Instill the Learner in Your Child: Today’s Self-Compassion Building Tip with Dr. Jen

Hi everybody! Dr. Jen here.
Today’s tip comes from a conference I was just at with just an amazing line-up
of speakers, every single one of them running huge businesses, doing it with
heart and passion and soul and obviously I’ve come back from that experience very
inspired. But something that one of the speakers said really resonated with me
when it comes to helping other parents raise children who are more resilient to
life’s bumps and bruises. So this was Tom Bilyeu, who runs QuestNutrition,
which is a billion-dollar company and the thing he said and the
lesson that he’s taken from his life is that the only type of person whose
ego is resilient to failures and bumps along the way is the learner. So if we
see bumps and you know little obstacles along our way as opportunities to prove
ourselves because our ego is tied to getting through those difficult times, we
can actually get a boost in our ego when things go wrong in our lives instead of
feeling like every time that happens we get knocked down just a little bit and
just a little bit until we no longer feel like we can take on the world like
we thought we were going to. So, try to instill the learner in your child. Try to
instill the spirit of joy in overcoming obstacles instead of seeing an obstacle
as a slight against you and something that makes you a little bit weaker.
It’s amazing what this learner persona can do to preserve your ego and also
help you take on bigger challenges, you know, find those things that are at the
edge of what people are doing because they’re a little too scary and take them

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