Hey guys my name is Markiplier I’ve got a very important announcement we’re gonna be doing a charity livestream for save the children starting tomorrow At 10 a.m. Pacific standard time but this isn’t gonna be a normal charity live stream this one is bigger and better than anything we’ve ever done before I’ve been setting up the live stream equipment all day, we’ve been like collecting the necessary Materials to be able to do all of the challenges that we have in store and it’s gonna be more fun than just normal challenges because we’ve got all this stuff that we’re gonna be doing in front of you and live we’re gonna be making breakfast with a twist we’re gonna be dodging arrows we’re gonna be on going on an easter egg hunt with shock collars we’re gonna play jenga with muscle stimulators we’re gonna be playing cards against humanity’ we’re gonna be doing an ice bath reading your comments we’re gonna be doing blindfold friend yoga which is just something that i made up doesn’t even exist we’re gonna be doing body art with blow pens And on top of all of that I’ve got a board of 24 unique punishments Because every milestone that we reach we’re going to be doing another punishment and every loser of these challenges that we got here we’re going to be doing another punishment and if we hit milestones in time we’ve even got five additional unlockable punishments here that you can see us suffer through but more importantly Above all else above the punishments above the challenges this one is extremely important because this one’s for save the children which is a very important charity by itself but also an anonymous donator has agreed to match every donation made up to two hundred Thousand dollars and two hundred thousand dollars is our goal this time around which if you know is higher than it’s ever been before Which, is why it’s so important that you guys join us on this charity livestream tomorrow and not only that it’s so important that you spread the word about it we’ve planned this whole day of fun and amazing horrible, terrible things that we have in store for you here but it’s gonna be a lot of fun and for a great cause because everything that you donate tomorrow everything that you do tomorrow is double. Every other viewer that you get in the stream that can possibly donate that effect is Compounded every donation that you make is matched the entire stream Every action that you take to try to make this world a better place is gonna be doubled tomorrow So please join us for a day full of fun we’re all gonna be here and it’s gonna be nonstop fun So thank you everybody So much, for watching all the available information is down in the description below and so hopefully we will see you tomorrow So thank you everybody, so much for watching and As Always I’ll see you, in the next video buh-bye That’s bob we’re gonna be bobbing by the way ice bucket bob apples great, okay, cool (hi the subtltler waz Ben Ranking!!)


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