I Sell People’s Secrets To Cure My Dad

Hmm.. Hi, my name is Michael and I am 19 years old. A year ago, I became a cyber-criminal for
my father’s sake. My dad raised me on his own. He was a computer science teacher, so since
my childhood I’ve been taught the magic of programming. At the same time, he was not a supporter of
hackers, so he strictly forbade me from using my knowledge in this realm. Just like uncle Ben in spider-man: “with great
power comes great responsibility.” But I was a little kid, so of course, I didn’t
even think about doing anything bad. The other way around, I really wanted to be
like my father, so I just absorbed all his knowledge like a sponge. You know, by the age of 18, I had learned
a lot… My father and I lived a consistent life. I went to college, hung out with friends,
and played computer games from time to time. Dad went to work, and after that sometimes
he also played computer games with me. Everything was great… But suddenly, our peaceful life was over – my
dad got diagnosed with cancer… Cancer is one of the most terrible diseases
that I know of. Besides, we didn’t have the money for treatment…
and unfortunately, dad’s insurance didn’t cover cancer treatment. Of course, we had some savings, but… With such high prices for healthcare, it would
only be enough for the doctor to say, “Hello” to my dad! I felt helpless. Even if we had the money, it would not guarantee
my dad’s recovery. We had plenty of time, but the more time we
spent looking for the money, the lower his chances for recovery were… every single day we looked for help, went
to charity funds, etc. I spread information about raising funds for
treatment among friends and online. Thank God our efforts were not in vain and
people began to respond and money actually started to come in. Of course, seeing the support helped us to
believe in my dad’s recovery. But, unfortunately, this support was not enough. There were good days, when people transferred
us huge amounts… But the bad days were much more frequent. It took a month to collect barely a quarter
of the cost of the treatment. We were under constant stress. Charities were silent, we only got help from
people who cared. And the time went by… And then one day, dad decided to take the
risk. He said that he was tired of waiting for the
moment when he would get worse and that he needed to act. He said he had a plan, he took all of our
savings, and went god knows where. Need I say I was worried? Well, I was VERY worried. And unfortunately, reasonably so. Dad came back, but without any money… At all! It turned out that he was convinced by some
distant acquaintances, that they knew the outcome of an upcoming football game. Like everyone could’ve easily made a lot of
money, and all you had to do was place a bet. Dad was afraid that we would not be able to
collect the entire amount in time, so he gave in to that idea. And, long story short, these distant acquaintances
found the perfect, desperate victim… Dad bet all of our savings and lost… It was such a shock! We had hope, and he took it all away! Of course, I was very angry, so I shouted
at him, because if he had just talked to me, this would have never happened. But I couldn’t be angry for too long because
I had to fix the situation. The money from the funds was still coming
in, but very slowly. Therefore, it was necessary to urgently change
our plan. Like I said earlier, I was good at programming. But I didn’t exactly have the concept of
the original interesting program to blow up the market and bring us lots of money. Plus, as time went on and dad wasn’t getting
any better… That’s when I decided to become a hacker. After I read the special literature. I decided to hack the websites of small businesses
(so as not to get into big trouble) and sell their customer bases (names, phone numbers,
e-mails, etc) on the internet. And believe me, this information is worth
a lot of money… Of Course, this is exactly what my father
despised, but I had all the necessary skills and motivation to do it… I do not think it’s necessary to delve into
the technical details, but I earned a lot. I know it’s bad, but there was no other way. All of this was done to save my father…
and you know what? I “worked” like this, for a little less than
a month, and after adding the money from the fundraising, we collected exactly what we
needed! Finally! I took the cash out of my fake accounts and
ran to dad. I could only think about his recovery and
nothing else! But I had no idea that he would be so against
my way of making money, even in such an extreme situation… When he found out where I got the money, instead
of thanking me, he started yelling at me. And at one point he even called me a criminal! I didn’t understand “Why?!” I had done this all for him and this was his
gratitude?! The only reason why I had to stoop to hacking
was because he lost all of the money in that stupid bet… Long story short, after the word “criminal”
I snapped… I yelled at him, and he yelled at me. And at the end of our fight, when we were
both at our boiling point, he said he’d rather die than use this money for treatment. Can you imagine?! I was still angry, but I was thinking about
how to get him to start treatment. In the end, I decided to talk to him in the
morning, when we both cooled off. But … How should I put this?! In the morning, both dad and the money were
gone. There was only a single note on the table. He explained everything in it… He asked me not to look for him. Dad wrote that he loved me, but it was painful
for him to realize that I had started doing such bad things because of him. To make up for me hacking sites, he wanted
to give all the money to the Charity that helps children who are sick with cancer. At the same time, he did not want me to watch
him die slowly, so he planned to keep a few thousand to live the rest of his life happily. I was reading this and my eyes bursted with
tears. I couldn’t believe my dad was selfish enough
to do this… shocked, and having some stupid hope, I ran out of the house. Like, maybe dad hasn’t gotten that far yet. But, unfortunately, the street was empty… Yes, I was already of age, Yes, I had my father’s
apartment, but I was all alone… At first, it was very hard for me. And not just because I missed my father… He literally left me no money. To pay my bills, I started combining College
with a programming job. I didn’t agree with dad on many things, of
course, but one thing I learned for sure. Since he’s willing to give his life to stop
me from being a hacker, so be it. Programmers also make a good salary. A couple of months passed and of course, it
was very sad, but I continued to live, because my father would have wanted it that way. College, work, friends… My busy schedule kept me distracted. One day, I was hanging out with friends, and
for the first time in a long time, I felt calm. It was a cool feeling, too bad it didn’t
last for long… Apparently my dad likes to steal my peace
of mind. And one day, he did come home! He was rumpled, bearded, and most importantly,
his face showed that the disease was progressing. Of course, I was shocked and didn’t know whether
to be happy, or angry, or to start crying. I just started asking him what he had been
doing this whole time. But, as it turned out, he stuck strictly to
his original plan. Everything according to his note… After donating the money to the Charity, he
traveled around the country and did everything that he wanted (within reason). A couple of thousand dollars wasn’t much to
go around, but he even had a list of things he had to do before he left for another world…
well, like I said, it was all in the note, with only one important “but.” As the disease continued to progress, he realized
that he still wanted to live! He came to me in a terrible state. And you know what he asked me to do?! He asked me to go back to hacking to get more
money and cure him. Apparently the fear of death radically changes
people’s mindsets… I still haven’t come up with the proper
way to describe the emotions that I experienced at that moment! It was extreme anger mixed with extreme compassion. Why, why didn’t he take the money when I could
offer it?! So everything repeated itself. I’m a hacker again… Once more, I had some savings from working
as a programmer, but healthcare is too expensive! Without good insurance in America, you’re
doomed! Obviously now there was much less time left
that last time, so now I was not only hacking the sites of small businesses, but I needed
to hack a big one. The cooler the company, the more profit from
its hacking. Of course, I didn’t hack Apple or Microsoft. This is not a movie… but the company was
big enough. I spent a few days preparing for the “break-in,”
very worried, but everything went well. But when it was time to make money on this
hack, I stopped for a second and thought. What if I cure my dad with this money, but
his agony passes, and the situation with him leaving repeats itself? After all, as it turned out, my dad is the
most controversial person in the world. Long story short, filled with emotions, I
told the companies I hacked, that they’ve been hacked (of course anonymously). Meanwhile, I started looking for legal ways
to save my father. Without knowing It, I’d already found the
way… This big company answered me quickly enough. And their answer stunned me. Instead of sending an angry letter, they said
that they were grateful that I had found holes in their defense system. More than that, they even offered me to continue
to do similar hacking, for money. That’s how I found out about the white hats. These are people who look for problems in
companies ‘ security systems and fix them. So … I became one of them. I earned money for my dad’s treatment pretty
quickly and thank God, after a while, the cancer went in to remission. Now I’m a pretty successful white hat and
my dad and I are finally enjoying life! That’s my story! I mean, there’s always a choice. The goal does not necessarily have to be achieved
in a dirty way…


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