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or aurora as jeff walked into the program that’s great to be on the program right
now thank you thank you so much for joining
us are you in wisconsin right now american wisconsin this is ground zero and the war of
workers and uh… we just had a tremendous
broward thousands of people all different unions and of course the people that are most important
public employees of wisconsin were here at the state capital that’s where i’m at
right now and i’m telling you it was the most
wonderful rally because it showed it people are together people are standing
out there fighting back they’re not going to lose our collective bargaining
rights it was unbelievably impressive he took a lot seventeen days too to get mister mubarak out of office by
at what you know what is there any sense of in a
particular today uh… i don’t know if you heard the the
tapes of sky walker talking to a many thought was david coke and i did hear that i carry part of that there to take a look you up plot hope you know this thing is not just
happening here this is not circumstance we have right-to-work introduced in thirteen
states almost sucks simultaneously there’s
thirty four anti labor bills introduced in michigan and the same thing in indiana and the
same thing in ohio that anybody think that’s a coincidence what it is is the right wing you know through these elected official
that they have these tea party people are basically outfit basically knocked organized labor out once and for all
this the knockout punch and we’re going to make sure it doesn’t happen by having rallied here i’m going to go on to indiana i’m going to go on to all heil and all
of labor is supported the public employees you know we always say that you know shirley start with the public
employees and the next to try to work and get rid of unions altogether and
that’s what the plan is you know they tried to divide labor but now we have a state and labor that entry to wants an injury doll and that or making sure that we can call with our brothers here in and it’s been
a great rally intelligence narcissism president international brotherhood
teamsters teamster died or does the wilson crust and uh… at mister off back in in forty seven went after me was paid that was arguably the first republican
major republican assaults on organized labor harry truman vetoed it they
overrode his veto and that opened the door for the
so-called right-to-work states and yeah i’ve been on for years on this
program i gotta grow putting union households and lansing michigan my dad
was at work until about a shop hand and state that out for years and
calling for appeal today after our plate i am yeah i think most people don’t you
know don’t even remember what it is but but
there has been this steadily cheerier rationing ever since to have
terribly i think because it internally do you think it is possible that this could be the moment when
enough americans come to realize what labor is what it means what the stakes
are that we could have some kind of a really genuine change that could even conceivably leaves
rolling back after well i think that what happened today in
the overreach but it by the republicans is something that is uniting labor
igniting excitement in working people are you
mention that poll u_s_a_ today sixty one percent believe people should
have our collective bargaining you know that could be the they have
overreached so far that this could be what we need this battle going to get what we’ve got to do is to start city
people excited again we gotta basically we’ve got to take back a lot of these he
expected twelve and we’ve got to keep this bike though
right and that when you get the elected
officials can congressman you get senators then you can start repealing but we got to do the hard work first we
got to get our officials back in there we gotta get progressive about official developers before you’re going to repeal
taft-hartley yes it was a lot of worry was subtle but we’ve got to get back now to the ground groups and we got to
elect people to believe what we believe it you know it comes down to congress when it comes down to senators
it comes down to a president and that’s how we’re going to change
this wall and get this country back to work for plan also mail it comes down to
the individuals programmer watching this program right
now getting involved showing up at a local
democratic party saying how can i help to get involved the grassroots movements
checking in with a local labor organization says anything i can do you
know how can he shouldn’t isn’t this up are perfect moment for at least in the senate where where
they’re at where the democrats still control the agenda for the employee free choice act to be
rolled up well you know i did it but i feel proud
of it we have lost six senators you know and we tried in the first two
years uh… to get the employee free choice
act dash that would have been unbelievably
for organizing and you would have seen the number in our ranks grow you know from twelve percent to fifteen
percent to twenty percent it was the ideal type but for one reason or another we never
got it done and now we’ve lost six senators and now because of the use of the
filibuster by the republicans we are going to get
it done until we’ve basically change the composition of the house and senate
again to get people in the police uh… but i think what you talked about
it is israel this at the time as you saw it would opa moran use up people getting
excited about yusof people that were involved in politics
who one out of order for the first time you can use off people really get
excited about a candidate guava register to vote young people opt african-american people everybody everybody got excited about a
candidate we need to get that excitement going
against if we’re going to get this country back to work it blocks everybody knows right now there is such
a disparity between the rich in the poor it’s getting worse that’s the worst
thing if we can have perfect great nation that we have and will keep
getting more rich people and ten people people are being pushed
out like they’re trying to do here in
wisconsin then you’re going to have a revolution
have that with what i keep this country together we want to do it the right way seems like the the main things
republicans has offered his eve raised to the bottom while we talk about it cut cut cut and when you say what is this equality
of sacrifice shouldn’t the rich people anymore shouldn’t those corporations that are
sitting on hilton trillion-dollar trip with a be paying more and you look up the country for the
people up bill that the c_e_o_’s is sixty eight
million dollars it all got to work all of his life
hundred people could work all their life but not make sixty four million but one guy it’s that kind of money how can that be justified our country to
see working harder then they gotta go to work every day that have to get up in the dark go punch
a clock and workflow fourteen hours a day is he
working hours he really work these c_e_o_’s are making a hundred
million lipolysis and that’s the outrage that i see and that we’re we’re losing this that
the idea of equality in this country it is a democracy and this is this the basis of our whole
country were starting to lose that yeah and and not just that but that what comes out of that if you look at
that a rough from the from the forties through the fifties g_-seven these and haiti’s until reagan
began dismantling organized labor and robin laptop tax rates and things what came out of that was incredible
stability he was the first time in history united states we went
thirty-year it more than fifteen years without a major bank failure for example
or me or major stock market crash and it was a it was forty years of stability
and forty years of a solid middle class and then ronald reagan took it apart and bandits anyway which i would james
hoffa digital president international brotherhood users how do we put it back together sir that’s a great job and we got a chart we’re getting people the people that listen to this program
the people that are at this rally in medicine wisconsin get people to get involved it’s it all begins with you know the statehouse the state senate
it begins the house of representatives sending people that believe in having
equality every every fairness that’s where it’s all about it we
watched you know so we had a disaster in november because we lost a number of coverage we lost six senators we lost complete control we
lost like sixty congressman in the united states house
and now it’s all republicans that was a disaster for us because it’s
going to step back the progressive movement is going to step back working families in the idea that
america strong middle class because the people that one dot believe
in the middle class they believe with the rich people having
more and then you can see it here what a debate what debated to try to get the country
right now all the teachers should give up all of sunday i drive a garbage truck
should give up sumner st deal but but they don’t want to mention the rich people they don’t want to
mention the big corporations they don’t want to pension the people italy’s people i was talking about the
c_e_o_’s making fifty a hundred million dollars a year uh… i live in the gated communities in
quite a rather private jets make a lot of talk about them giving
more i thought we were all in this together
didn’t you united interesting didn’t get together and put this country back to work at
this very very well son and there is a lot of
wealth in this country and it doesn’t mean that we have to arbuckle marxists or something crazy like that i
think on well i think word we’re talking about going back to two white guys in
the powers time right it’s here they are worth it dot org
aired they were they were on a and i’m old enough to remember the james p_
hoffa teamster dot o_ r_ d_ general presently international brotherhood
teamsters certain honored as environmental for being with us begging for every hour keep up the great
work shit

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