Humanity’s Future and A Match Made in AI?

[Synthesizer Music] – My name is Will.I.Am. I’m the founder of, I’m also a futurist,
musician, philanthropist, entrepreneur, thinker, make it happen’er, manifester of ideas. team
together, put it together guy, going out, scouring the
planet to find talented people to go out and solve tomorrow’s problems. How do you stay human in the age of AI? I would ask, are we actually human in the age of smart devices? It’s 1918 and Edison
and Teslas are competing to electrify the world,
bring light to the world. Ford is building vehicles, it’s 1918. But, in 2018, you have
the Googles, the Amazons. You have Elon Musks, you have independent guys like myself, the speedboats that go out and find talent to build tools to allow
you to talk to machines the way we talk to people. And that’s what the world
looks like tomorrow. And the new age that we are in right now is going to look back
at where we came from and call that age the inhumane age. Ten years from now we’re all
going to have a personal AI, which is like a digital aura. My data doppelganger
that goes out and gets all the data synonymous to mine. And AI would remove us from
having to scroll and swipe. And just have conversations
and speak again. Because no one’s talking
to anybody anymore. I can’t wait for the day
that we are all equipped with our personal AI agent that’s mine, so I can once again have
deeper relationships with people that I love and care about. Because everyone is distracted. My excitement, the reason why I like artificial intelligence, is because it’s going to force humanity to be more human to humans. It will be the first time that something that exists in the world that can think the way we think and beyond. So it’s going to make us realize that we need to be something
that a machine can never be. And that is compassionate, have a heart, and love one another. It’s going to push us to ignite our souls. And a machine, when it’s
thinking, solving problems, it’s going to force us
to become more spiritual. The reason why I’m
building an AI is because I’m telling kids that they
should apply themselves to be a part of shaping tomorrow. Especially inner-city kids,
people of color, women, they should want to be a part of this fourth industrial revolution. They should want to help mold what tomorrow’s going to be like, because it’s happening
right now as we speak.


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