I believe in Humanity / Je crois en l’Humanité

I have no words to explain my feelings when I see all that violence, agressivity between humans, when I see terrorism. I have to confess that yesterday I felt anger, agressivity, even hate about these people that kills other human beings. I asked myself if the solution was to kill, destroy and hate them. Is that the solution to use the
weapons those people use ? I have no solution. I’m feeling helpless I don’t know what to do. I’m sick of these wars, atrocities, conflicts. Why is this happening ? we are a country who experienced wars and promised to be in peace There is a quote that helps me from Marcus Aurelus who says : “grant me the strengh to change
the things I can change, The serenity to accept the things I cannot, And the wisdom to know the difference.” How can I accept that ? How can I overcome it ? How can I change that situation ? The world is so complex, I don’t know. But I know one thing : I can change. It might be utopic to believe that
if I change, things will change. But at least I would’ve tried, and I’ll be proud of myself. If I’m giving hate, I will feel hate. I experienced anger and hate, and it’s normal. But I felt bad and when I’m feeling bad, I’m feeling bad with other people. When I start to give love, I’m giving love to myself and I’m feeling better. And in a state of well-being, I can act to change things. I can send love and good vibes. Not because I have to, But maybe simply because if I’m filling myself of love, things can change. There is violence inside me. Sometimes I’m violent with myself. So why I want to change things
if I don’t change myself ? I’m inspired by stories from Gandhi, Mandela… Those persons who succeeded to love when it was hard to do. I want to spread the same message because it honors myself and everyone believing in it. I think it honors those people who
changed the planet and allowed themselves to say “Love can change things”. Today I decide to send love to everyone on Earth, not because it has to be done but because I believe it will change things. If everyone listening to this decides to do what he never does to walk for a better world, imagine the world we can build together. I dream of a world where people
love each other where people live in peace,
where the people are well-being. A world where people can smile
although it is hard to. Imagine thousands of people waking up every morning thinking of a peaceful France,
a peaceful World. Our thoughts creates future. Imagine a world where everyone learns to love more and more
and teaches it to the future generations. I believe that in this world, things can change. I don’t know what’s possible or not So I act as if everything is possible I decide to build a powerful springboard
from what happens. I decide to read Gandhi, Mandela
and Martin Luther King’s lifes, and to remember that everything I like in them is already inside me. They had the strengh to change things they could change, had the serenity to accept things
they couldn’t change and the wisdom to know the difference. I have the right to be angry,
the right to be sad and that’s normal. But I have the right to arise,
to smile and to laugh, the right to build for humanity, to be an exemple of Love,
the right to change things. Maybe only laughing about life, smiling to a stranger, the right of being an exemple. Gandhi says : “Be the change you want to see in the world” which can be extended to your familiy, your friends, your country, your state. Let’s be the change and be exemples. If we change individually, Humanity will change. Einstein says that it’s craziness to hope new results without doing new things. I want to be sure that on the last day of my life i’ll close my eyes and say to myself that I contributed to a world in peace. I decide to believe that things can change, I decide to believe in fraternity I decide to believe in Humanity. We believe in humanity


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