Humanity, Morality, Ethics, and Jesus

The human conscience is written by God. It’s not just a product
of evolutionary theory, which could explain why,
within a particular tribe, we have agreed-upon
morals, but can’t explain why we have a sense of objective morality between tribes, why we think
something is just wrong. Do we think it’s wrong to abuse a child just because that’s the Canadian ideal? Child abuse, you know, Canadians, we’re sensitive to child abuse. But in other cultures, it’s right. No. To be able to say
cross-culturally, this is wrong, you must be able to
appeal to a higher ethic, a higher objective morality, and only God can offer that. And only the God of Jesus offers that absolute ethic of love. And so humans have this
imprinted on our hearts. To be human is to be
made in the image of God. We learn this from Genesis Chapter 1. Male and female. And then Christian or non-Christian. If you’re human, you’re
made in the image of God, and God has imprinted his
morality on your heart. That’s why it’s there, and
that’s why it is objective. And that’s why, even
though we will struggle to figure it out at times, and
we will have disagreements, we’re having those conversations because we believe there
is an objective morality to figure out, even if we
haven’t figured it out perfectly, we believe it exists, and
that’s what motivates us. And that is because we are
all made in the image of God, and he has imprinted it upon our hearts.

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