Now remember folks I’m not telling you what I believe I’m telling you what is
taught in the mysteries I’m telling you what our enemies believe
make no mistake about it they are our mortal enemies they want to see is
wiped off the face of the earth man huddled in this darkness, fearful,
trembling cold, hungry, and around about you can hear the beasts roaring sometimes they were roaring because they were after him and sometimes he was eaten then man eventually saw another tree
struck by lightning and grabbed that branch with that flame on it and by a little experimentation he learned how to keep a fire going if he could keep the fire going he knew
something nobody else knew and he became the first king the first priest the first scientist all rolled into one these people learned how to control others through the use of a hidden knowledge. this ability to keep
the fire going was a technology that nobody else knew by observing the fire, by keeping it
going by creating ceremonies around this fire they became a mystery to the others. a mystery always
holds sway over those who don’t understand it and
the priesthood was born. no king ever existed without the permission of the
priesthood. I don’t care what religion you talking about or
period of history you’re talking about it is the truth. Kings never had the power and don’t to this day Kings came to exist at the whim of the real
power which is the priesthood standing behind the throne. Here’s the
way they look at it. Hears their metaphor for the end of innocence. adam and eve were held prisoner in the garden of eden by an unjust, cruel, and vindictive god until lucifer through his agent satan set man free from this garden by giving him the gift of intellect through the use of intellect man will conquer the earth, will conquer nature, and will himself become god. it’s taught in every masonic temple in this land every secret brotherhood, every secret society, every mystical temple every occult organization teaches the luciferian philosophy. here’s their story it’s a metaphor they don’t believe that their ever was a god or that there ever is a god aside from man himself and man has not reached that state yet but can, this is what they teach in the lodges, that if you perfect yourself as the temple of the god within and become “Christed”, we’ve all heard this in the new age movement, you too can become God. They want to create a world where everyone is happy all the time doing all the things that, if you’re from a good religious upbringing is wrong to do if you’re not from a religious upbringing but you have a good brain and you understand the purpose of morals and ethics it’s still the wrong thing to do if you’re a thinking person. Their whole goal with this philosophy is to teach all men and women that the only end of life is to seek the utmost pleasure and happiness that you can get out of it because when you die there is nothing else. That’s what they teach. That’s what they want you to be. They don’t want laws against sexual promiscuity that’s why they don’t want families, that’s why they don’t want marriage that’s why they encourage homosexuality. That’s why they don’t oppose pornography. That’s why they don’t oppose certain crimes. That’s why they say you should not be put in
jail for the rest of your life for murder or anything else there should be no death penalty, because it was a learning experience (laugh) and having gone through that learning experience you’re a better person now! They do not believe in lucifer they do not believe in any entity called a devil and they do not believe in God. They are atheists in the strictist sense of the word. They are Humanists. That’s their religion. The thousand points of light working behind the veil to create the culmination of the “Great Plan” and realize the ultimate happiness for mankind. Their goal is to destroy all existing religions, save theirs. All existing governments, save theirs. And shackle the mob in a system of eternal oppressive debt chained to a computer for the rest of their life in a propagandised world to make them believe that they are happy in this system. I’m not going to be called a Hitlerite because I’m a Humanist. Secular humanist believe that their
worldview will ultimately grant humanity the
freedom to perfect itself by taking way the social and ideological shackles binding them to the superstitions of
the past. By unlocking all of humanities abilities they believe we will finally actualize
our full potential and create a heaven on earth. Brave New World is about a futuristic society that has tried to create a perfect community
where everyone is happy they use science to mass-produce people
and condition them to do and want only the things they’re supposed to but in doing that they take away
freedoms like the freedom to think for oneself the few characters we see who do you
think for themselves aren’t happy so the novel poses a question, is it
better to be happy or free? Constant, happiness, consumption and banging group orgies .
and if you still ain’t feeling fly just throw back a little soma and you’ll get so iced out that you ain’t got no worries. In unison Roman poets and historians
insisted that in a former time Saturn had ruled
as a god king producing a paradise on Earth.


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