‘If You Get The Gift From Humanity Or From God To Age Beautifully, Give That Gift To The World’

I love younger men because they’re in the middle of an achievement, of a goal. There’s the excitement of creating. I’m still creating and it’s exciting. Well we’re back with Hattie who claims at 83 years old she’s dating online and having sex with an average of three different partners a week. (audience gasping) Could be. A week? Yeah. Yeah, Hattie has told our producers that ultimately the one thing she wants is true love and intimacy. Yes, I do. So you’re dating a lot of guys. Yes. And you meet them on the internet. Yes. And you said if you’re at dinner and things go well you take ’em upstairs. Yes. To your apartment. Yes. Well you don’t know anything about ’em. Well, I’m a trained therapist, and so I trust my instincts. A therapist in what? I was trained as a psychoanalyst, but because I was a dancer I combined the two and it was dance therapy. Then you know that spending a couple hours at dinner with somebody is not exactly a background check to go behind closed doors with them. A better way to get to know them deeply is to have sex with them. (laughing) Then I really know. Well hell, you’ve made it this far. (audience applause) So your question is how do I encourage other women my age to be inspired by me instead of being resentful of you? That is the question I wanna ask you, Dr. Phil. Well, you know, what was the… How did you give yourself permission to get out there and against social sanction, mores and folkways to just get out there and walk to the beat of your own drum instead of expectations that society would put on you? Because clearly society at 83 would say, you know, here’s your knitting, get a rocking chair, sit down, and you say, “No, I wanna rock somebody’s world instead of my chair.” That’s good. So how did you decide that you were gonna give yourself permission to do that and not worry about other people’s judgment? Well, we started out with my making the term trans age, and I came up with another term called un-insultable. And there’s no way anyone can say anything to me that will hurt my feelings. And then I said if you get the gift from humanity or from God to age beautifully, give that gift to the world. (audience applause) So you’re sexually active. Do you enjoy sex? Enjoy is a rather mild word. (laughing) You are careful about this. Absolutely safe sex. Absolutely. And the wonderful thing about being a cougar or being brave in the way that I am is that everything I learn I’m able to impart as knowledge. I’m writing a book now, and it will have a lot of the things that I’ve learned, because for me just to have my own experience does not satisfy me as much as knowing that I can make a huge difference for people’s lives. Do you think you’ll ever get married again? I would love to. Really? Absolutely love to get married. Would you wanna marry someone younger? Yes. Okay, but you would get married. Absolutely, and– Settle down? Well it isn’t settling down, but I would be 100% faithful without doubt and expect the man to be as well. Of course. Yes of course. But you would be happy with one man, you would be monogamous. Absolutely monogamous. But active. Frequent. (audience laughing) So what advice do you have for women your age that are kinda checked out and sitting home? A woman at every age has to ask herself what do you want from life? Why are you here? How do you fulfill that blessing of being on the earth? So at every age you decide what you love. I love sex. (audience laughing)

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