Human Rights & Money Laundering | #MedEvacBill #PaladinAffair | Australia’s Immigration Detention

this one pretty much wrote itself it did
just start off with me checking Twitter and seeing this hashtag and going oh what’s that about uh what did the Labor Party do wow well done I guess but
yeah this little picture I made here it explains what they did
play straightforward medical evacuations for people on Manus Island and Naru but
this Chud still gets to have the final say no yeah business as usual they got
to have some tears of joy and some lip service to be like where the lesser of
two evils go us but that’s why it’s so amazing because we can find out what’s
in these acts and bills you can read it yourself and you’d expect politicians to
read them granted the migration Act of 1958 is like two parts with each part
being 500 pages long but still I made a video it’s called we had a profit off a
prison and there’s information in that that would be quite helpful and
understanding what I’m going to talk about in this video actually if you
leave if you mute this one go watch the other one when it’s done meet me back
you you’ll miss the Muppets to dumpster fire aka Australian politicians but yeah
I need to show people how ridiculous these people are they’re a meme and if
anything you should come away with this next bit with a good understanding on
the difference between policy and politics right there in front and
usually policy will beat politics because one’s usually true ones usually
full of shit alright we’ll start off with fucking the Prime Minister my
question is to the Prime Minister will the Prime Minister explain to the house
what is required for strong borders and for keeping Australians safe and secure
okay just quickly the act here on the side that’s just the content table for
volume 1 and volume 2 and just having it there makes what is going to be said in
this question time by some ministers obviously a lie okay anybody can work it
out and the guy asks a question they’re from the same team so that’s his boy so
he’s asking a question they like yeah I’ll smash it out the park to
keep Australian safe and secure you need to understand and appreciate the threats
that the nation faces you need to ensure that you have a plan
to address those threats and I outline that plan that has been working for
Australia under our government on Monday of this week to the national address is
a stress you have to be prepared by ensuring about economic policies that
provide for a stronger economy and if you have the budget management skills to
bring the budget back into balance so you can support those important
investments to take Australians safe and secure here we go all right we’ll get
into what these so-called threats are shortly but I just had to take a moment
to appreciate that old mate I stopped the boats with his little trophy wants to then use Australian taxpayer dollars to build a replica of the endeavor from
the First Fleet to sail around Australia or something so Scott I stopped the
boats I’ll build the boats Morrison yes great
plan strategy protection of the country now remember I told you what they did
they wanted refugees to get medical help that is what this big threat to our
national security is letting people that we’ve detained get medical help it’s all
there in writing that’s the thing so the policy was to get people medical
treatment and they’ve made the politics somehow that Australia is now less safe
oh and remember old mate Minister of Home Affairs gets the final say Bill Shortens
facial expression really says it all though good on ya Bill oh and you can
tell that the Prime Minister feels very very proud of himself with his final
line here oh it’s a ripper or legislation into this place on
national security legislation he is always sought to drag it down to the
lowest common denominator and then claim some form of bipartisanship there is not
a cigarette papers difference between us there is a phone book and I don’t know
if it’s just me but how they keep saying borders there’s a voice to my head just
yelling we’re a fucking island whenever they say something’s happening with our
borders I just keep thinking oh shit is something gonna go down between Queensland
and New South Wales because I don’t really count a border if it’s with the
ocean which is the entire country oh but alright time to go onto the talking
toe yeah he looks like a toe everybody on this side of house understands you need to get protection right
we need to make sure we don’t see kids bad so you’re going to the teacher mr.
speaker this cupboard is work day and night to stop people arriving illegally
by boat and we’ve got the kids out of detention we have closed 19 teaching
centers Mr Speaker we don’t want to see a return to the desperate days that we
saw when Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard like we’re in control of the Labor party but I fear we are watching a rerun of that train wreck under this leader of
the Opposition as people now understand the bill that was rushed
through by the leader of the Opposition and the Greens in his chamber and the
Senate this week Mr. Speaker as people start to look at the implications of
that bill people realize how dangerous that piece of legislation was they’re
right there I’ll take that as a confession that this is a load of shit
they’ve stopped children dying it’s border protection so we’re protecting
our borders from boat fulls of children and just because the people that voted
YES for this could recognize that if you have people in your custody and then you
deny them medical treatment and then they die you’re automatically a bad guy
and then the Liberals are there going oh an amendment on the Migration Act that
say they’re gonna let paedophiles in brilliant yeah election year we’ve got
this you see the Liberals only used news networks that will let them just talk
shit so you KNOW that they’re talking some serious shit when Sky News has to
call out their bullshit it’s not true that rapists and murderers would come here a look if
they it could well be if that and and look at the end of the day those people
who are in regional processing centers if they had a valid case to be in
Australia you know that there are ways and means to get here
there are ways and means to get there was provisions in the bill that says
like Laura Laura said there you know that for ministerial discretion on
security on serious criminal behavior so I’m just or the point of making and into
a panel it goes to the minister and that’s one of the may be returned but
that’s only on the medical well not on the security material discretion and not
or not on the security thing well but you can get a panel that overturns a
ministers decision and the panel can be made up of people who who have who have
activist views and only on the medical component not on security or looking or
grades that’s the minister who decides he’s gonna get activist doctors who who
think you know everybody doctors don’t have any effect on character and
criminal grounds that’s that’s the point well the fact is I still believe that
you could get a panel made up of people who have got different opinions than the
now strong broad protection derives mr. speaker from Section 501 of the
migration act and there are twelve parts to that Act the difficulty is that with
Labor’s approach they have abandoned eleven of the twelve sections so it
means mr. speaker somebody coming from Manas or Nauru under the leader of the
opposition’s now law that person could come to our country now I don’t believe
mr. speaker that the Australian public support that I don’t believe that the
Australian public want to see kids back on boats or drowning at sea but I can
say to you mr. speaker what has happened this week is the Labor Party has
completely undermined their own credibility they went to the last
election promising the Australian public that their policy would be no different
to that of the coalition the real where do I even start
okay first of all if Labor promise to do the same thing as the Liberals I’d be
so disappointed and I won’t go too far into the racist xenophobic thing because
I don’t care what he thinks of people in
detention centers I care about what he does and he can speak for himself
as you can tell you heard the same thing I did but before we go back to Peter I reckon we should just have a quick little flashback back in time back to two
decades ago okay it’s 2001 the term boatpeople is regularly used in the
average Australian vocabulary the twin towers went down so Islamophobia swept
the entire world another event from that year which
probably may have been seen as a political jackpot by old mate the
eyebrow with legs and that was the Tampa a ship full of boat people but not just
boat people Muslim boat people whoa and growing up you kind of see whoa these
boat people are mainly or even only talked about in an election year I
wonder what that is all about so I find it amazing in a depressing way that
they’re still doing this they’re still rolling with the same shit
around the country at this leader of the Opposition would be able to turn back
boats when it’s safe to do so of course not mr. speaker the people smugglers
understand that Labor’s weak on border protection what the fuck do you mean I’m
pretty sure if your life is in danger or your situation is that shit that you’re
willing to get in a boat to go to another country I don’t think you give a
shit on what parties in power and the people smuggling the people smugglers
why is it always we just got to deter them so we’ll lock up the refugees and people
seeking asylum that’s like if somebody stole your TV and then when you found
out who took it your TV spends a night in jail now what is the core of this
issue here are Australians just really racist or
xenophobic to anyone that comes here especially by boat or could it be that
the Liberals have nothing else to run off they’ve got no policies and they’ve
been fear-mongering about boats well for pretty much my entire life anyways and I
know you already know the answer to this if you’ve watched my video how to profit
of a prison and another video I did that is really relevant to this one but I if
didn’t do it in the way that I did it I probably would have forgotten but
because I thought I’d frame them and just leave them there I still have the
most ridiculous piece of language like a salad of words which is now our law and
drumroll please it was in the dodgy as fuck creation of the Department of Home
Affairs I didn’t realise – just recently right now really but I get to say I told
you so the proofs there months ago I try to
warn use but if you put these agencies in the same Department and put that bold
reptilian at the head of it what could possibly go wrong Thank You Mr. Speaker my question is the Minister for
Home Affairs the Financial Review reports the government has a 423 million
dollar contract with the secretive Paladin group by group registered to a
beachshack run by a director charged with fraud and money laundering and
which is charging taxpayers 20 million dollars a month for services worth just
three million dollars can the minister guarantee this almost half a billion
dollar contract meets the private required for the spending of taxpayers
money the Minister of Home Affairs has the call so mr. speaker I’m actually
quite touched I’ve got to say I mean he doesn’t get much of a chance to ask a
question he doesn’t ask questions very regularly in this place and mr. speaker
you can see why aww yeah I see why too – because when he asks a question he asked
one hell of a goddamn good question and anyone want to take bets on whether
the reptilian gets even close to answering it that’s right
nowhere near does kind of just throws insults but yeah na if you want quality
over quantity that’s your guy right there the question of the hour yeah now I’ll answer it, I’ll answer it for the Minister of Home Affairs I’ll just play
this song I made for the occasion and show you the things I’ve been collecting
over the week billions and billions and billions and
billions and billions and billions and billions and the state leaders
nativeness needed billions and billions and billions money it’s and billions and billions and
billions and billions excellent you will be lots of money for me billions and billions billions and billions of billions and
this needlessly needed billions and billions and billions and business
leaders needed billions and billions and billions and this fuckhead needed
billions and billions and billions where I personally would let you in Australia
if you just wanted to be here cuz I don’t blame you especially be willing to
get in a dinghy to get here I would probably reward you a bravery medal for
I couldn’t do that there’s sharks out there now I didn’t want to do
any original artwork for this video cuz they don’t deserve it politicians don’t
deserve it I was gonna put it all into the next one and I need help deciding
what would be best I want to do something that I can put somewhere or leave
somewhere that might at least minimum get other people thinking about the
situation but I had just a quick one that came to my mind was put up a sign
near the airport somewhere where it won’t get taken down too quickly that
just says welcome to Australia and good job for choosing to fly because if you
didn’t we probably would chuck you in a detention center or something on an
island far away where you’ll probably have a shit time my other idea I had while I was
walking home was if I quickly asked people from generations where their only
way of getting here probably was by a ship ask them about it research and then
start to sketch it out and for the person and uh while I’m doing it I would
talk about Nauru Manus Island and Christmas Island but then I’ll get a lovely old
Australian that migrated here probably long before I was born to have a lovely
picture of the way they got here and we can all announce that we’re all boat
people because like I’ve said Australia is a fucking Island but I would love
some more ideas so if you can help us out that’d be great oh that’s right I
almost forgot that not everyone is doing it for the love some people are still
pieces of shit that will hate people for the sake of it but this is what the UM
handy thing about corrupt politicians are yeah see how I did that you can hate
people with a different skin tone to you or whatever somehow even Australia I
guess somehow you can still hate them for being on a whatever
they’ve put in your head and you’ve convinced as your actual feelings you
can keep that if you really want but then you should probably be like pissed
off about how much money we’ve been rolled by these people like politicians
rob us to lock them up and it’s just a vicious cycle of corruption and abuse of
human rights so one way or another like money hate money like people hate
people you can be mad about this it will unite us we can all hate Peter Dutton
together yay but yeah I think one of the most soul-crushing things about this
entire thing other than the situation that we put people in after the
traumatic shit they would have already had to go through because my first
thought was why don’t we help improve the countries they’re fleeing from if
it’s a big problem to people and they don’t want them here and give them a
reason not to leave but then I worked out how to profit off a prison right oh
that’s the last thing they want to do oh they’re very messy intertwined pit of
snakes so I’m doing what I can and hope you do too have a lovely day thanks for
watching like subscribe and free the people on Manus Island in Nauru categorize look firstly is it the
intention to when people are transferred back to Australia under the provisions
of the amendments which passed through the Parliament last week that they be
transferred to Christmas Island yes it is yes that is that is the policy of the
government it’s the government’s policy to transfer people who are so sick that
they can’t get appropriate medical treatment on Manus Island or in Port
Moresby or on Nauru to Christmas Ireland yes well sorry I’m not accepting the
characterization it’s the government’s policy to bring persons you know bring
them to Christmas Island under the under the Act that soon will be assented to to
bring people to Christmas Island now absolutely outrageous well it’s not for
me to comment on nor senator McKim well actually it is for me to
comment where he’ll ask questions we’ve got a number that rises a number of
questions it’s clearly senator McKim it goes without saying that if specialized
treatment is only available in the mainland then then the mainland will of
course be utilized you going to transfer them in the first instance to Christmas
Island that is the policy of the government well apart from the needless
hang on hang on apart from the needless and wanton cruelty that is inherent in
that decision that is a clear denial of the clear intent of the Parliament which
is that people get access to better medical treatment which is not available
on Christmas Island.

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