If People Were Anime!

Only 20 minutes late, huh Greg? That’s pretty impressive for your sorry [email protected]#! Hm, hm, hm, hm, hmMMM, your [email protected]#$%y attitude is no match for me, Bridget! Fool! I’m only using 30% of my b#&&%y attitude HAHAHAHAHA! Ughhhh! And that’s how you skin a cat. Clarissa, what did i tell you about sleeping in class? (muffled) I’m not sleeping Mr.Stewart. Excuse me? I said, I am not sleeping Mr.Stewart! I- I can’t. Can you guys- (Please) (GASP) Oh my GOD! I haven’t seen a persons face in like days! These breasts are just way too big for the proportions of the rest of my body! You know, as a male I would have to disagree. Woah! woah! woah! (Anime girl falls) And now for the hundred meter dash! Runners take your marks, get set, go! Running, like that doesn’t help you at all but theeeyy, still keep doing it. Hey, uhh, I need to renew my license? (sigh) So! You wish to renew your license in order to get back on the streets. Huh!? Right you are sir, and I am in a bit of a hurry! Well, well, well! Do you have the forms of which I speak in order to make this renewal official!? Gaah! I forgot the form! Well that’s too bad cuz- Wait…Uhh… I’m not I- I’m not stopping stopping. C-c-can you help me? Help me out I’m not stopping! WHY AM I NOT STOPPING!? HEEEEEELP! HELP! HEEELP! PLEAAASE!? PLEAAAAASEEE!? It’s a peculiar thing, language, merely just sounds attempting to convey a common understanding between two similar yet entirely different entities. Sounds, which can signify the utmost importance, bring about such a permanence and change yet once uttered aloud, dissipate into the ether, never to be heard again! Vanishing in the mere moment they’re birthed! So how does one respond to such a question!? Knowing that the answer consisting of sounds, so simple, so intangible, has the weight to bind my soul to another force for eternity! I DO! Why the hell did you freeze for like 10 minutes? GAH! Why did I freeze for like 10 minutes? Hmmmm (Anime noise) MMM NUM NUM NUM NUM MMM MMM NUM NUM NUM NUM Oh, uh hey. Uh Just a heads up- I know you think you’re eating really fast but you’re not actually eating anything at all, you’re just rotating the same noodles back, and forth back in the bowl. Oh… Yeah. Oh th-that’s why I’m still hungry. (muffled) WOOAAAH! So she wanted him to take off his jacket but he, was like “Babe! Man’s not hot!” And then he’s like- (insert gushing sound here) Dude! They’re like 14 years old! (Tactical nosebleed, INCOMING!) Huh? Oh no! No! No! No! No! No! I take it back! Take it back! take it back! You’re on your own dude… But I take it back! I take it back. (sigh) Alright. I guess I gotta… powerup! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!(alright off brand goku) (exhale) All right. Ugh! Come on! Damn it! Alright. DAHHHHHHH (louder) Come on! DAHHHHHHHH (Fred Style) COME ON!(muffled) ARRGGHHH! Oh! It’s a push!(👏 BOY!) IF PEOPLE WERE ANIME! Hey, guys! Thank you so much for watching and I cannot wait to see all the comments saying “Wh-Anime is not like that!” if you wanna see how people would act if they were cars, click the box on the left, and if you want to see a classic Smosh video, click the box on the right to check out our Real Death Note video. Um.. I g- I guess, that’s it. Uhh….. Byeee!


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