Importing Terrain from Google Earth to AutoCAD – Terrain on Grid & Terrain on Area

Importing Terrain along a grid we have specified in AutoCAD Select the “Terrain on Grid” command… …specify the bottom left corner for your grid… …enter a value for the “Grid rotation”… …specify the grid spacing for the X-axis… …and again for the Y-axis. Finally, select the top right corner for your grid. Once you’ve finished, a preview of the grid you have created… …will appear in the background. From the dialogue which appears, you can enter the Options menu… …and customize the parameters to fit your needs. Press “Start” to begin the process of importing terrain points. It is recommended that a grid, no greater than 30m x 30m (100ft x 100ft) is created. Once the process has been completed, you can import the terrain points… …or you can create the corresponding Surface and Contours. In this example we will select the latter. Here, you can choose to import a triangulation object (TIN). Additionally, you can choose to import surface Contours… …as well as configure the Contour Intervals and their corresponding Layers. Once you’ve setup the parameters, just click OK… …and the resulting surface will be created, along with the TIN object… …and the major & minor contours. Now you can close the Terrain dialogue… …and view the terrain you have imported, to get a better understanding of the area and its morphology. Now, we are going to look into the “Terrain on Area” feature of
Plex.Earth… …which follows the same process, by importing terrain points on a grid, along a specific area. Select the “Terrain on Area” command… …outline the area within which you want to import the terrain… …and finish your selection by pressing “Space”. Define the grid in the same way as previously… …and follow the same process as before, to import the Terrain Points and corresponding Surface and Contours. The terrain along the area you have specified, has now been imported.

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