What humanists believe is that we bring value to our own lives through our interactions with other people and trying to make positive contributions to other people in everyday life. My name is Ian Scott, I’m a psychology student at the
University of Edinburgh, I’m the treasurer of the University of Edinburgh humanist
society this year I think one of the things that all humans would agree on which it’s relates to
not believe in God whilst also believe that it’s possible to be a good person.
So whilst atheists for example it’s simply it’s disbelief or not believing in a god or some strong cases – disbelieving there is a God Humanism explicitly tacks on moral values to that idea. I was raised a catholic and i went to a Catholic Primary School then I went
to a non-denominational secondary school and it was there I started questioning
things got interesting science and just you know, from then on it was steady journey
to losing my faith. But I was a Catholic used to believe in certain moral positions whereas now that I don’t have that doctrine weighing down on me and I don’t accept any more
unquestioningly I’m free to think about those things for myself and I have reached different positions from
the ones I held previously I think that Humanism could perhaps have a moderating or an inquisitive role in society with particular regard to religion so they
could for example, up at the University of Edinburgh Humanist society we often have multi-faith discussions and so Humanism could perhaps be the
one that asks each religion why they view such thing in a particular way and try to
facilitate discussion perhaps. Humanism is about emphasising the good that people can do whist not trying to downplay the fact that people can do bad things both in the name of
religion and not; and common to those I’d say that Humanism is about you know
trying to think about why you’re doing what you’re doing certain things, why you’re acting in a certain way and if Humanism if people think more about why they’re acting in such a way as Humanism would ask them to then I’d imagine that in general we’ll have fewer bad
things happening by religious people by irreligious people too

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