disease to his own people and kill 70,000 men now any you christiane
fathers out there who have children if your child if a baby which children do
at times would you be so pissed off as to infect them with a virus in the
disease would you infected with the aids virus to see them die of course you
wouldn’t but it’s ok to review scriptures in your mind and say that my
god is love well I think this quote should make you think
I hope it does make you think is God willing to prevent evil human
catastrophe suffering but not able is he able to prevent these evils but not
willing they need malevolent is he both willing and able to fold his arms and
indifference and does nothing about it that’s the way I see it then it makes an
evil affect the Bible says I the LORD create good and evil and bring the
script euphoria but you can look it up on google it you can’t find God creating
good and evil I hope my dear magically friends and not only christians but
those of you that believe in the eighties I hope you can start thinking I
hope this sparked something in your mind and helps you to become a little more
skeptical and critical and you’re thinking I hope we get to bring you into
that air critical thinking and rationalization and logic does this make
you think does this quote Epicurious is quote make you wonder why this doesn’t
sound like a loving day this doesn’t sound like someone who really cares for
me so those of you that are so far right to Christianity as I was years ago
you’ve already turned me off I understand that but those of you that
are still watching I know why you’re watching because you’re open your
objective thinker you’re needing that flight little push or pull over into
reality and that’s why I the big mouth preaching humanist atheists hecklers
come in to question your belief system to get you to think and for you to find
for yourself the answers to these big big questions is there really a big
Daddy and this guy who loves me that will do anything to protect me look away
out people do you see miracles know do you see any supernatural events I see
naturalism as a naturalist that’s what I see and I like it I enjoy
I love being human there is no need for any supernatural
beliefs you can have a wonderful life you can have loved sympathy and empathy
caring and sharing nice loving relationships with other people and take
care of each other all without the message that you called Christianity and
all other religions while want to thank you for watching the preaching humanist
with David older then as I remember the good life is guided by reason and
motivated by love have a wonderful week think my dear Christian friends take
this and absorb it and go back and read the scriptures and come back and tell me
is just got malevolent or is he wonderful do I need is God orkut are
letting go as many of us have and we are flourishing in this place color have a
wonderful day


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