Indigo and Crystal Children from Kryon – History of Mankind – Part 49

Hi. Jack again. Indigo children – from Kryon exposed, to indigo
children and then, of course, you know of the crystal children. The crystal children
are the upgrades of indigo children, but, for now, let’s focus on the indigo children. Okay, the Indigo children were of Kryon’s
race within the dimensions – the indigo children were the children of the interdimensional
existence of Kryon’s race. They were also of the ‘magnetic service’ of existence. So, what was these children’s purpose in
this world? These children’s purpose was to become the manifestation and the crystallisation
of mind consciousness systems in this world, which means the following: You have within human beings, what we call,
mind consciousness system: the mind system placement within in your brain area, manifesting
within your entire human physical body – your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind
– which is a presentation of them within you, ‘who you are’ within this consciousness
system – which is also referred to as the unified consciousness field, which is connected
by the unconscious mind of all human beings. Now, these consciousness systems are interdimensionally
manifested within the human physical body. Yet, all human beings are ‘one’ within
this, through the unconscious mind connection, forming the unified consciousness field. Though,
what ‘Anu and them’ realised – the beings who were in power and control of Earth and
of the dimensions – is that: they require an absolute manifestation of a mind consciousness
system – completely – to be able to ‘power’ and ‘charge’ the rest of humanity collectively
as mind consciousness systems through magnetic sound frequency impulses. Why magnetic sound frequency impulses? Magnetic, firstly, because the magnetism fused
the mind consciousness systems with the human physical body faster, quicker, and more effectively
– so that human beings’ ‘chances’ of realising themselves in this world are slim
to nothing. Sound impulse is because this magnetic frequency
is then generated throughout the Earth [and] impulsed within each and every single human
being through the unconscious mind connection. Therefore, what are indigo children? Indigo
children are very difficult, they’re very emotional, they’re not able to operate or
participate in this world, they create havoc in parents’ lives. Why is that? That is a manifestation of an
absolute reactive, programmed, mind consciousness system. Why reactive? As I’ve said, what do mind consciousness
systems ‘feed off’ – the dimensional being, as you, within the mind consciousness
system, powering the mind consciousness system within the human physical body? How does that
powering occur, especially when you become emotional? When you become emotional, those
mind consciousness systems within you go, “Yes, yes, yes!” and actually start charging
the mind consciousness system. And it benefits the mind consciousness system, because then
the mind consciousness system is able to infuse, manifest, and integrate even more and even
further. So, these children are then manifested as
complete mind consciousness systems with their emotional expression enhanced; whereas normal
human beings’ emotional and feeling expression are quite balanced, very much submissive – not
completely to the fore – where they are still able to interact and participate in this world
‘normally’. Whereas with indigo children, what happens is: their emotional-reactive
centre within the mind consciousness system is completely manifested within their entire
being, and it also manifests as crystals within their human physical body. So, the following happens: you have [an] extensive
amount of indigo children in the world. All of them are mind conscious manifestations
with their emotional centres enhanced, which manifest as crystals within their human physical
body. Every time they become reactive or emotional they send magnetic sound frequency impulses
through their unconscious mind into all of and as humanity. So, all of humanity’s mind
consciousness systems are with these magnetic frequency sound impulses, charged. That was the indigo children. The crystal children are where this mind consciousness
system, also with the emotional centres enhanced, manifest as crystals within the human physical
body. They manifested as crystals because through the crystals, as well, the sound frequency
resonance is generated, or expressed, that contains and impulsed, that assists with the
generation and empowerment of mind consciousness systems within human beings, through specific
sound frequencies. So, you had the magnetic impulse and you had the sound frequency impulse
– both assisting mind consciousness systems’ generation and power-charging within and as
human beings. So, obviously you’re asking: “But why
did Kryon say specifically that these children are ‘special’?” Because he participated
in the design of mind consciousness systems as well. He was the one that connected the
relationship between the mind consciousness system within human beings and the human physical
body. His ‘magnetic expression’ supported that relationship that occurred. So, that’s also why Kryon many times used
the word ‘love’. When he spoke the word ‘love’, every time that word sound frequency
resonance of ‘love’, he used and expressed – also connected and interconnected that
relationship between the mind consciousness systems and the human physical body, as well
as the being within this entire set-up, so that all three come together in one – the
dimensional being within the mind consciousness system within the human physical body – becoming
one, integrated, trapped, enslaved, lost. And by saying that indigo children, and crystal
children, are ‘very special’, is – of course, what else is he going to say? – to
have human beings give these children ‘special attention’ to remain in the expression that
they are, instead of finding a way of actually assisting them, but having them be and remain
that way to power and charge the rest of humanity as mind consciousness systems. Thank you. This is Jack.


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