Humanity Joins The Stars | Stellaris Episode 1

Welcome to mikegolden Games and welcome
to Stellaris so this game came out a few years ago and I finally got around to
playing it I got it in a Steam sale like a week or two ago and man this game is
actually addicting it’s pretty hard to start out I’ve been playing this game I
played it like maybe four hours five hours last night and yeah like I said
it’s addicting but I’m not quite sure what I’m doing let’s zoom out here so
I’ve expanded a tiny bit and basically these guys right here the jagged
covenant were kind of working with them we have a trade deal going on these guys
on the other hand don’t like us that much which actually if we go over to the
context tab so there’s a pious father-son covenant to however you
pronounce that and we’re at negative 251 rating right now so they don’t like us
they’ve closed all their borders on us I don’t know what a cassis belly is I
haven’t really looked into what all the names are they do have a superior
strength over us so they’ve got better fleets so right now we got earth which
is right here where we started out we are playing as the humans of course and
that we did this game has a lot of customizations options for how you want
your civilisation to be set up let’s go into actual gameplay now but uh so we
started off with a president and he was the 8th name in line I’m not gonna name
him because YouTube and all that but yet currently our president is the faction
screen gives an overview of the populace but it again Qalandia where that shifts
in the solution no idea what he really is all about affections but we got the
Democratic right someone’s attraction and the alien freedom Association is the
other party should be found him we’re not gonna worry about too much on that
see because we do have a war starting to brew so far nobody’s attacked anybody
yet but we did find a ship over in this cluster that attacked one of my Scouts
so I sent them back home and these are the worlds we’ve explored as you can see
how it’s kind of wait a second why is my arrow that’s weird I’m looking at the
screen and my arrow is completely where it is on my screen how is that
that’s weird okay so right here in this video writer
in the video you can see my mouse at the bottom right that is not where it is my
mouse where it is on my actual screen is about like right here I’ve never seen a
game do that before when I’m recording interesting anyways this might make it a
little difficult for pointing things out well so we do have some systems in line
basically I’ve been setting up a front here so we can kind of block hate these
guys from moving into our territory more and also these guys were trying to
become friends with so we can have a little allies if these guys decide to
attack us so let’s take a look at my fleet right now we’ve got this space
station here which has a gun battery in a missile battery and it looks like we
can actually upgrade some more weapons to it and then it’s got a communications
jammer which basically just messes with the enemy ships so they have a harder
time figuring out where they need to plan their attack a commercial impact
invitation we believe that the United Nations of Earth and the effect chics
interstellar nation have much to offer one another it’s just entering into a
mutually beneficial commercial patent I agree so like I said I want to try to
get on their good side so they can help us out if we get attacked
so my fleets here man look how beautiful this game is this reminds me of Mass
Effect which I mean I love Mass Effect so much but this is more on a grand
scale Spore that’s the other game that comes to mind
with this game spore was such an amazing game it’s really sad that EA decided to
shut Maxis down because spore was made by the same couriers of the sins and so
I don’t think we’re ever gonna see another spore game if we do that would
be amazing but we got a Science Vessel right here
the uns Voyager I didn’t name it that’s how it came but I can name my new ships
that I’ve built we got the Corvette
you want us matcha I don’t like the names no they’re too uh I’m not even
going to say anyways so we got together we got my first fleet which we have
three Corvettes which these are the original ships but I have upgraded so we
do have the second fleet over here which is I’m not gonna say the name of
structure but it’s his corvette mark one class so basically let me show you how
you can design the ships you go over to the ship design groups and use with in
hand we got a giant head that’s offensive network version to the
unlooked so it’s got upgraded armor or level two upgraded shielding level two
and then it’s got some extra reactor boosters to give it some more power
it’s got nuclear missiles on it it’s got a flat battery of two flak batteries and
two Sentinel point defense systems so if they try to attack us this is basically
our hold right here because as you can see the only way for these guys to get
to our mainland is from right here and then of course I mean they got us
completely outflanked but so we just got to basically watch out for the star
charts so you can actually see where you can travel to so if I can get
strongholds set up around here we can try to protect earth as best we can so
anyways let’s get over here this is my first settlement
we’ve got Golden’s edge this is our first settlement here so it’s not doing
too good at the moment we’re losing a little money it’s the first time I’ve
started losing money like I said I played this game for like five hours and
we’re just starting to lose money so we need to basically upgrade this stuff
these guys that’s to upkeep I need to figure out what actually makes us money
I believe these buildings do upkeep yeah so we need to figure out how to start
making some more money anyways so Boldin’s Edge has these two suns look at
that too serious a class a star these are relatively young white or blue white
main-sequence stars are typically among the most visible in the naked eye there
are large and rotate very quickly but they were eventually evolved into a
lower and cooler red giants so I don’t know what’s gonna happen when that
happens but that’s not gonna be for a million years and if you take a look at
the top right of the screen it might be a little tiny we are recording in 1080p
so basically every second is one day in real life and you can speed up the time
so it’s like I don’t know if five days in one second or something like that but
we’ll go you can slow down too anyways let’s zoom out here and figure out where
we need to go next so I think first what we need to do is go to this system and
we’ll send my buildings will send my buildings ship out there and we try to
build another Starbase even though I’m already won over the capacity but if I
can do that this is gonna give us some good products moving in seriously this
game is so beautiful let me know what you guys think of it in the comments
below I really do want to hear from ya I will have a pull up at the top if you
guys want me to do more episodes you know vote in that poll and let me know
if you want to see more of this game because I’m really liking this game so
far so we can actually zoom in on my ship here and follow them throughout
space which it’s freakin awesome I would like to be able to actually fully
customize to look at the ship which there’s a few other DLCs that I don’t
own so if you guys do enjoy these episodes I will definitely get those two
new DLCs there’s one that came out last year and one that came out like a month
or two ago so I will get those if you guys do enjoy these episodes but man
look at that and you can not with the building ship but your actual Corvettes
and frigates and everything you can customize like the weapons and armor
ring and everything so right now I have my scientists let’s see my scientists
are working on a few different things they’re gonna increase research speed so
that’ll be good but that takes forty three months 45 months 67 months so
actually all of them are working on research speed so that should help us
out a lot once they do that alright so are we here okay so the build ship needs
to build a starbase right there so this is
gonna cut us really thin because it’s gonna be seven out of five so basically
the cap is five which is what we can support with our current fleet and
everything so we’re gonna try to jumpstart our fleet by moving into this
region and building some work mining operations and whatnot all right so it
looks like they’re just about done there we go alright so our Starbase is right
here it’s super tiny right now we will definitely upgrade that soon but until
then let’s mining operation right there that’s going to give us a lot more
credits Construction complete okay of that I’m not gonna worry too much about
this Starbase right now if we get attacked I’ll send my ships to this
location I hope we don’t get attacked so in later episodes if you guys do enjoy
this there will definitely be some space combat at the moment it’s still the
basic stages of the game and I probably could have made a little easier on
myself by making it super easy difficulty and start it out with you
know more power basically but I wanted to just test the game out see how it is
construction I’m actually let’s zoom out here and so here’s the galaxy yeah it’s
it it’s pretty big okay galactic market established the center
of the Galactic Commerce has manifested in them the farad system within the
borders of the amorous order the amorous administration is officially legitimized
this market place where resources can be brought and sold through unaffiliated
third parties okay so I did try to get that for Earth but not a lot of people
like us so I mean it makes sense that we didn’t get it this is all the this is
the entire galaxy that we have not explored yet so we’ve explored maybe I
mean we personally only explored this small area but basically you can make
communications with the other races and you can try to work out some trade deals
get some communications so basically when you do that you can start talking
to other nations or other races and then you can actually start filling
out the map a little more get a bigger idea of who’s who
let’s get back over here and see what else we can build mining station station
there so we are a positive three credits now we definitely want that to be a lot
higher so we’ll build that next BAM okay so the Starbase is still only six
out of five so that’s actually not too bad I guess if I try to upgrade this I
would upgrade it to a star port so I don’t want to do that currently okay so
that’s cool is it expired so what I actually do need
to do then I didn’t realize that is go get these two stars and claim those as
well see if we go over to let um I’ve got a star port here that can actually
build ships so we go over to shipyard and we can build these different ones I
should probably build another construction ship so we’ll build one of
those Construction complete all right so we got a Construction complete down here
all right now let’s see alright so let’s see what else can we build does
instruction come in there oh we can get a research station over here this is an
ice asteroid answers the graphics in this game are so friggin beautiful I
love anything related to space it is just freakin badass so I guess they’re
gonna build the station right here alright it’s pretty sick so we see the
little drones out there working on building the station governing ethics
shift in the pious fishin covenant long long period of growing support for the
individual choice coalition device photo and code covenant has finally embraced
the faction adapting their core values and policies as a result of bringing
this faction into the government they become more outwardly egalitarian okay
not sure what that’s really gonna do for us it might not be too big of a deal for
us so let’s get back over here and let’s see if this ship is built yet
all right so the ship is built so we will send them
oh no what’s going on we receive communications from a previously unknown
spacefaring empire foundation of filterless
okay interesting at first contact with the foundation of Ferris Schieffer
Center luck work and the rest of the Religious Council bid you greetings we
provide spiritual guidance to the foundation at first and our state and
our stated goal is to lead the great nation as a path to salvation would be
honored if your great speeches joins us with this journey okay we could learn
much from each other we have detected what appears to be a naturally occurring
subspace phenomenon on the edge of Coffea system a rift in the very fabric
of space-time formed here creating a wormhole that our scientists rooms
speculate may provide a conduit through subspace to another wormhole located
somewhere else in our galaxy depending on where the second wormhole is located
this could potentially allow ships to travel from one end of the galaxy to the
other in a matter of days unfortunately this wormhole like mass majority of its
kind is inherently unstable any vessels foolish enough to pass through it would
be ripped apart in seconds if could somehow be stabilized okay so that was
the other dialogue a second ago a little glitch not too bad
all right so let’s see can this ship build anything else in this cluster
doesn’t look like it okay so let’s zoom out here and this
ship over there just move there and that should be good and then this ship will
move right there and then we’ll start building two more star ports there
technically we can’t support those so as long as we don’t upgrade them at the
moment we should be fine all right so as you can see that ship is teleporting
over that way and he is just flying over through this cluster so this is such a
friggin cool game I really do hope you guys are enjoying it seriously let me
know in the comments below what you guys think of it
again I haven’t done too much gameplay in this episode it’s mainly just
exploring a little bit and explaining what the game is but it is friggin
awesome you can see a little construction
building and whatnot let’s get back over while these actually we got this guy
there we got this guy here we’ll build that right there and then the
one seed get back out there get over here and this guy should be able to
build that now what do we got traditions avail screen displays the tradition
trees available to our Empire a tradition tree must first be adopted
before any traditions within it can be unlocked
all right so open markets that might be good what about this wargames fleet
command limit you know what we’ll do open market that might help us out a lot
that way we can start you know making some contacts with other people trying
to do some more trade deals and whatnot Construction complete all right
Construction complete let’s go over there okay so they built that now let’s
see we can build a mining operation on the Sun to Class G star okay so that’s
good what zoom out there and it’s this guy building it yet now Construction
complete okay there we go so he just finished that now we should be able to
start mining this class and write giant Hey look at how freakin beautiful that
is again I don’t know what’s going on with my mouse it’s not where I’m
actually pointing it that’s weird anyways we’ll zoom out here and while
they’re doing that let’s get over here to our settlement struction complain
what can we do to it not too much we can create some more farms make some more
food this one increases housing that should definitely be built Oh what is
that hope Admiral Giuseppe dig dnr EO has
died at the age of 106 okay so my Admiral just died all right so I believe
my Admiral was on my first fleet so okay so we do have an admiral in the second
fleet so we’re gonna need to get another Admiral there at the moment I don’t
think I will give them an admiral because we don’t need them at the moment
as soon as somebody attacks us I will definitely hire a new
Admiral but for now we should be good oh look at that
Oh so that is these incredible dense stellar remnants are sometimes created
when a massive star suffers of rapid collapse with satisfaction founded a new
faction has recently been gaining traction in the international political
landscape of the United Nations of Earth but by scientists Laura Lucas they call
themselves the union of religious conservatism their members support
spiritual and conservative values okay that doesn’t sound too bad anyways although their diameter simply
as little as ten kilometers their mass is many times greater than the average
g-type star the gravitational waves and radiation emitted by neutral by neutron
stars must be carefully navigated around slowing the sublight speed of ships ship
I not build anything else okay we can build a research station there
technology researched okay so we can start researching something new ooh
unlock new shields oh that’s 6,000 though what’s this energy waves energy
weapons path okay so this is only 2600 where that’s 6300 and that one is 33
3100 so we’ll go with the blue lasers it’ll be a lot quicker only 25 months
compared to pry like a hundred months selective defoliants interstellar fleet
traditions fleet Academy naval logistics office ooh that’s gonna be 5,000 we’ll
do that one governing that fixed shift in the Confederation of it okay I don’t
give a crap about them right now so that’s 61 months I guess it’s a
structure a complete all right construction completed that and is there
anything else we can build on this sizzling transmission Oh what now
non-aggression pact the galaxy presents enough threats without having to worry
about a little communication okay I agree non-aggression pact thank you
destruction complete alright so how does this planet doing planet deficit – eight
credits – twelve – twelve medals okay so we should build a refinery then and
we’ll construct two of those for now and that’ll hopefully give us some money no
that’s what the generator district does yeah this game is really daunting at
first there’s so many things going on and they don’t really do a great job of
telling you what to do but once you start to learn the game it actually is
freaking awesome finally with the margin we can buy and sell resources okay is
actually has established contact I expect they might form some sort of
galactic market okay so we are in the Galactic market so I can sell my food
because it’s maxed out right now 19,000 is the max I can sell 5,000 units for
3,200 credits that’s not bad my minerals are almost maxed out so I
will sell another 5,000 to that and that should be get how much our alloys to buy
19,000 for 2500 no way leader died no sizzle okay we lost our governor under
allow Empire the latest templates is high that means again somebody noodle
governments scientists zillions and generals intellectual you know we’ll go
with this guy cuz his lifespan is an extra 25 years and he’s only 45 right
now so we will recruit him there we go so we have a new governor on earth
migration treaty proposal the human people should not be prison as the
United Nations and neither should our own people okay good okay guys so I’m
gonna leave this episode here I just pretty sure it’s running a little longer
than I would have thought it would have such because I’m pretty sure it’s
running a little longer than I planned it to so I hope you guys enjoyed it
there wasn’t too much combat going under there was no combat in this episode but
it looks like there may be combat very soon I’m gonna keep playing this game
day you know get more feel for it try to
expand a little more so I hope you guys do enjoy it seriously let me know what
you think in the comments below should come to you got a new engineering
project destroyers I definitely want to start building destroyers I definitely
need that governing shit okay okay guys so anyways I hope you guys enjoyed it
let me know what you thought in the comments below
have a great day guys and see you next time many kids are subscribing if you
haven’t already and be sure to hit that little bell icon on the channel that way
stay notified when the videos to go up our guys take it easy


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