Introduction to Being a Human Being by Kaldan Doma

Hi my name is Kaldan and today I’m going
to talk about being human being and they’re going to be a series of lectures
on this topic. Being human being is a word that has been doing to us but we do
we really understand the essence of really being a human being and I feel
that it is time how the world is looking we need to understand this world more
than ever for ourselves and for all the people around the earth and for
everybody else living in this planet including the animals we need to
understand how we need to balance between humans animals and planet earth and
how we all are interconnected without even knowing or understanding this whole
concept is whole word they should be or just human being so when we go out on
the street you look at another person you say or they return you can say
actually we never say oh there is a human being with it oh there goes that
Chinese 10 there was an Asian woman that’s how we see it because that’s how
they’ve into it to see a animal animal physio that the dog has a cab at
the elephant Emily valkenburg lead ship it follow those are trees and bushes or
something they’re prolly but that’s how you being taught now just for a second
think if you would thought being human beings as a subject
in its school and you taught mathematics and science if you were taught how to be
human and given the right tools and skills to handle life wouldn’t that make
a big difference we are taught how to handle money that only we are taught the because
from that point onward the whole desire world comes out and hope we affirm
ground so what I’m trying to do here is trying to teach you that if you
understood what is being human being and then coming back to yourself if we make
a big difference how you see yourself how you see the world around you and
most importantly how you can make a difference in not to see your life but
everybody’s life including animals and this planet earth I’m talking about and
it’s time to realize to be aware and come together more than ever as human
beings so let’s start let’s understand just first the concept with words what
is human being so being human being means that we asked ourselves sometime in your life
you will have to do you know who for mine why am I here what am I doing with
my life and if you don’t ask yourself that question stop right now what are
you doing here on this planet earth wait a minute do you understand this as a planet
earth do you understand the sort of system they have taught us find but they
really didn’t teach us find in a way that is interconnected with being human
being that’s all when we look out up sky with it at the sky and those other
stars I would really like people to say we are in space and its a planet and those are other planets understand this you are on a planet called Earth and you
have space a silence vast space where you stand out in the night that is
spaced so the word can be changed the reality can’t be changed we are on the
planet as the reality so science must be changed according to how you are teaching to be a human being that is your first inter connection so now let me know and you’ve
asked that question what am I doing here or is the purpose of my life so the
purpose life everybody is doing everybody is wanting is happiness we all
are chasing happiness and we’re thinking we’re going to get this happiness from
outside how this is a very good programming so your education system to
your cultural system to your belief system so your community system to your
sense of safety which leads to jobs so let’s start off here so we’ll keep the
goal for all the human beings the goal is happens to be clear about this so as I
go so the being a human being means we need we have happiness that
or the chorus that we are talking about happiness and that’s the goal now then
maybe half ago we need to go to the process of the so the goal is to get
happiness okay so we’re going to name our goal is to be happy happy happy
happy and then when we go to happiness what we need I’m major I need money I
need travel I need car I mean sure I’m interests i need help i need la la la I
need my desire my desire my desire in my desire as we go on talking about so you
keep talking about that what you need so let’s come back to the basics desire
that you need that’s your next step is like you’re running around with desire
now when you have that if you get what you want then you’re happy then you satisfy then you intended if you don’t get what you want then you’re unhappy I
think they need i say warned because desire is concerned with want so if you
don’t get in your way then you get depressed you can angry giving
disillusion you’ll get tormented by your emotions because you didn’t get what you
need perhaps or your friend has on the sink is if you think that’s another
thing then what happens when you don’t get what you want then you get really
really angry then you get hate coming in then you give jealousy me then you get
gossip coming in then you get all this disillusion
happening to you you’re like whoa what’s happening to me I my life i am so angry with in this I’ve done it that’s what I’m talking about it because I’m work to it
so I’m not different from you guys when i’m talking about this I’m not really
I’m not different I’m not there I’m just saying that I have learned to do and
manage this in certain levels and learning is forever so don’t think
anything else that I’m doing this because I’m feeling great when I’m
saying is no I’m talking from experience and I’m putting it out there so that
everybody it cleans it’ll aware if nothing so I hope this video is going to
help you guys okay so back to the point then why does that happen is
because we have egos and ego is like hiding it means to hide and although the
ego do you can have a small ego you can have medium evil you can have a gigantic
ego and that depends on i will say this clay then it depends on where your mind
level is that means how much are you aware of yourself that’s like how i have
divided the eagles because it will simplify in the later stages as you
would understand so when i’ve divided into and if you saw me would at least
you’re fully aware you’re doing certain you have to learn skills and you have
really worked and worked and worse for you you understand where it is medium is
like you have understood and you’re struggling with it and big is that
goodbye I am completely gone I am dominated challenged and I’m know I’m
dominating I’m just sitting with my ego and I am better than
everybody else on superior than everybody else and you know that’s the
huge ego that’s what I’m talking about okay then we’re going to talk about when
we have them and that’s your deal of mind then you have to go and understand people like you okay then we come back
and say okay we have is evil no should I do if you’re one of those people who are
saying I know I’m aware and are evil but now what can I do with it I know I have
this designer now or should I do with this how can i change myself if you
reach that point you will enjoy the rest of the videos and if you have come to
this to listen to this lecture of mine I think you’re pretty good in your
I haven’t thought about it so as we unwind the steps I hope you enjoy this
video and i hope you will change and become a better person a better human

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