[Music] namaste everyone never say India this is my fiancee I became by Road from Germany to India and I just lost my phone here in Jaipur we are here in this world one of the biggest goals in our journey so far we are travelling by hitchhiking normally all around the world with a very low budget yesterday I was driving the first time with the Royal Enfield on the way I lost my phone somewhere and we really believe in the good of the people in every country we have been we have experienced so many blessings and even here in India we got so blessed because just this morning one guy told me that he found my phone he was riding me on Facebook it was so amazing so I have to really record this yeah it’s him hello he got my phone back it isn’t it great I met him this whole day and he was showing me around Jaipur thank you so much that you are so respectful and great – give me the phone back India it’s a really great country we will travel the next two and a half months through India we have experienced so many good things on this journey you know there are lots of people who are complaining about India because of the criminality because of the whole dirt and the plastic this this is real I know but there is also the another side there’s another side of India there’s another side of every country we got dropped in Iran we have these experiences we are not just naive we know that there is evil in the world but there are also so much good in the world we want to be an inspiration for people not to put countries or nations or people in boxes but to be like open-minded because I think the most of the people they are nice people the the people they like to help other people they have a lot of love in her heart if you see the next time every anywhere a mobile phone or if you can help anyone do it and share the love this humanity if this is the love of God I think we can share with each other by way you


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