Irish People Try Southern Food For The First Time

Chicken? Southern Fried chicken-ish, mad dishes like that. Well I can see, A prawn in here so- I know, I had prawn before. Mmm. It’s like it’s spicy but it’s not too spicy. Not like what I was expecting now with that now. It’s Gumbo, guys. I knew that from the princess and the frog. It’s kind of like a liquified burrito with prawns in it. This’s a bit like what they have left over after cooking a big dinner. It’s like, “aah what vegetables have we got left. I wanted to do prawns. **** them in here and we have (inaudible). Gumbo.” I imagine southern food. They’re all kinda like warming and comforting, but it’s quite warm there now you’d be getting the sweats. I think yeah, fishy is good. I like gumbo. Yeah. Gumbo is delicious. I have to say, I do not like to look at this. They look like deep fried little poops. Is it deep fried poop? They’re like little chicken testicles. Aren’t they? Yeah. That was way nicer than I thought it was gonna be. Beef nuggets. Yeah, I donno beef like fritter or something? (coughs) So this has helped “make” food. So this is the chicken stomach? The taste was actually pretty good. Yeah it didn’t taste bad. The taste was fine, it was just the idea of eating a gizzard. I’ve had chicken feet, chicken arse, chicken beak you know, the stomach it’s just nothing to me. That’s meat. That’s mince is it? You’re not grinding up gizzards for us are you? It’s like a surprise I don’t know what it is, it could be anything. It smells like uh those gherkins of a hamburger. As an Irish person I feel the need to recognize potatoes you know. This is definitely a potato I hope. Yeah it seems very Irish to be honest. Mmm, that’s definitely Irish. Oh Tator Tots. Ooh, Tator Tots. I’ve heard many things about Tator Tots. That is a really tasty dish now. Yeah that’s actually really nice. It’s like a good wholesome family dish you know, that grandma would make you just after church. This is the stuff Charlie Bucket used to eat before he went to the chocolate factory. Looks like something you feed a cow. Well then, that’s chocolate. I don’t know what these little bits are, are they bacon bits? I don’t want to know what they are. They are very chewy. Mmhm. I’ve never been a fan of cabbage you know I keep on eating it. This is harder than dirty dancing, that film was hard. It’s just like, it feels like it takes ages to chew and then digest. Basically all of their dishes, they’re alright on their own. But you put them all together, now you’re talking. Uhh… I thought it was gonna be like something nice but its clearly baby food. Smells sweet, well It smells a lot like custard. I don’t get custard, you get custard? I thought it was gonna be custard. It tastes like an ingredient for some food that hasn’t been cooked yet. This is grits. Sounds appetizing, hehe. You’ve given me texture, that’s all it is. I think it should have a more attractive name though, grits? No that’s, that’s american. That is grits! It’s like very very very very VERY watery mashed potatoes. I think we need to be more open minded when we think about, Yeah, definitely. food in other countries. Yeah because personally americans think we eat potatoes all the time. Yeah. But we eat other things. I’m thinking they eat steaks all the time. Apparently they eat other things. Ohh! It’s their neck. Ughhh. Heh heh. It’s their neck? Is it a neck? It’s something in there that makes them go “puk puk puk.”


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