Introducing creation tools in Google Earth

(gentle music) – [Anisa] Most of my family immigrated from Iran in the 1970s, but no one has been able to go back. – [Anisa’s Grandma] This
picture is around 65 years ago. – [Anisa] When I hear a lot
of these family stories, it’s hard to have a real
connection with that place because I’ve never been. But my family has used Google
Earth to see those places. – This is the neighborhood I
used to ride my bike around. – [Anisa] Today I’m working on a project for my family on Google Earth. I’m mapping these family photos, so that we can draw connections between the past and a new future. (gentle music) – [Jessie] Today, we’re putting together a digital tour of the Hudson River, highlighting some landmarks
and other special places along the river in Google Earth. As an environmental advocacy organization, we’re always looking for
ways to connect people to rivers in an emotional way. The new creation tools
allow us to put place marks, add photos, and descriptions to really create a meaningful story. (gentle music) – Today, we’re working on
a Google Earth project. We talk about how our community
has grown up around a lake, and how that lake has been kind
of abused through pollution. – My project is about the carousel that was around Onondaga Lake. The carousel was moved because Onondaga Lake got really polluted. – As a community, we’ve all
seen how that lake project has been cleaned up. Learning about where we live
can benefit other people. (gentle music) (upbeat music) – [Anisa] Doing this project makes these places seem more real. I’ve been so fortunate
to have these stories that have been given to me, and now I’m able to give
something back to my family. And it brings me more
context and understanding of what their lives were like. – [Jessie] With this project, we hope that people will feel more
connected to the Hudson, so that they can reach
out to their regulators, their decision makers to ask
them to do the right thing. (upbeat music) – The students are really proud because this is not just built for our little school community. We’re making dynamic presentations for anyone on the planet
to view and gain from. (upbeat music)


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