I Got TRICKED on Valentine’s Day By My Crush 💔(STORYTIME)

Heya playa, as we get closer to Valentine’s
Day I wanted to share a story with you about how I got tricked by my crush on Valentine’s
Day. I thought it was going to be a one on one hangout but it ended up being something
totally different. This is The Josh Speaks. You’re watching The Josh Speaks. For those
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me to set up the scene for you, this is a girl I was hanging out with pretty regularly.
Every single day we would talk or we would hang out so I developed a crush on her and
when Valentine’s Day rolled around she told me “hey, we should hang out on Valentine’s
Day” which to me meant one thing. Finally, this girl I had a major crush on liked me
back. All this time talking to her and flirting with her and joking around with her was actually
leading to something I wanted to do which was to date her. So when she was ready to
actually spend Valentine’s Day with me, I thought that was a huge step up. Here’s my
crush asking me out on Valentine’s Day. Now look, I wouldn’t say I was the most confident
person. I was still incredibly shy whenever I was around this girl but I was able to kind
of fake it and pretend like everything was cool so I had to kind of go into this situation
with the same kind of attitude. Not letting my nerves get the best of me but telling myself
alright, this is your opportunity to actually make a move and make something happen. When
I got home from work I immediately ran to CVS to see if I could get a card or candy
or teddy bear or something Valentine’s Day related. I wanted this event to actually be
special so I went through the aisles and saw everything ransacked. You ever go to CVS on
Valentine’s Day to get something for Valentine’s Day? It’s a madhouse, things are all over
the place, things are falling from the ceiling, it’s a crazy place. But, luckily enough I
was able to find a card that really captured how I felt. Now it probably wasn’t so much
what the card said but what I wrote in the card. In the card, I made sure to establish
“I really enjoy our friendship and I think you’ll always be a really good friend to me”.
Now, I had a huge crush on this girl and for some reason, I felt like I needed to throw
in that friend line to not make things awkward or weird. For her to think it was too romantic
which was my first mistake. I continued on, went home, showered, got ready and when the
time came I asked my dad to drive me to the restaurant where we were actually going to
be meeting up and when I got there, I texted her letting her know I was there and she responded
with “We’re inside”. We’re inside… well did she mean we as in me and her as in she
was speaking in the future tense as in I was going to be in there or did she mean what
she actually meant which was that there was someone else there. So I headed on inside
and already my heart was starting to drop because I realized this wasn’t going to be
a one on one date. I felt like I had gotten kind of tricked by her because earlier when
she told me we should spend Valentine’s Day together, I thought it was just gonna be us
but it was actually something totally different. When I get inside I see it’s her and another
girl that’s her friend then I sort of casually know. At first, I felt kind of bummed out
because it wasn’t one on one but I thought hey, I can still talk to both of them and
try to flirt with both of them, I could make this situation work. As I was talking to them
I decided to try to use the other girl as a way to make my crush jealous so I spent
my time talking to the other girl, flirting with her and using all different kinds of
PUA techniques that I was learning. PUA means “Pick up Artist” and at the time there were
a lot of guys sharing tips and information online, little techniques you can use if you
were dating someone or trying to get someone’s attention. The one I decided to use here was
called the triangular gaze, now I’ve talked about this in a previous video, I’ll link
it up over here but basically the triangular gaze is this. Looking at someone’s left eye,
and then their right eye and then down at their lips and creating this triangular pattern
that’s kind of a gaze that’s supposed to get them more involved in listening to you. So
far things are going pretty good. Both girls were kind of paying attention to me which
was working to my advantage because I was telling them techniques and stories and all
these different things but as I launched into the second technique called The Cube, the
first girl called me out and said “Oh I already know that one because some guy already tried
it on me”. For a second there I got kind of nervous because I was pretty sure it was going
to ruin it for the second girl so I kind of turned it into a joke and I was like “Hey
listen you, hush up. Don’t say anything, don’t ruin it for her”. As I launched into that
second technique, the first girl was paying attention, she was intruigued by what I was
doing so I felt like alright, this is still working to my advantage. And that’s when the
while night changed. I’m right in the middle of the cube story when I realize that our
party of three is now going to become a party of five. Two other guys that are friends with
my crush also decided to join us, she actually invited them out as well. So now, here I am
sitting with two other guys and these two girls, and these two guys… lemme just tell
you a little bit about them. Now I considered myself someone who was a little bold, a little
bit of a storyteller, someone who kind of commanded attention in the room. But these
guys came in talking loud, telling stories, just totally shutting down anything that I
was doing or saying at the table. And that led to the second mistake I was making that
night, I allowed these guys to get in my head. I was much more focused on what the girls
thought of them rather than what I was presenting to the girls so I kind of retreated back in
my seat, fell quiet and just felt insecure compared to them. Here were these two guys
with their fancy clothes and their fancy cars and just larger than life and there I was
sitting next to them just trying to be confident in myself. Now where it really started to
hurt was that all of them spoke the same foreign language so they started speaking their language
and I just kind of sat there, nodding along, not knowing what any of them were saying.
If felt incredibly left out of the conversation and I just didn’t really wanna be there anymore.
But I held on with the high hope that somehow, someway my crush would still wanna just leave
them and spend the night alone with me. Now realistically was that going to happen given
everything that was going on, no but I had that hope. The two guys started to brag about
all the girls they would date and how they would work together to pick up girls and then
when the waitress came over they started to flirt with her and they became instant friends
with her as well which wowed one of the girls at the table but really annoyed my crush.
She started going on a rant about how all guys are the same. There’s no creativity or
originality to any of them. They all like the same things, they all act the same ways
and that’s when the guy responded back to her “yeah cause girls don’t like nice guys
and we’re not nice guys”. And then she said something that was deeply hurtful to me but
I realized why she said it. She said “yeah but Josh is a nice guy” which got me to really
retreat inside. I quickly jumped in and said hold on, there’s a difference between nice
guys and soft guys, guys that are high quality and guys that are not. I tend to think that
I’m a nice guy that’s high quality, not a soft guy or a weak guy which she kind of agreed
with but it still kind of stung when she said that. After that both guys just kind of looked
at each other and laughed at what I said and they responded with “Listen, nice guys are
the kind of guys that girls will walk all over. So if that’s you man then that’s you”
which really kind of dug me into that insecurity bubble. Here I was trying to impress my crush,
trying to get her attention and these two guys just kind of bombastically took over
the scene, made me feel small and I just kind of ate it all up. At the end of the night
both guys decided they wanted to go pick up girls so they went off to a club to go do
their own thing and I decided to head home with my crush and the other girl. And we all
got into the car and we went to drop off the first girl and after we did the rest of the
car ride back was awkward and silent. Here I was sitting there in the passenger seat
next to my crush who was driving and she just kind of had this sad depressed look on her
face after the conversation we had with those two guys. When I started to talk to her about
it, she said she felt kind of hurt by what they said. In her mind she had this idealistic
version of love and romance. That guys actually wanted to be with girls, that they love girls,
that they care about them and wanted to get to know them better. Now here I was sitting
in the other seat going “Ding dong, I’m right over here”. But the problem was that I didn’t
actually do anything other than just respond to her by saying things like “Yea hold on,
there are some bad guys out there but there are good guys out there, trust me on that”.
When we got to my house she delivered another subtle blow by saying something like “Listen
Josh you’re such a good guy and I’m sure there’s a great girl out there for you.” which left
me feeling like “yeah, but why isn’t that you?”. Well the night was ending so I decided
I had to do something here. When I went to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, I
stared at her for a second and punked out. I was too scared to actually go for the kiss
and make a move. It all happened so fast and I felt like I was in my head the whole time
that when I closed the door and walked inside my house and saw her drive away I started
to beat myself up about how I messed up this opportunity. Here I was beating myself up
because I didn’t make the move. I didn’t express how I really felt. Instead I retreated back
to the safety of playing the friend card and just being there for her when that wasn’t
really how I felt and that was the third mistake that I made. I wasn’t being honest and genuine
about how I felt. At the end of the night on Valentine’s Day I felt like I wasted my
opportunity. Look, at the end of the day maybe the romantic feelings were one sided. Maybe
I really liked her and she only saw me as just a friend, I never really did find out
but the thing that I learned from that experience is this. If you do have feelings for someone
and you do wanna build something with them, you have to be honest and you have to be open.
If you’re going to pretend to be a friend and play along with things like that you’re
only going to make it harder for yourself when the opportunity does arise and if you
do act as a friend and try to approach your crush and do something romantic it might throw
them off guard and might shock them and make them realize wow, you weren’t actually a real
friend to me, you were just pretending to be a friend to me so you could get closer
to me. Now I share this story with you not to bum you out about Valentine’s Day but to
inspire you. I want you to go after your crush, I want you to make a move, I want you to stop
hiding in the shadows and start dealing with the real world effects of telling someone
you like them and asking them out. Now if you wanna hear more stories about my life
about other dating experiences I’ve had, check out the playlist over there on the side and
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on that note guys I’ll catch you next time. Happy Valentine’s Day, love and peace.


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